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Might be around for a few weeks. Send me an email if you wanna chat. Cleanin up some BS on my account, making some Qs anonymous Can't remember the password to my old lastfm account so heres a brand new one if you wanna add:

  • Rap & Hip Hop: What "fields" would you put in for a rappers databse?

    I'll be creating a database (if anyone knows any Comp sci it's just a sqlite3 db using the terminal shell, although might use MongoDB instead) on my computer so I can make a bunch of lists without having to come up with vague answers every time, so I was wondering what you guys thought some fields should be. Right now I have:




    Debut year

    Group? (? is true or false value)



    And I'll make another table for Albums, possibly another for songs. Eventually. Probably not. Any ideas?

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  • NRHH: Who wants to see the origins of Cognautic Creix (+BQs)?

    Luckily, my first year or so on Y!A is no longer reachable, so you'll be spared to worst of the cringe

    Here's me:

    Hating on Lil Wayne


    Giving constructive criticism;_ylt=AwrC...

    Getting roasted by MQ;_ylt=AwrC...

    Deconstructing lyrics for some plebes

    Teaching lessons on the English language

    And last, and probably least,

    Making good use on my high school English class's focus on Shakespearian sonnets

    Started from the bottom now I'm here.

    BQ: Which one hurt the most to read?

    BQ2: Rate me as a 15yo from 1-10

    BQ3: Have you heard Imaginarium by L'Roneous? Give it a spin and respond to my last Q.

    Youtube thumbnail

    BQ4: Why has Arrested Development consistently released good material but gone largely overlooked in GOAT lists?

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  • Why L’Roneous’s Imaginarium isn’t a classic album?

    (more to come in the details since Y!A does this character limit **** these days)

    Imaginarium was released in 1998, in the tail end of hip hop’s “Golden Age”. It has a love affair with the acoustic bass and bass guitar, using them to supplement usually fast-paced, snare-oriented and high-hat-generous back-beats to great effect. Tracks are sprinkled couthfully with vocal samples, alluding to the track’s content with impactful or pithy sayings. The production is artfully fit together to sell another 90’s soulful gem.

    L’Roneous comes through with clustered syllables, cramming as many words into each line as possible and decorating them with scientific buzzwords. He’s got an idiosyncratic metaphor for every single whack rapper out there and then some, and manages to fit his slightly off-beat flow to every single sample on the album. There’s practically no repetition and it feels as if he’s got a general scientific encyclopedia he checked out from a library on a stand next to him while he’s rapping. His voice is mildly pleasing and his tongue seems to be slightly behind at the end of every word which ends up making his words mesh together in a not-unpleasing quirky manner. If there’s one thing that can be said about L’Roneous, he isn’t a slouch. He can rap.

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  • Rap & Hip Hop: Do you think LL Cool J deserves a spot in your top 20?

    Looking at a lot of older artists and how strong some of their discographies are the vague GOAT list in my head is in upheaval. If I were to make a top 50 I think almost every artist in it would be nigh-legendary.

    BQ: Thoughts on Kool Moe Dee and Curtis Blow and where they fit into your GOAT list?

    BQ2: Rank Common's albums from best to worst

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  • Rap & Hip Hop: What's your opinion on the Demigodz/Army of the Pharoahs?

    Just that whole group.

    BQ: Favorite 3 Wu-Tang Killa Bee albums?

    BQ2: Doseone - lyrically nonpareil or complete nonsense?


    Youtube thumbnail

    Remember these days?

    BQ4: Wanna check out a new group?

    Youtube thumbnail

    This is off Into Bass and Time, an album by German production duo Ancient Astronauts. They produce instrumentals and tracks with featured rappers and generally specialize in heavy-rhythmed, atmospheric beats. Their debut album We Are to Answer is just as good, if not generally better.

    BQ5: B/S: Fallon sucks at interviewing.

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  • Rap & Hip Hop: What are your opinions on Macklemore?

    I once asked a question about him and I'm just curious about the section's opinions on him, especially since he essentially sold out.

