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  • Boyfriend is best friends w another girl and stuff has escalated, help! As many answers as possible would be helpful.?

    My bf of 2 1/2 yrs became friends w this girl at his school & I was fine w that but then she texted him saying she liked him (a while ago) and he said he didn't feel the same but still wanted to be friends. They started texting ALOT and then drunkenly cuddled up at a party which he told me abt. I didn't feel like I could ask him to cut her out so i just asked that they not hang out one on one. He went to lunch w her which i found out about and that broke some trust. Since then he hasn't texted her as much or hung w her alone but she doesn't like me (I think its bc I'm his gf not her) and I don't feel comfortable w them being such close friends but we've talked about it and he doesn't know what to do. She called asking him to hang the other day and he made up that he was busy so Ik he's not trying to break my trust again. He wants to stay friends w her bc she's in his friend group and in 4 classes next semester but I feel like once christmas break is over and i go back to school all i'm going to do is worry about them together and get into my head about it. We havent been able to come to a conclusion of what do so I need help. I wish he could cut her off but being in classes and in friend groups its not possible so whats a solution where everyone is happy? I don't want him to feel like he's on a leash bc thats not what i want to do at ALL but I also don't feel like I can fully trust her or them together. HELP ME.

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    what bug bite is this?!!?

    i don’t think it’s bed bug cause i would have bites in other places than just my shoulder but i haven’t been outside recently i noticed yesterday around 7 pm it was itchy and i thought it was a mosquito bite but when i woke up i realized there’s more than 1 and i can’t tell what bit me. help! 

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  • What toner and shadow root should i use?

    Hello! I have gone to different salons all the time trying to get my hair kind of a bleach out, icy blonde w a shadow root and it just turns out kind of a yellow green color cause I know they just need to bleach my hair instead of high lights. I am wanting to try to do it by myself (and by myself i mean w help of a friend who’s done it before) so i know i need to bleach my roots and then the rest of my hair, tone, then add a shadow root, right? for an icy blonde look what toners, bleach, etc. should i use for that? I know I want kind of an ashy root but idk what to use for that. Any helpful tips would be great!  also if you’re going to tell me not to do it and just go to the salon if you’re willing to pay me $200 I’ll do that instead. Thank you! 

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    Chemistry Help Please?

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    More Chem Help?

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  • Chemistry Help?

    Hello! I have some homework due tonight but I cannot go to tutoring to get it explained and answered until tomorrow, help!

    1. How many mL of 0.443 M HBr are needed to dissolve 7.93 g of BaCO3? 2HBr(aq) + BaCO3(s) BaBr2(aq) + H2O(l) + CO2(g)2. How many grams of Ag2CO3 will precipitate when excess Na2CO3 solution is added to 63.0 mL of 0.759 M AgNO3 solution? 2AgNO3(aq) + Na2CO3(aq) Ag2CO3(s) + 2NaNO3(aq)3. In the laboratory a student combines 26.9 mL of a 0.144 M iron(II) bromide solution with 22.9 mL of a 0.694 M manganese(II) bromide solution. What is the final concentration of bromide anion ?4. In the laboratory a student combines 23.3 mL of a 0.313 M manganese(II) bromide solution with 23.0 mL of a 0.535 M manganese(II) acetate solution. What is the final concentration of manganese(II) cation ?

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  • My college friends think there needs to be a "mom" at every party and it makes it bad.?

    So my roommate is not a big partier but occasionally she goes ham which is fine. I go out almost every weekend with a group of friends and it's a good time. But recently she has decided to "mom" at parties. So for instance a few weeks ago she said she was coming out with us and then when we got there decided to stay sober and watch over us which entailed her following us around just standing there and barely letting me drink. She tried to "cut me off" at one point and I remember this because I was just a little tipsy not drunk at all. Keep in mind she goes all out sometimes and I've seen her drink way more than I had at that moment. So today we are supposed to go out and she asked if I could be mom at the party. I feel like that's such a juvenile thing to do and said there doesn't have to be a fricken mom and she was like well me and our mutual friend have been mom and its your (my) turn. I never asked for that and it TOTALLY ruins the vibe and I don't even want to go out with them if that's what they're going to do but our friend groups all go out together so I don't know how to express to them that if that's what they're going to do I do not want anything to do with that. The problem is she is my roommate so I have to live with her and don't want to make things super awkward but I just want to have a good time and have always been fine without a "mom" there. HELP!

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  • My boyfriend is hanging w someone else and idk what to do. ?

    so my boyfriend of two years and i just started doing long distance because of college. we live three hours apart now and things were going great. We see each other every two to three weeks or so and communicate frequently. He has always been an amazing bf never cheated and treated me very well. he has a friend who I’ll call T and T is really pretty and told him she had a crush on him. He told her that he loves me and is flattered but can’t do anything w her. He hung out w her and some friends 1 night and they all got drunk and he told me that they were cuddling up and stuff. I tried to be chill about it. Told him I didn’t want him hanging with her one on one or texting all the time but i understand them still being friends. But I saw him last weekend and they text all the time. More than he texts me. he says he loves me and is sorry and stuff but i guess i’ve been holding it all in cause last week i asked him to please not text her as much and then asked him today if he had stopped communicating with her as much and he said not really and I kind of blew up at him. I didn’t yell or anything but it made me realize this is affecting me more than I thought and i don’t know what to do. I’m also

    supposed to meet her at a party next week and I have a feeling I’m going to get drunk and say not nice things. WHAT DO I DO? how do I communicate how i’m feeling about T to my bf and what would you do if you were me? 

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