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  • When should you ask someone out to meet in person on OK Cupid?

    I messaged her on Monday. She replied and we exchanged about 10 messages that day. The next morning I ask her out and she says no UNLESS we get to know each other more. I reply saying I understand but don't get a reply from her after that at all. Four days later (Saturday and still no reply) I post a new picture and she appears as a visitor shortly after. So I message her one more time asking how her day was but no reply yet. Sunday morning I get a reply from her and from there on we message pretty consistently, practically all day, for five days straight (S,M,T,W, and TH). Its now Friday and I'm wondering if I should ask her out again, maybe for Friday or Saturday night? My concern is that I'll come off as too pushy asking her out twice in a week and a half... At this point we've exchanged around 150+ messages.

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  • Is it ok to use a PS3 on a plasma t.v.?

    Back when I was first searching for an HDTV I was told that gaming consoles could potentially burn in an image on plasma t.v.'s so I bought an LCD. Now I have the chance to get a new plasma t.v., it's a Pioneer Elite PRO-940HD and as far as I can tell it was released in 2007 so it's not the newest most advanced model. Will it be safe to use a PS3 on a plasma t.v. (especially one from 2007) without any burnt in images?

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  • How do you safely transport a car battery?

    My car battery is completely dead, absolutely no electricity left, however I can take it to a body shop where a friend of can charge it but I have no idea what would be the safest way to transport it to the body shop. I will be taking the bus there so should I put it in a box or plastic bag or what? Or should I just forget about charging it and buy a new one?

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  • What are some books similar to these?

    I'm looking for a book similar to the ones below, by similar I don't mean similar in story but similar in topic. A good book that makes you think deeply about society, life, the world, humanity etc. something like that would be nice.

    1. Siddhartha

    2. One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest

    3. Indian Killer

    There are more but those are my personal favorite books.

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  • Would someone who likes Fallout 3/New Vegas like The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion?

    My brother is a huge gamer so I would like to give him a game for Christmas, however I currently cannot afford Skyrim so I settled on Oblivion. He really likes Fallout 3 and New Vegas and seeing as how Oblivion has somewhat similar gameplay would it be a good choice or is it too different from Fallout? If it is too different (which isn't a bad thing) would a game like Bioshock be better? Basically would someone who likes Fallout 3/New Vegas like Oblivion?

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  • Should I get rid of Avira Premium antivirus?

    My subscription to the premium version of Avira ran out on June 2010 and hasn't updated since then. I can still use all the features and I really like the protection it offers but it seems useless unless the anti virus updates to keep up with some of the new viruses. I don't want to purchase another subscription so would it be best to leave it as is, uninstall and install the free Avira, or just get another free anti virus?

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  • What's the best calcium powder for Leopard Geckos?

    I am currently using Zoo Med's Repti-Calcium without D3. It is both phosphorus and oyster shell free. I keep some in a small dish in the enclosure and dust my baby Leopard Geckos crickets everyday. Once a week I use Zoo-Med's Reptivite with D3. I was wondering if this is ok or if there is something better. Is their some other calcium you would recommend?

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  • Baby Leopard Gecko poo looks like crumbs…?

    I just bought a baby Leopard Gecko from the local pet shop. This is my 2nd gecko so I know how to care for them. At the pet shop she was on coconut fiber or sand, I don't remember. Now she is on reptile carpet with an under tank heater for belly heat. Anyway she just pooped (so shes not impacted) but it was brown with a very slight red tint and was crumbling apart into little cubes. There was no movement so I don't think it's parasites but I'm not sure. I can't afford to go to the vet so any suggestions would help.

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  • Can you help me identify this tarantula?

    I'm looking to get a second pet tarantula so I went to my local pet shop. They had a small tarantula about 1-2 inches but it had it's legs in front of it. All I could tell was that it was all red and had no other visible colors; unfortunately the only employee who knew anything about tarantulas was out today. I don't know if it helps but it was $40. Any guesses on what type it might be?

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  • Do dreams mean or represent anything in our lives?

