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  • Movie question. There is a low budget horror movie that has an evil pickup living back in the is the killer in the movie.?

    I think the truck is an old dodge, if that helps. It is REALLY low budget, like maybe calling it a B rate is giving it a status it cannot even aspire to! lol

    I know there are a lot of evil car movies out there, but I can t find the name of this one, only saw it 1 time late night on cable.

    Anyone know the name??

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  • I need a program to capture webcam video...suggestions?

    Ok, I drive truck. You would not believe the stupid crap I see drivers doing on a regular basis, and I want to record it to show the family, along with the stunning sunrise/sunsets, etc I see as well. I tried using a dashcam, but it only saves the last hour or so of files.

    I have a netbook in the truck with me, I run Overdrive Media on it to play audio books while I am rolling down the road...So I thought I would add a webcam on the dash and use that as a dashcam. Problem is, I cannot find a program that will work similar to the dashcam.

    Here is what I MUST have in a program:

    - Must work with a relatively slow computer (Intel ATOM Processor, 2 GB Ram, WIN 7)

    - Needs to save files in a reasonably small file size. (I want to record 14 hours at a time.)

    - Hotkeys would be very nice, so I can reach over and hit 1 key to start/stop recording.

    I would LIKE these features:

    - saves video in blocks...5-10-15 minute, I don't care what size, but auto saves every X mins.

    - hotkey to save current batch (in case of wreck, etc.)


    PS, if someone has a recommendation on a good webcam that will do lowlight, drop that in too!

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  • How to get from King street station (Seattle) to Seattle Center?

    The wife and I want to ride AMTRAK to Seattle and tour the King Tut exhibit at Pacific Science Center. Problem is that I cannot find out anything that connects up to Seattle Center from King Street Station. My wife is in a wheelchair, so a bus is a non starter. Debating a cab... Are there any other options?

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  • I want to build a 3 camera recording system for a truck?

    I drive truck for a living. I know that there are systems you can buy for over one to two that put a camera on each mirror and 1 looking out the windshield. They all tie into a recording system.

    I was wondering if I could take apart 3 digital camera and set something like this up? I have a couple of cameras that the screens have gone out

    Any thoughts?



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  • does anyone know how many minutes or hours of video will fit on 1 Gigabyte of space at 12 Mega Pixels?

    Looking at a video system, it supports up to a 32 GB SD card. It records at 12 Mega Pixels. I need it to hold at least 8 hours of video. Will it fit?

    1 AnswerCamcorders9 years ago
  • Canadian Loggers/Truckers?

    What is the term in the great white north for an aux. transmission in a big truck? Like a 5 and a 4 setup? I grew up calling them a "brownie" but I am curious what they are called in Canada...particularly in BC. Thanks!

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  • Does anyone know if it is legal to install your own Fire Suppression Sprinkler system?

    Looking at buying a building, it needs a sprinkler system. Figure I can run the pipes and install the sprinkler heads as easy as the next guy, then get it inspected by the Fire Marshal. Is it legal? County adopted International Fire Code 2006 as it's fire code.

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