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  • Should i leave my work because they dont have ot pay?

    Its only been a month since my first job. And almost everyday i get to go home at 11 pm and 12pm. And sometimes i go home at 3am. We even have to sleep at the office for days. And we  have a very heavy workload bc were only a few employees. And we also have work on weekends. But they dont pay me for my overtime and has a minimum wage salary.  Im thinking leaving my work because its unfair for me even tho my bosses are kind people when it comes to their attitude. They train and teach me well and have free food everyday. But I feel like they own me and my time and very very tiring and no ot pay. Im thinking of leaving but i think its too early is it going to hurt my career if i leave early? I didnt know it was gonna be like this. 

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  • Asdfghhkll?

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  • Our piglets in farm are poisoned?

    My mother's piglet died suddenly it's not even 24 hrs since the piglet died, the piglets symptoms are vomiting and diarrhea, 8 piglets in total at the same time and the next morning one piglet died suddenly not even 24 hrs since the vomiting and diarrhea. the piglets has enough vaccine. The Veterinarian's findings is the vaccine is not enough, but im not convinced because if that is the case it should not have happened that fast not even for 24 hrs. i searched in the internet that if it is really does not have enough vaccine it should have symptoms first like, lack of appetite becoming weak in such in span of few days. But the last time that the care taker saw the piglets are very alive and energetic before the incident happened. So i have a theory that someone sabotaged the piglets and did something like poisoning. I'm just wondering if it is possible?? that is it poisoned?

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  • utensils contaminated by liquid zosa?

    so my mom is using liquid zosa to unclog our sink, but then she forgot to get rid of the utensils on the other side of the sink, after a few hours the water overflowed on the sink together surely the water that overflowed has liquid zosa in it. but then the utensils are affected by the overflowing water with liquid zosa. should we get rid of our utensils for good? or maybe we can do something like sterilizing the utensils? is liquid zosa that dangerous?

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  • what should i buy canon or nikon?

    im a student and i can't decide what to buy. what camera should i buy when it comes to cinematography? i really need you opinion! thanks!!! :)

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  • why do rich people still want more money even though they have too much?

    why do rich people still want more money even though they have lots of money? why do they desire more even though they have a money that could buy a whole country? why is is not enough for them?

    - i have project and i need your opinion pls help. thank you! :)

    5 AnswersSociology6 years ago
  • I feel like burping but i can't!!! help!?

    Here's the thing, I'm 17 yrs old . I feel like burping and I can't I feel like I have to burp, a massive burp and it's driving me crazy I feel very very uneasy. This always happens before I sleep at night which is kind of late. I really can't sleep because of this and everytime I lay down in bed I feel like burping and I have to stand up and walk around for a few minutes and hoping to burp. After I burp I feel relieved for a few minutes and the burping feeling will come back again!! Okay I admit I don't eat properly like if I'm very hungry I always eat my food very fast and now I'm starting to eat really slowly but I think the burping thing is getting worse sumtimes I feel like there's a little lump in my throat. What should I do??? Help thank you. :)

    1 AnswerRespiratory Diseases7 years ago