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  • Does the type of fish food affect how fast the water in a tank gets dirty?

    Like color enhancing fish food...

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  • HELP!!! How do I turn off the beep of my timex???

    Hi Everyone!

    PLEASE HELP!!! I have recently purchased a "1440 sports by Timex" It beeps whenever I push a button, and since I will be using it for the school year in september I would really like to know how to turn it off so I can access all the features without annoying a teacher. I have tried looking for the answer to my problem in many other places. All of them I have tried and none of them work. PLEASE HELP!


    this wasn't in my instructions either...:(

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  • Help for highschool!!!?

    What looks better for college? 4 years of a language, 4 years of music, or 4 years of history???

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  • What is the best shape for a fish tank?

    A bowl?

    A rectangle?

    A hexagon?

    A tale cylander looking thing?


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  • What can I use for a created fish tank?

    Hi Everyone!

    My teacher is giving away fish and I would like to take two male guppies. I don't have a fish tank at the moment, and cannot afford a big enought fish tank with heaters, and filters...etc, and I would like to know what I can to that is not to expensive and use as a make-shift fish tank. I have enough to buy a filter if necessary. Can you suggest a shape of a vase or a little fish tank that I could either purchase or find around the house and maybe a way to make a fish tank large enought for two guppie males???

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  • If I add more plants can i add more fish?


    I have a 5 gallon fish tank. I know 1inch of fish=1 gallon of water. I have about 5 inches of fish PLUS 3 algae eating shrimp and a algae eating fish.(normal sucker-fish). right now i just lost a few. If I added some real water plants would that help keep them alive?

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