    BQ: Have you heard Language of My World and what did you think about it?

    BQ2: Got any big plans this summer?

    BQ3: What kind of girl (or boy) is your type? Cool, nerd, smoky/edgy, hipster, geek?

    BQ4: Start a rumor about another user

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  • Rap & Hip Hop: What are your feelings on 3rd Bass (BQs too yo)?

    The Cactus Face is a classic; 3rd Bass is one of a myriad of groups to push the bounds of production in the late 80's but sometimes I find them somewhat cringey. For their time their social awareness was qutie precocious, but their incessant shitting on symbols of hip hop authenticity (more specifically MC Hammer in The Cactus Album and Vanilla Ice in Derelicts of Dialect) seems more revealing of insecurity than anything.

    BQ: Thoughts on Dust to Dust?

    BQ2: What do you think is Edan's best album?

    Youtube thumbnail


    Here's a track I enjoy by him.

    BQ3: Most clueless white rapper?

    BQ4: Where you from?

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  • Rap & Hop Hop: DITC crew, what are their top 3 albums?

    BQ: Do you find Realms N' Reality by Cella Dwellas and Word...Life by O.C. comparable?

    BQ2: Did you know that and were originally part of a gangsta rap group called A.T.B.A.N. Klan signed to Eazy-E's ruthless records? If you've heard the album, throw out some thoughts.

    BQ3: 8Ball and MJG or UGK?

    BQ4: Make a comment on the last user to answer (if you're the first then just do me).

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  • Rap & Hip Hop: Want to read my review on Prolyphic & Reanimator's The Ugly Truth?

    It ended up being a little short and being more descriptive than critical, but it's the first of hopefully more. What did you think?

    BQ1: What album do you think I should write a review on next?

    BQ2: Who's your favorite author?

    BQ3: Explain group theory to me in twenty words or less :s

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  • Rap & Hip Hop: Rhymesayers Entertainment or Def Jux?

    BQ: Favorite artist from each?

    BQ2: Are you a fan of anticon.?

    BQ3: Have you heard Prolyphic and Reanimator's The Ugly Truth? It came out in 2009 if I remember correctly and was one of the first underground albums I fell in love with as a young jack. I'm writing a review on it which I'll post here later for whoever's interested.

    Youtube thumbnail

    BQ4: How was your weekend?

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  • Rap & Hip Hop: Give a ranking of Nas's albums from best to worst?

    Nas is probably the artist who I've changed my mind about their discography the most since getting into hip hop, so I'm just wondering what y'all are thinking there. If you haven't heard any you can just leave em out, no point just throwing them in there randomly.

    BQ: Did the Untitled album's name change affect your opinion on it as a whole?

    BQ2: Where does DMX factor into your greatest rappers list?

    BQ3: Breaking Atoms by Main Source or 93 Til' Infinity by Souls of Mischief?

    BQ4: Buy or Sell: 93 Til' Infinity's title track is a top ten hip hop track.

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  • Rap & Hip Hop: Did you know that...?

    "A 2001 and 2004 study by Edward Armstrong found that of the 14 songs on The Marshall Mathers LP eleven contain violent and misogynistic lyrics"?

    In the study fifty professionally trained gerbils, hamsters, other adorable rodents, and a single kitten were put in seperate cages and made to listen to each track on the MMLP once every day over a preiod of two months, counting each time each animal did not consume a piece of cheese as it being too disturbed by the misogyny of the lyrics to nourish itself.

    Or maybe this person, Edward Armstrong, listened to the album once and discovered that eleven songs were "violent and misogynistic", and there's for claiming a "study" was performed which "found" anything...

    BQ1: Favorite instrumental hip hop album?

    BQ2: Pit Bull or Flo Rida?

