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Nay is Anti-Jonas

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I'm 14 years old and I'm going to be in 8th grade. I like Children of Bodom, Disturbed, Dragonforce, Slipknot, Bullet For My Valentine, Satyricon, Opeth, HIM, Avenged Sevenfold, Atreyu... the list goes on forever. PROUD TO BE ANTI-JONAS! because they suck and so does Hannah Montana. ╔══╦══╦══╗ Put this on your profile ║╔╗║╔╗║║║║ if you support the ║╚╝╠╠║║║║║ Anti-Disney Movement ║╔╗║╚╝║║║║ or if you just hate ╚╝╚╩══╩╩╩╝ Disney Channel! ----///\\-----Please ---///--\\\----Put this --III----III---in your "about me" --III----III---section of your profile ---\\\--///----if you know jo-bros fans ----\\\///-----are retarded because this means ----///\\\-----cancer, not diabetes WOO 2,500 POINTS ~ LEVEL 4 ~ 8/20/08

  • Hi, I'm 14 and I'm a runner and I like playing DDR, I'd like to lose about 5-10 pounds?

    I'm 14 year old girl, I'm 5'4" and I weigh about 110 pounds. I like running (cross country and track, and I train for races when the seasons are over) and I play DDR for an hour or 2 hours a day on standard or heavy mode. I go bike riding a lot (in the summer I'd go about 5-10 miles a day) and I'd like to get down to about 100-105 pounds.

    My question is, am I doing the right thing, and would that be a healthy weight? Thanks

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  • Ok... who thinks the movie Twilight SUCKED!?

    I saw Twilight last night. I didn't think that it necessarily SUCKED... but I didn't think it was very good. I expected so much more because the book was so great. I'm also tired of everyone who likes the movie just because of Rob Pattinson (Edward), because in my opinion, he was a freaking mosquito in the movie.

    1) His eyes were really big, and they were either gold or black

    2) He had longish hair

    3) His skin was pale white

    4) His skin was cold

    5) He SPARKLED :P

    6) He thirsted for human blood... just like mosquitoes!

    Honestly my favorite parts were with Jasper, his face was priceless. But I might go see the movie again, I probably have to get used to it. Oh yeah and I think they could have done way better with the ending.

    So... who DIDN'T like Twilight?

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  • My guppies are getting some disease, I think it might be worms? Please help me!?

    Yesterday I looked in my fish tank and there was a hole in one of my female guppies on the side, and there was a few red spikes coming out of it. My grandpa told me to take her out of the tank and flush her so I did. I also noticed another fish who could have that but the spikes weren't that bad, but I looked in the tank and she was dead. There is another fish that is starting to get the red spots near the anal fin and it's really scaring me... I don't want all of my fish to die. I also had another male guppy die but I didn't notice any red spikes on him.

    Can someone please diagnose this? And what can I do to treat this?

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  • Can I mix adult guppies and gouramis together in a 40 gallon tank? ?

    I'm 14 years old and I'm OVERWHEMED with baby guppies. I have about 40-50 of them in a 6 gallon tank (they are still very very tiny except for 3 of them, don't worry) and they're all doing very well and I think they're all, or at least 80% of them.

    I don't want to keep adults in the 6 gallon because I know they will eat the babies, and that tank is meant for the babies. I have a 16 gallon with about 9 adult guppies, I could put just a few more in there but it will get overcrowded FAST.

    So my main question is, can I put adult guppies in my 40 gallon tank with 4 gouramis? I know gouramis are semi-aggressive and I'm afriad they will eat my guppies. It's my only option; my dad won't let me set up my 30 gallon tank. And I don't have the heart to feed the living babies to my gouarmis. I only feed them the dead ones =P PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

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  • Ok really now, when goes Guitar Hero 4 come out for PS2?

    I've heard 8/26, 8/27, 8/28, and some day in November. I thought it was coming out tomorrow but I still don't know when it's released, it's different every where I look. Who really knows when it's released?

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  • What age do guppies begin to mate?

    Hi, I have at least 30 newborn baby guppies in a breeder box (I hate having them in there but I have no where else to put them without them getting eaten.)

    My first 3 babies were born about 4 months ago and they are perfectly healthy. They are in a 6 gallon aquarium and they are 2 females and 1 male.

    What age will my babies begin to mate? I'd like to know so I can be prepared =P

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  • I think I'm having a problem with my blue gouramis, please help me!!?

    I walked in my room after I came home from school and my gouramis (especially my blue ones) were acting very sensitive. Any sudden move I would make, like if I would step off my bed, they would go crazy and hide. They have never done this before but I am being very cautious with the moves I make right now. I also noticed that one of the blue ones (I have 2 blue and 2 gold) looked much much darker. Also I will add that when I looked in my tank they were all hiding in a corner. They are in a 40 gallon tank so they have plenty of room. I feed them regularly and the temperature is fine (80 degrees). This is my favorite tank and I hope nothing is wrong with my fish. My gold ones seem fine, they are hiding a little bit. But I can barely seen the blue ones. Please help me! And it looks like the dark one has a disease... I will post pics later.

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  • I have a 40 gallon gourami tank, how many can I get without them being uncomfortable?

