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  • I'm 5'11, weigh 179 lbs, still too fat/overweight?

    I'm 17 and over the year and a half/two years have dropped more than 60 lbs. After looking online for the average weight for a 5'11 man I discovered I'm nearing an apparently average weight but I personally know that I'm no where near lean enough to consider my weight healthy? I have a friend who is my height, weighs 15-20 lbs more than me but looks significantly slimmer than I do. He's not lean/muscular. Maybe his body fat is dispersed more than mine? I have a tummy of fat I can grab with two hands and a lot of both muscle and fat on my legs. Slimmer upper torso/chest. Can anyone try to explain what's leaving me so confused?


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  • I'm 16, how do I lose weight and keep a good diet (mostly diet)?

    Ok so I'm 16, 6ft and weigh 210lbs and am trying to lose weight.

    I jump rope for about 20-30 mins but I have been getting strong abdominal cramps (not sure why, maybe because of bad breathing patterns) so I would prefer a low intensity cardio that's good to do.

    In terms of diet I have been trying to eat less for the past couple of weeks but it's really hard to get on track (mostly in terms of diet) when I'm 16 and don't do the shopping. My mum is way too busy to get involved with my diet and my dad is an avid junk food eater anyway who is a traditionalist to the concept that it's not about eating it's all about exercise (rubbish I know.) I have kind of brought up the idea of shopping healthier numerous times but my parents have no education in terms of diet and what is healthy so it has never worked/been possible. All I really want is some basic guidelines on how to lose weight because I don't want to diverge into the technical aspects of it all (calculating this and that and working out whether high intensity is more particular to my circumstances and body and all the other incomprehensible jargon..) as it just confuses me.. so yeah things like good diet foods and how to tell if something is bad for me etc.. I don't know any help about weight loss will be appreciated, thanks.

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  • Is this website legit/trustworthy? (

    Want to buy a pair of shoes but don't know whether to trust the site, your take?

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  • Help me find a similar styled or replica backpack (gucci viaggio)?

    I'm trying to find a backpack similar to the gucci viaggio rucksack seen here:

    anything with the same style and look, best answer to the first with a good suggestion, thanks :)

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  • I have absolutely no idea what I want to do as a career?

    First of all I'm 16 and I'm really starting to feel the pressure as all my courses in high school are starting to mean a whole lot more in terms of my life after school. I just read through a few questions similar to this one but they all seemed to have general ideas of aspects they'd like to include in their career, where as I have absolutely no idea what I want to do. All I know is I want a stable income. 16 may seem young to be fretting so badly but I have 2 years left at school and I know I want to go to uni (college) and these two are sorta key for getting me university entrance in certain courses.

    Any ideas where to start?

  • Believe I have norovirus/stomach flu and I'm super thirsty, how much can I drink?

    This morning and had a whole bottle of water which resulted in me throwing up through my nose and mouth lol, I heard one sip per 10 minutes but it seems such a small amount and I'm feeling quite dehydrated, any ideas?

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  • Should I build muscle and lose weight at the same time or lose weight and then build muscle? Good combo?

    I'm around 6ft and 100kgs (near 220lbs) and I'm about to start going to the gym. I want to know what a good combination of weights and cardio could be? Could I use vigorous weight workouts to lose weight and build at the same time or would it be slower weight loss than cardio? Any other info you think could help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  • How to prevent acne and clear my skin?

    I'm 15 and have acne along my jaw which has recently spread to my cheeks, I want to know what to use to cure acne and clear up my skin? Not so much a product but a method. I'm using a herbal face scrub and a sebum removing cleanser together which dries out my skin but reduces the redness around my acne, is using a oil removing product and a moisturizer afterwards a good idea? what else could help.. Thanks

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  • How do I shrink a T-Shirt without cracking the design on it?

    I want to shrink a shirt I ordered from over seas but there is a small design on it that I'm worried will be affected. Does anyone know how to protect the paint type stuff on a shirt when putting a shirt in a dryer or hot water washing it?