    BQ3: Would you rather eat out an unshaven or unwashed box

    BQ4: Sexiest accent and language

    A few instrumental album recommendations (+ a couple producer albums with instrumental) for those who are not well acquainted:

    Soon it Will Not be Cold Enough - Emancipator

    Modal Soul - Nujabes

    Cosmogramma - Flying Lotus

    Beat Journey - Dr Who Dat? (aka Jneiro Jarel)

    Greenball - Jel

    The Music Scene - Blockhead

    Deadringer - RJD2

    Endtroducing..... - DJ Shadow

    Here's an old question I asked with more in the answers if you want more or just know all these

    And that's all for now folks

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  • Rap & Hip Hop: How do you rate/thoughts on Doe or Die by AZ?

    An underappreciated classic or an overly theatrical and musically unenthusiastic flunk? I've heard a lot of differing opinions on it so I was just wondering what RHH thinks...

    BQ1: Boy Meets World by Fashawn or Below The Heavens by Blu & Exile

    BQ2: Howlin Wolf or Muddy Waters?

    BQ3: How do you order your steak?

    BQ4: Flowers to your significant other, the move or nah? What kind of flower if yah?

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  • Rap & Hip Hop: What's a song that taught you something? (+BQs)?

    One of the reasons that Black on Both Sides is one of my most beloved albums is that it actually broadened my perspective on social issues. "Hip Hop" is actually one of the most intelligent and incisivelly accurate tracks socially that I've ever heard, period. The second verse is simply unmatchable.

    Youtube thumbnail

    Really, it's a pity he's such a blathering idiot when he talks about political issues in interviews...

    BQ: Like Water For Chocolate or Black on Both Sides

    BQ2: Ella Fitzgerald or Billie Holiday

    BQ3: Jimi or The Who

    BQ4: Rank these fellas:

    Sage Francis


    Aesop Rock


    Brother Ali

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  • Rap & Hip Hop: How would you like a couple obscure but dope recommendations?

    "Credible Forces" by Whiskey Blanket

    "The Idea" by Unseen

    Check em out, they're extremely good.

    BQ: Have you heard Rigormortiz by DMG? If you have what do you think about it? If you haven't:

    Youtube thumbnail

    BQ2: What's an album you know that you think we might not have heard of?

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  • Rap & Hip Hop: How much importance do you place on "style" in deciding how good a rapper is?

    While style isn't really completely separable from lyrics, flow, etc., as an overall quality I think it's honestly one of, if not the most important fact0r in drawing my opinions on an artist. Historically, rap is so closely related to creating a caricature of oneself that I think for any rapper that isn't significantly non-traditional it's one of the most crucial things to cultivate in their music.

    BQ: The Pharcyde or Main Source?

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  • Rap & Hip Hop: Who's better, Qwel or Homeboy Sandman?

    I'm trying to decide - right now I'm leaning towards Homeboy Sandman but mostly because he's nerdier and I like that. Gimme some second opinions guys.

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  • Rap & Hip Hop: Dungeon Family or Rap-A-Lot Records?

    You can just talk about from your experience, both Dungeon Fam and Rap-A-Lot aren't my strongest fields so I'm not gonna judge anyone for not knowing them well.

    Which do you think has a stronger field of work? Which do you prefer?

    BQ: Check this **** out:

    Youtube thumbnail

    Such a badass beat, thanks to S. Perrota for showing me.

    BQ2: Feel like leavin a RIP for S. Perrota?

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  • Rap & Hip Hop: Mos Def and Talib Kweli are Black Star or Black on Both Sides?

    Two of the most encompassing and prolific conscious rap albums in history - which do you think is better?

    Personally I would go with Black on Both Sides. It just covers so much more ground, it's almost the project of a visionary, both musically and topically. Black Star has a really nice stripped down production, which benefits Talib, but gives the album an almost dialectic feel. Black on Both Sides ranges from lush, beautiful, atmospheric beats to that same grimey feeling, giving Mos a range from the almost spiritual to introspective, to a father by a fireside.

    BQ: B/S, People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm is on par with The Low End Theory?

    BQ2: Rank Travels, Low End Theory, and Midnight Marauders.

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