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  • What is a decent laptop for gaming and drawing?

    My friend is looking to buy a laptop and lucky that I prevented my friend from buying a chromebook. My friend doesn't have internet but uses their phone as a hot spot. My friend wants to play games like Doom 3D, Duke Nukem 3D, and Minecraft. My friend also has a tablet (not graphics display tablet) to draw on. My friend uses GIMP software. My friend said they will save up $200 which I know is not enough so I'm asking what computer should they consider?

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  • My friend's speakers can play audio, but can't hear me through chat.?

    We did Discord and Xbox live on PC, but both programs he can't hear me but I can hear him. He has a microphone and speakers. I use a headset. It can't be my headset because I used my microphone to chat with others on Discord yesterday and today and they hear me just fine, so it has to be on his end.

    Xbox4 months ago
  • What are the names of these games?

    There were a few DOS (I think DOS) games that I watched my brothers play, though I don't remember them. I'd like to see if I can play them or watch a video.

    1) I think this one starts at a house where a baby cries and you go to the kitchen and get a bottle and feed the baby. When you leave the room the baby cries again. When you get back into the room, an alien kidnaps the baby and teleport away. You go to a lighthouse where I think you fight them off or solve a puzzle to outwit them.

    2) This took place in ancient Egypt and there was a puzzle where you lay a trap on a doorway where a log knocks out someone who had a key to fly through space and fight.

    3) This one starts in a futuristic machine called Pegasus and if you don't collect a chip, you can't go back. The first level you go back in time to the dinos and collect something. If you don't lay the Pegasus chip 1 screen from where you teleport, the game ends. I also remembered an underwater level.4) A space battle game. I think in one level you try to destroy a large tower. I'm sure you are able to switch weapons and upgrade them.

  • I can't play the Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind (PS4)?

    I beaten the game and all that, bought the dlc a few days ago, download it, updated my game, and the dlc feature does not appear on the menus. What gives? Was ReMind that much of a disaster that they stopped supporting it? If so they should have removed it from the store.

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  • I'm trying to find a specific toy?

    My favorite toy that I lost, was a transformers decepticon. It was a drag racer. I tried searching it up, but only got a yellow car and it wasn't yellow. It was blue. It was able to shoot missiles in the shape of exhaust pipes. It also had it's spark in the chest if that helps any.

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  • I can't figure out what I want to do with my life?

    I'm almost 30 and the majority of my 20's was working retail to pay for college. Then I got a job that made good money, but was extremely repetitive and exhausting. Now I have two part time jobs. I went to college to learn about animation, but learned filming instead. I tried to create animations, but lose motivation and interests quick. I did artwork, but I'm frustrated that I can't up my game and I lose motivation and interest quick. Yes I'm seeing a therapist about possible depression and other mental health problems.  

    I like to be creative and I like to create things. I can't stand staying in one place at a time. I'd like to continue filming, but don t know how to peruse it. A few friends have made a YouTube channel, but all they have is unboxing videos, playing games, and taste test. I give out ideas, series, skits, and they either don't have the equipment nor time for it. They push record, stop, and upload whatever on YouTube without editing. I have done filming and I know about scheduling and what not but they see me as an extra. With YouTube's new policies, we can't do the content we want anymore. When I was in college, I had a prop making class that I enjoyed doing. I have knowledge in filming, but don't have a motivated team and I can't do filming without a proper team.I feel as though I should give up on what I like to do. I was considering pursuing architecture or engineering since I like to create things. Another interest is travel so, anthropology?

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  • My PC disk tray keeps opening and closing by itself.?

    I've searched up some fixes online and they do not work. I hardly use my disk tray so there shouldn't be anything wrong with the disk itself. Doubt I got hacked, because why even bother with the disk tray? Also have anti virus and malware software (I know that they don't catch everything but still). What I haven't done is remove the hardware itself and see if there's something wrong with it because I wouldn't know how to fix it.

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  • My USB has write protection.?

    There's no switch on it. Re formatting doesn't help. CMD/diskpart/regedit doesn't work either.

    Have windows 10

    USB is ONN brand 58 GB

    Was able to copy files in a zip file

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  • Need advice for a YuGiOh card?

    The card is a rival card (Dragon type, level 8, 3000 atk, 2500 def). The name is Zombie Gummy Dragon. The Zombie Gummy archetype consists of when monsters are destroyed, they leave behind zombie gummy tokens. I have two possible effects for the dragon.

