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Carolina Panthers - Save Cam!

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First and Foremost; I don't know what a Scam Newton is, but if thats funny to you then that explains a lot about your character. Anyway... Panthers Fan for life!!!! Despite that bold, overused phrase, I'm a rather humble fan. I never brag about my team, because longevity in the NFL is rare. 12-4 can be 4-12 in as little as one season, so I try to temper my fanatic Panther swagger. Actually, thats a lie. Don't believe that. The Carolina Panthers have no swag to speak of. I'm ashamed that you've actually read this far. Hows about you answer some of my questions,Hmmmmmm? Lol I dislike no NFL teams, minus the Atlanta Falcons, so I can be as objective as they come when discussing football. I'm also follow the NBA, but I have no favorite team unfortunately. My avatar is Cam Newton throwing a pass, in case it's too blurry. I make gifs(My avatar) all the time, so feel free to suggest something you would like to see relating to the Carolina Panthers.

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