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  • How do i get rid of Antivirus7 from my computer and the icons arent there?

    my computer downloaded antivirus7 for no reason and now it keeps blocking every site i go on, i cannot even find the icons for it, i do not know how to get rid of it. Its not even in control panel and it wont allow me to download anything to remove it. Someone please help me

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  • I'm sexually attracted to my foster father?

    Ok so i've recently moved to new supported accommodation and there's a happily married couple, thing is everytime i see him i just wanna grab him and have sex with him. I know i can't coz i'm not the kinda girl to wreck relationships as i wouldnt like it done to me but i find myself daydreaming about him all the time, thinking up really sexual hot scenes between him and me and i melt everytime he looks at me. It's breathtaking. He's in his 40's but to me thats not a problem as i have always gone for older guys and i'am 19, so over the consenting age, but i really really want this man in my bed with me. Advice please, and if you're only going to leave spiteful comments then please don't bother at all

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  • What is the desease called when you get shrinking of the brain?

    My mum told me that doctor's have told her she has shrinking of the brain. What does this mean?

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  • Im starving myself, what happens next?

    For the past few years i've been really depressed about my weight, i'm 10 stone, 5 foot 8 and 19 yrs old. I sometimes get up in the morning, look in the mirror and cry and crawl back into bed. I've tried EVERYTHING, balanced diets, weightwatchers, exercising, name it and i've tried it. So my last option before bloody suicide is starvation, i've been doing it for the past 2 days and this is my 3rd day and i just wanna know the side effects that will come and how long it will take for me to feel them. I do keep feeling light headed and serious hunger pangs but im strong enough to ignore it, but how long will it take me to lose a stone?? and will i gain extra weight by drinking 1 cup of tea a day?

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  • How do i stop myself going crazy?

    Ever since my parents put me into foster care aged 14 i've had serious anger issues. I calmed down alot via alot of counselling but then i met my ex, i was with for 3 and there was a huge age gap. He was 44 and i was only 16, he treated me badly, making me sleep with his friends when i didn't want to, never showed me affection and he cheated on me with different girls. My self esteem dropped and i continuously tried committing suicide and nearly succeeded several times. I therefore ended up in a secure unit for a while until i got better. But now my anger has come back, i feel as though im capable of murder, when me and my ex had a row i came so close to stabbing him, it was only when he threatened me with police and the "mad people hospital" i backed down. So in order to calm myself i hurt me instead. I've tried all sorts of help, doctors, psychiatrists, counsellors you name it and nothing works.

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  • Will i lose weight if i starve myself?

    Ok i'm 19 years old and as we all know as you progress into your teen years, more pressure is applied to you and parts of your body. I have so many body hang ups and its really getting me down. I've tried every single diet and excercise regime in the book! And all that really happens is that you're still craving all the foods you love and you eat more. You may say that "oh its all about balanced and healthy meals but its crap" who in this world has will power when it comes to things we love?? So now i have gone into starvation, yes its crazy, yes its stupid but it seems its the only thing that works. 1) you lose weight very quickly, even when you're sitting on your backside doing nothing 2) Im finding that i'm not craving food at all, if anything it makes me feel sick looking at it and smelling it. The thing is when we all really badly want something to happen, we want it to happen overnight right? But i'm scared that it's becoming dangerous now, my body feels continuously weak and i can't be bothered to do anything, so what am i supposed to do because i can't stop this now as im doing so well. I know it could result in death but to be honest i feel as though its the best way forward for me, i have nothing in my life anyway. Parents abandoned me aged 14, ex boyfriend pimped me out for 3 years and now i'm a sad lonely cow with anorexia!!

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