    I have a tank with a gold and a blue gourami and there is definitely room for more fish. I'd really like a kissing gourami but my dad says that I would need to get 2 of them. Is that true? If I do get 2, would my fish still be comfortable? I know they get to be a pretty good size.


    would 2 kissing gouramis and 1 blue and 1 gold be okay? Or would they all fight? I'd rather just get 1 kissing gourami but if I should get 2 then I will get 2.

    I have pictures of the tank, since it is a hexagon tank.

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    I'm gonna send this to Y!A support or w/e. I want them to see how many people want this metal section, or just take the POP out or R&P.

    Answer and star if you want a metal section!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets all hope this works. Lets show Yahoo that they need to fix their catagories.

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  • The Jonas Brothers Are Gay?

    is it true the jonas brothers are gay? one of them told a magazine they have homosexual relations off tour

  • I have some Japanese holographic Pokemon cards, how much would they be worth? (PICS INCLUDED)?

    I have some Japanese holographic Pokemon cards and I'd like to see about what they are worth. The one I am mainly curious is about my Japanese holographic Mew... I've never seen one like it, and it's not the ancient one. I'm also curious about the Charizard, Butterfree, and Gyarados. I'd appreciate some honest answers.

    I also have a Spanish (I think it's Spanish) holographic Vileplume, if that is worth anything.

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  • My guppy just had babies in the community tank... what should I do?!?

    I asked a question earlier about one of my pregnant guppies, I kinda put her to rest, she was looking so horrible it made me cry to look at her.

    I looked in my community tank and saw 4 baby guppies in my tank swimming in a plant. I'm absolutely thrilled to have them, but I never expected them to come so soon. I put a net over the filter so they are safe from that. But I can't put them in the breeding tank, because it's not cycled, and they would die just like my other guppy did.

    What should I do with them? Should I leave them in the community tank? I don't want them to get eaten or harmed.

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  • My pregnant guppy is losing her fins, losing energy, and is breathing hard? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!?

    I have a pregnant guppy, and she was very large and she had a really big red tail, and I when I thought she was going to have the babies I put her in a separate tank. It's been cycling for about a month but the water was still a little cloudy so I was hesitant about putting her in there. I was gone for a day and when I came home I noticed that her tail is almost gone, and she's breathing pretty hard. She's eating and she swims around, but sometimes she just hangs out by the heater. I don't know what I should do. Should I put a male fish in there with her, because she is in there by herself. I'm afraid she is going to die because she doesn't look great. Will her tail fin grow back? I don't know what to do but I really want her to live.

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  • My pregnant guppy...? PLEASE HELP ME?

    I have 4 pregnant guppies in my tank and one of them looked larger than the others, and had dark gravid spots. I just looked in my tank and noticed those spots were a reddish color, did she have her babies? It didn't seem that she was going to have the babies soon because she was eating. She still looks kinda big though. PLEASEE HELP ME!!!!!

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  • Tankmates For My Neon Tetras That Won't Bother The Neons?

    My grandpa gave me these 2 neon tetras because he said they were nipping on his fish, and now they are nipping on mine. I have 2 guppies, 3 black skirt tetras, and 3 other tetras, I don't know what kind they are but they are red with black fins. The neons seem to nip at all of them except for my algae eaters and my catfish.

    Actually, I'm looking at my tank right now and my guppies look fine, but my blue one just disappeared so I'm assuming it got eaten or attacked by one of the neons. But I've noticed that the neons just chase my guppies.

    I am setting up a 10 gallon tank for the neons, because I really want to keep them. But I'd like to put other fish in the tank. What fish would be good tankmates that the neons won't chase or bite? Or should I just get more neons for the tank?

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  • From Autumn To Ashes... break up? IS THIS TRUE?

    I got a youtube comment on one of my FATA videos and it said "too bad they broke up" and I started freaking out and rushed to Wikipedia.... I'm so upset if this is true. Anyone else sad about this?

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  • I'm 13 Years Old: Bala Sharks & Clown Loaches in 50 Gallon Tank, What Other Fish Should I Get?

    I'm 13 years old and I'm interested in buying a larger fishtank. The largest I can afford or fit in my room is a 50 gallon. I fell in love with clown loaches and I heard they are social so should I get 2 or 3? I know they get to reach about a foot long. I'd also like to put some bala sharks in the tank, how many of those should I get, and do they work well with the clown loaches?

    I am also wondering what other fish would be okay to put in the tank, I don't know if I could get anymore because of the clown loaches. I do have several small fish right now (guppies, tetras, catfish, algae eaters...) in my 16 gallon tank right now, so would they be okay in the 50 gallon with the clowns/balas?

    Thanks so much, I'm really commited to saving up for this tank. All I'm asking for my birthday is money for the tank and money for fish.

    when I'm older I'm gonna get some silver arowanas =D

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  • You Think Rock and Pop Should Be Separated Into 2 Different Catagories?

    I'm seriously SICK of all this fighting in Rock & Pop Section... I hope that there's 2 separate sections, 1 for Rock and 1 for Pop. They're totally different genres! How the HELL can you compare Hannah Montana to Van Halen, and The Jonas Brothers to Megadeth? Personally, you can't. You really can't.

    Am I the only one feeling this? Do you think they should have an "emo" section too, so we won't have anymore spam about how MCR and FOB are so great?

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