    1) Once per turn, you can tribute 1 monster on your side of the field to destroy 1 card on the field. If this card is sent to the graveyard by battle, you can special summon this card by banishing 3 monsters with "Gummy" in their name.

    2) You can special summon this card by tributing 2 zombie gummy tokens. When this card is destroyed, special summon 3 zombie gummy tokens.

    Feel as though the 2nd possible effect isn't powerful enough.

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  • Which Battle Angel Alita Manga should I collect?

    Deciding if I should buy the complete $100 set that states it has all Alita manga, but I have my doubts. Seen that Alita has multiple branches, like Last Order and Holy Nights. The other option is to buy each individual mangas.

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  • What are some cheap or free internet services?

    One time I bought a thumb drive from T-Mobile and was basically free though it was slow, even loading pictures took a moment or two. I could pay for data and went faster, but I have a few friends who don t have internet and the T-Mobile isn t doing that thumb drive or something anymore. I don t care about speed but cost for internet. What are some options?

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  • Why can't I play minecraft with my friends?

    I bought minecraft through Microsoft Store and my friends bought it through the Mojang website. Is there any difference? It's the same game right? With cross platforming too because I have another friend who I did play with through Xbox app.

    My copy doesn't update to version 1.14, it's at 1.12 and my friends have it at 1.14.

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  • Windows Photo Viewer problem?

    Organizing pictures to folders and such. I sort it by date but when I move the pictures, the next picture isn't the next picture in Files Explorer. The next picture would be right if I sort it by name though. How can I fix this? (Using Windows 10)

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  • Is it okay to use official Lego sets to make videos on YouTube (and other platforms)?

    Was planning to make videos using official Lego sets to upload to YouTube (and make money from YouTube if possible). I won't claim they're mine. Also, I do have franchise Lego sets like Star Wars and Marvel sets that I plan on making videos with.

    I've tried searching for fair use or copy write from Lego but I couldn't find anyting.

    Toys2 years ago
  • What s it like to work at USPS or UPS?

    I m thinking of getting a temporary job at USPS Or UPS, but some people said not to. They never worked there though. USPS sent a card in the mail about openings for drivers and got me interested.

    Questions I have;

    1) are they flexible with college?

    2) Medicare, dental, and vision available?

    3) do I need to know the layout of the city or will they have gps? If not, can I bring my own?

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  • Is there a way to find and sort duplicate files?

    I'm a bit of a file hoarder, but mainly for art references.

    I have windows 7 and I have found multiple of the same images, but with different names and sizes. Is there a program available that will search my files for duplicates? I read that windows 10 had something like it.

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  • Hey left wingers...?

    How do you explain your reasoning in voting election? Like you let non American citizens vote, yet you claim Russians, who are non American citizens, voted in the election. Do you or do you not want non American citizens to vote? If not then Trump won both the electoral college votes and the popular vote. If so why are you crying about outer interferences when you don t have evidence and that your party did the thing that you re complaining about?

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  • LG g4 phone fun screen keeps turning on.?

    There's a gear icon on the screen and I keep turning it off but then it shows up after a week or two. Is there a way to delete it on my phone or is this a Trojan or virus and I'm unaware of making things worse?

    1 AnswerCell Phones & Plans2 years ago
  • Trying to remember an anime series.?

    Takes place in a water world like place except society is stable. They live on floating cities. The main character has amnesia, brunette hair and graduated from some academy. She wanted to be in a search and rescue I think. Events happened and became a mercenary like detective agency. The agency had a few members, the leader had red short hair, the fighter was quiet with black hair and the gun expert had blonde hair and has ebony skin. The ebony girl is greedy and believed in having lucky items, but placed money on top of her luck. There was a mechanic but couldn t remember her well except she had large glasses. She named a submarine after a type of sushi I think, something with food. The main character eventually discovers she s 60+ something years old and was a some survivor of a virus attack (i think) from one of the cities and the gov t covered it up.

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  • How can I make my video file to a better format?

    I have a final project from school that I'd like to show. I done it in Adobe Premiere Pro and had to save it in a .mov file. I would like to have it an .mp4 file. How can I do that in Premiere Pro or convert it (preferably without other software or online converters)?

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