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  • Why is my sister such a *****?

    I m 17 years old, and I swear all I remember is my sister being a jealous ****. She s older by 3 years and working at the moment. And she s constantly yelling and taunting me to get a job. She keeps saying that she started working so I should too. I am currently studying full time. And I even applied at numerous places, they just haven t replied back. She keeps making a huge deal out of everything. She keeps getting stuff my parents do for me and says if I didn t get it, why does she? I won t lie, I m a little spoiled, as I m the youngest in the family. She keeps saying that I don t do anything and keep wasting my time. She doesn t even know what I do, as when I leave for college she s sleeping and when I come back home in the evening, she s at work. She s the middle child btw. And idk, she just pisses me off. Just needed to get it out. 🙄

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  • What is wrong with me!?

    Idk wut I feel! I feel so numb and empty. Then suddenly I feel the urge to cry. Everything is so messed up in my life. I feel as if I'm drifting away from my 'best friend'. She became best friends with people who talk behind my back. And my guy best friend is constantly fighting with me for every silly mistake I make. I don't know whom to trust. I get angry at like everything and I can't think straight and concentrate on studies hence resulting in my grades goin down.

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  • My best friend doesn t talk to me without me going to her.?

    Were best friends since like 8 grade. N now we re in d 11th grade. And 11th grade is where all the friends get separated cause of the streams. So we are in different streams, different school timings but the same school.

    We had a school hike like days before. Like since a new class is there. With new class comes new friends. And there are these two girls we didnt like from last batch. Well she said she didn t like them, but idk. I felt very left out for the hike. It was always me who was waiting up for her to come, me goin to her to see if she s alright, leave my new friend to go to her (she says she doesn t like my new friend) and then I was just done. So I just left her on her own. Then we reached to the site. I was waiting and waiting, and went back to her like a dog, she was having fun with those two girls we didn t like. So I went back to my new friends. Then at the end of the hike at the bus ride. I heard them talking and they had so many inside jokes. And I felt betrayed, like she didn t even say a word to me. I felt so hurt And then I just started ignoring her and talked with the new friend.

    Then she messaged me after d hike that she was annoyed with my guy bestfriend (who didn t leave me alone) that s why she didn t talk to me, and said a sorry if I felt bad. And that was it. No calls since 3 days, no nothing. And I feel so lost. Cause I just realized that my crush likes her. And I feel more heartbroken. And I don t know what to do. Should I also move on?

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  • Do I like him..?

    I didn't like like any guy sincerely since like 3 years after a bad break up. But recently there was a family celebration for me. And my dad hired a photographer. And omg. I can't get him out of my head since that day . I thought it was those stupid temporary crushes and it will go away in like 2 days, but it didnt. The guy was really very shy, sincere and cute. I just don't know what I feel towards him. Like first off it doesn't feel right cause he is a professional photographer, and I'm just one of his clients. And I just miss him. And God I stalked him so much (social media ofcourse). And plus I felt very comfortable around him and not self conscious when there's other photographers around. And trust me I am a very Socially awkward person. Do I like him? Or just those temporary​ crushes..?

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  • Should I go for confessions again?

    I am receiving the sacrament of confirmation the day after. We had our confessions today. I confessed everything that was in my mind at the moment. But then I realized that I had forgotten to confess my sin of swearing bad words, sloth, pride, and envy. And I did confess about masturbating but not pornography.(I didn't think about it).. I feel very guilty and I don't know what to do.

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  • Should I break Up with my boyfriend?

    Well, my ex is my bf's best friend and i've liked him since long time, and we've been dating for like a month? and his just not the person i actually liked, his changed, well people change tho :p but the thing is his flirting with his ex and her group'. and the whole group likes him, so they all are like you know trying to seperate us, and his not talking with me lately.

    Well for new year i saw my ex he was laughing and talking with his brother, but then he saw me looking at him and he went to the other side, that time I almost felt like crying right over there and i realized that i do like him, plus I miss how he used to treat me, and my boyfriend is calling me boring and that He is the one who always makes an effort after 1 week of dating, but then the rest other 3 weeks i've been the one making a effort and him flirting with his ex and her group. Plus when I message him or something his always like 'get lost' and the next day he'll be like your not talking to me and make a big drama. Should I break Up with my boyfriend, if his so interested in flirting with them? Am I feeling like this cause his not giving me proper time? gaah

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  • Best Tourist Place In Dubai?

