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Abiyah Messianic Torah

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I believe in a Messianic Torah & that the Scriptures are Messianic from Genesis to Revelation. I believe that YHVH God is in the process of restoring the Kingdom of Israel as promised to David & Solomon. Ephraim cannot return to Abba without Judah & Judah cannot return to Abba without Ephraim. The Moe'dim are keys to this restoration as is observing the Sabbath day & the Commandments of YHVH in Yehshua Ha Mashiach by the Spirit of YHVH. YHVH is doing a personal work in each of us :) Phil 3:13b-14 I forget that which is behind me & reach out before me. I run towards the goal, that I might obtain the victory, of the high calling of YHVH in Yehshua the Messiah. Phil 4:13 I find strength for everything in Messiah who strengthens me. Phil 1:6 I am confident that the One who began a good work in us will go on completing it until the Day Messiah Yehshua returns. Be patient, YHVH is not finished with us yet:) Follow The Word & Way of YHVH, Yehshua Ha Mashiach Be filled :) :)

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