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Stacy Elizabeth

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I am Stacy. I have a husband, William. We have 5 year old triplets (faternal): Claire Isabella, Charlotte May, and Caroline Elise. Pregnant! Claire is our oldest triplet. She is the only triplet with blonde hair (it's very light). She is very generous and shy. She is the clingy child. She doesn't like being away from her sisters. Charlotte is the middle triplet. She is the mature triplet (if you want to say mature).She is that kind of kid that does what she is told (most of the time). She is usuailly quiet around grown ups, and very talkative to everyone else. Caroline, oh my. She is the talkative, most outgoing, and sassy triplet. The youngest triplet. She is VERY energetic. All three combined, are the funniest kids ever. Been to England, Ireland, France, Australia, and Turks and Caicos with them. My husband's job and my mother is a travel agent so we get discounts. We are blessed and grateful for everything.

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