    Im Going To Dubai In Few Weeks And I Wanted to know some nice places in Dubai where we could visit

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  • Should I Give another Chance to my boyfriend?

    Well i have a boyfriend of 9 months (10 in 2 weeks),

    He lied to me :p Saying that he didn't have a crush on anyone, but i came to know from his friends that he had 4 crushes, well i felt really hurt that he didn't even tell me. I Asked him many times but he used to say that he didnt have crushes on anyone and then he started all that if you dont trust me dont talk with me stuff.... :p.... I told Him everything about me,my crushes, my best friends, the people i hate, me having a crush on his bestie, when his cousin was flirting with me, when i had a crush on hiz cousin (weird ik, i wasn't datin him that time tho :p) I told him everything... and he dosn't trust me enough to tell me his crushes its not as if im gonna ignore him.... but he lied to me.... and my friends are tellin me to break up wid him... and idk wat to do...

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  • What Should I Do?

    I have a boyfriend of 8 months... and i used to have a major crush on his bestfriend i guess i still do... i used to have a crush on him before having a crush on my boyfriend... His bestfriend also used to like me (idk bout it properly.. my bestie told me cuz they are both besties :p) But He always used to ignore me.... well from Raksha bandan (a festival of brothers and sisters for some who dont know :p) i tied him one rakhi (A sign of sister to a brother) but i didn't actually meant it.. cuz i also tied it to my bf (crazy i know) i had to if everyone knew none of my friends would talk to me (most of them have a crush on him)

    He used to insult me alot like alot... he started ignoring me... he didnt also utter one word to me... he found a new gang to hang out with (with bitchy girls and players, some are nice) he started ignoring everyone but me the most... he then started dating one of the girl from there.. but the girl liked someone else soo they broke up they lasted something 2-3 months..

    From all the rumors it seems that he is behind the girl again... and the thing is that i like him, and i dont know what to do... should i tell him i like him? should i break up with my boyfriend..?? should i tell my bf bout him? ( he knows i used to like him, but i dont think he knows that i like him right now) thank you it would help alot.. please dont call me a player or something.. i really love my bf aslo but i also love his bestfriend...

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  • My Dad Found My Love Letter?

    I Had Written a Love Letter for my boyfriend (My family dosn't know) It was kind of this way

    "Hello, How are you, I'm missing you soo Much idk wat i'll do without you for sooo many days, At Easter i didn't have luck. Maybe i didn't tell you, you looked cute on easter, ha you look cute everytime.

    Text me maybe *my phone number*

    take care, i love you"

    We've been dating for 5 months...

    i know this is not correct.. but i need a reason, i didn't write his name, nor the gender (in the letter)

    Thank You!

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  • 5 Advantages and disadvantages of fire?

    5 advantages and disadvantages of fire....

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  • I'm having dreams about my boyfriend's brother?

    I had a dream about my boyfriends brother 3 times and in all those 3 he was gettin killed

    3 AnswersDream Interpretation7 years ago
  • My Crush Asked me out But still likes his other crush's?

    My Crush Asked me out and wrote his other crush's name on his hand...

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  • Does My crush likes me?

    Well we had many fights :p But forgave each other... He always flirts with me,

    His friends always tease me with his name I found him starting at me lot of time,

    He asked my friends that do i like him. His Friends Said that he likes me, He tried to show off But Failed, He calls me 'princess' And he also called me 'sexy'

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  • My crush likes my best friend?

    I Have a crush on this guy who likes me back, but also likes my best friend

    And my best friend has gone Abroad forever (Other country)

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  • My crush asked me if i like him?

    My crush asked me if i like and he said that "whether the answer is yes or no he won't ignore me"

    I know he likes me too i guess with the rumors which are going...

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  • Does My crush likes me back?

    Well Nothin Interesting But

    His Friends Are Teasing Me, His Friends Said that he likes me, He asked My friends Do I like him, He tried to show off But Failed, He flirts with me, We basically have lods of fights but we forgave each other He called me 'sexy' :p So...

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  • How to make My Thighs Slender?

    My Thighs are fat... :p I just want them to be slender :p Any helP

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