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  • Can homemade drugs be found in a person's system?

    I'm writing a story and now I'm in doubt.

    One of my characters has been drugged and ends up in the hospital. The drug was homemade and since my story is paranormal, the drug is paranormal-like. If you get what I mean...

    Now, can the drug be found in his system? like...when it's homemade, will it just be "unknown drug" or?

    I have tried to google it, but so far no luck.

    I guess I can try something else there has nothing to do with a drug, however I really want it to be a drug.

    - I hope you understand the question, but let me try ask one more time.

    If my character is drugged by a paranormal-like homemade drug, can it be found in his system?

    If yes, then how?

    If no, please explain what happens then, if you will the hospital keep an eye on him or/and make more tests?

    Also the hospital he ends in it's like any normal hospital. He doesn't know about the paranormal at that time.

    The story's world is normal to him (in the start), but has paranormal elements in it - if you get what I mean?

    Does the question make sense? :D


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