    I'm bored so here's how my dream went:

    I was stuck in a mall with a group of people. We were at the mall because the world got overrun with zombies and we were there to gather supplies and escape by airplane which just so happened to be waiting outside. Anyway for some reason I was the only one to pick out any weapons to fight the zombies with so I was the only one fighting. I had a small Swiss army knife and a pocket knife. I fought with the Swiss army knife until it broke then pulled out the pocket knife. We all made it safely to the plane but I didn't get on because I was having so much fun fighting zombies with a pocket knife. I would attack their necks until they went down, I even remember chasing zombies who were far away in order to kill them.

    So does this dream mean anything or is it just a random mess produced by the brain during sleep.

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  • Are vocation schools a good idea after high school?

    I got out of HS two months ago but after looking over grants and financial aid I found out I don qualify for most of them, it's a long story as to why I don't so I won't write it down. Anyway now I plan on going to a Vocational School but its not one of those schools that airs commercials on tv, its a school run by the city school district, the same district I graduated high school from. Classes are about $40 on average but you only take the classes you want and no others like math or English. All the classes they have teach you a trade like plumbing or construction. So is this a good idea? I've heard a lot of horror stories about Vocational Schools but this one is district run and accredited by WASC.

  • What can I do about a neighbor that keeps coming over?

    My neighbor, who is my sisters friend, comes over almost every day and has literally made herself at home. As soon as we open the door she let's herself in and sometimes heads straight for the fridge or pantry and grabs herself a plate of food or a snack all without asking. If we don't open the door she will call the house and ask my sister to let her in. How can I get her to stop this without being rude? Our families have been good friends with each other for many years and I don't want to be the one to ruin it.

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  • Would bleach kill bed bugs and eggs on bed sheets?

    I got some sort of sheet cover that covers the bed kind of like a bag the problem is that since the bed bugs can't get in the bed (all the ones that were are now dead I'm sure) they stay on the underside of the bed and cling on to the sheet. If I dip the sheets in a mixture of hot water and bleach, then throw them in the washer, then the dryer, would that be enough to kill them?

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  • Has anyone read the Chobits manga?

    What is the difference between the original Chobits manga and the omnibus series? Is the story different between the two by alot, slightly, or not at all? Is one better than the other and which do you recommend?

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  • Is it ok to walk up to a fire station and ask a question?

    I want to join a program that a local fire station has and I have tried calling them through a phone number listed on the website but the number is no longer in use/disconnected. Is it ok to just walk to the station, knock on the door and ask them about it or will they be busy or get angry?

    10 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police9 years ago
  • Why does my iPod Touch 4G immediately disconnects from wi-fi?

    Just yesterday it worked fine then, out of nowhere, a message popped up while I was web browsing and it said choose a wifi network or something like that. The signal was weak at that time but ever since then, even if the iPod is right in front of the wifi modem, it will disconnect immediately as soon as its reconnected. Its not the wifi, my brothers laptop has no problem connecting, and its not the WEP password.

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  • When can a Leopard Gecko eat an adult cricket?

    My Leopard Gecko is somewhere between 7-10 months old. Is she old enough to be fed adult crickets or not? She is around 8 inches including tail.

    3 AnswersReptiles10 years ago
  • What happens when a McAfee free trial expires? ?

    Just got a new laptop that came with a free trial of McAfee for about 2 months. I registered with the site and made a profile but entered no credit card info. Will I be charged anything when the trial ends? Will they bill me? Or should I cancel before the free trial ends? Or does nothing happen and is it okay to download this?

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  • Leopard Gecko won't eat but seems healthy?

    My Leopard Gecko hasn't eaten in about 5 or 6 days now. She normally eats crickets and a couple of meal worms every other day but has recently stopped eating. The temperature in her tank for the past couple of days has been around 85-90 degrees at day and about 70-75 at night. She is not close to shedding and her tail is still fat. She has also been pooping regularly eventhough she has not been eating and I don't leave crickets in her tank overnight. She seems to be in good health but then why is she not eating?

    2 AnswersReptiles10 years ago
  • IPod touch 4G screen "static"?

    Every once in a while (about once or twice a day) certain icons and buttons on the iPod touch will turn to "static" for a brief second then go back to normal. By static I mean the icon dissapears and is replaced by horizontal lines that kind of flash (disappearing and reappearing lines) and have colors like pink and purple. Is there anything wrong with the iPod or is this normal?

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