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  • Ideas for a short story about a fighter?

    I'm writing a short story for an assessment in english and have complete mind/writers block..

    I want the story to involve a main character who is seeking some kind of retribution.. Involving fighting, any kind (boxing/ufc/streetfighting etc..)

    Also I want the main character to be underestimated, or picked on or something like that, and it to almost be a surprise that the kid is a good fighter..

    I know thats not much information but like I said I can't think and need to start writing tomorrow.

    Feel free to mix up the idea and change it I've got an open mind I just want it to be interesting and have meaning.


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  • Need simple Tumblr themes? (easy 10 points)?

    I'm looking for a plain black tumblr theme that completely fills the wall with photos..

    New to tumblr but want one with no information on the sides (info on top is okay) and then photos of any size to fill the wall to the edges.

    Best answer to person with first good theme.


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  • Does colored leather cost more than black leather?

    How much more expensive is colored leather than black leather, and does it vary with different colors?

    Specifically red, white or black leather in terms of reupholstering the interior of a car.

    Cheers in advance.

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  • Why do birds keep attacking me?

    Birds have flown into windows right next to 3 times this week,

    I was at school sitting by the window and a bird slammed straight into it, then twice, today and yesterday, birds hit into my bedroom window next to me..


    5 AnswersBirds9 years ago
  • Why has World Peace not yet been Achieved?

    I have to do an essay on world peace, and I was wondering, why do you guys think world peace has not been achieved? I've discussed how peoples views and beliefs stop them from merging and getting along but I need a few more reasons to talk about.

    Please help me out!


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  • Why is the Eye of Province a sign of Illuminati?

    I can't be bothered researching it because I'm hoping I'll get an easier/faster answer here, why is the Eye of Province seen as symbolism of illuminati if it originally was a sign of God watching down on us? And if both symbols are identical for both meanings (devil worshipers and God watching down) then why does everyone go crazy when they see the Eye of Province in something like a music video?


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  • PS3 Screen cant fully fit on TV?

    Hi, When I play MW2 there are a few cm off the side of my screen that I can't get onto my TV, even if I use the settings, the whole game screen is slightly to the right of my TV and I tried to hold the power button as I turned on to reset to best vid output settings but there are still a couple cm off the edge, any suggestions? (Its an analogue tv)

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  • Is Adobe After Effects A Good Program To Make Intros With?

    I've seen many cool intros on YouTube for MW2 Quickscopers or just GFX designers on YouTube and I am pretty sure that the programme used is generally Adobe After Effects, am I right? If not what other programs are used to make the intros?

    2 AnswersSoftware10 years ago
  • Can You Help Me With My PS3 Resolution Problems?

    Hey guys,

    I haven't owned my ps3 for long but it was pre-owned,

    worked for about 5 weeks but now I get audio but no video output..

    I don't know much about resolution but it may be the resoultion..

    I went from a small television to a big sized television don't know the measurments but I don't think they're needed?

    If it helps I think the smaller TV may be a bit newer then the bigger one.

    Would the TV change be my problem?

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  • Could someone help me with a Call of Duty World at War error?

    I installed CoD World at War onto my computer but everytme I try to run the game I get the error:

    "The procedure entry point _BinkRegisterFrameBuffers@8 could not be located in the dynnamic link library binkw32.dll."

    Could someone please help me resolve this error.


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  • binkw32.dll Errors (Call Of Duty: World At War)?

    I have recently installed COD5 and every time I try to open the game a message comes up:

    'This application has failed to start because BINKW32.DLL was not found.'

    I know where to find the BINKW32.DLL ( but once I download the dll file, where do I put it?

    Make it easy to understand as I am not super smart with all this computer system stuff.

    Thanks [=

    Please no "re-install" solutions, because I used the crack and installed it, then re-installed becaue it wasn't working..

    And my parents were annoyed with the amount of internet quota I used.

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