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    About making a Minecraft Sword Prop?

    I’m gonna make a Minecraft wooden sword prop but i don’t know what measurements i should use. My plan is to cut wood cubes and some different ones and put them together to make the sword in the attached picture. 

    Does anyone have any recommendations on what measurements i should use. Preferably one measured for the cubes, and then one for each different shape. 

    Hobbies & Crafts2 months ago
  • Can you google this for me?

    Hey my laptop is being stupid. When ever i search something on a new tab it loads then closes out on its own so can you do me a favor and google it for me. I need it for a school project. I need President Reagan's Address at the Brandenburg Gate, known as “Tear Down this Wall” or "Berlin Wall" Speech the transcrit please

    5 AnswersGoogle9 months ago
  • Can you force a minor to be in a religion?

    i told my grandparents i didnt want to be in their religion. They tried to reason with me but after i didnt change my thinking and still wanted to live with my mom they decied that they did believe me. They took my phone leaving me with my computer only. took the lock off my door which i only used because they dont know how to knock. They are saying that i have to keep pretending that i believe in this religion, they think that will make me want to be in it. I'm 15 is that abuse. They are Jehovah WItness

    6 AnswersReligion & Spirituality9 months ago
  • Please help me collect the information?

    Write an essay of at least seven to ten pages that explores the lives and influences of six significant women in history, including Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria, Indira Gandhi, Golda Meir, and Mother Teresa, and one of today, German Chancellor Angela Merkel. 

    Include in your essay how each of these women rose to power and influence, the obstacles they faced as a result of their gender, and the historical impact they have made or are making. How has the world changed as a result of their leadership? What role did the issue of gender equality play? The project essay on Margaret Thatcher is an example of elements that could be included in the essay.

    I can write the essay myself but can you help me find the information its already late and im having a hard time finding in information I need

    4 AnswersHomework Help10 months ago
  • I want to leave my Religon but how?

    My grandparents are Jehovahs Witness im 14 and live with them. They recently made me leave all my friends at school to do homeschool. I don't want to be in this religon anymore. I need help I can't tell them because they would hate me and take away all my stuff. I need advice.

    12 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 year ago
  • I need some advice? My grandparents are driving me crazy.?

    Ok so I live with my grandparents I’m 14 and my big sister who is 18 moved out a couple of months ago. She’s not doing exactly what they want her to do and how she’s a bad influence. To keep me from going down that path they force me to do things and then act like it’s a privilege. I hate them so much and just what to leave. I’m trying to hold out until I’m 18 so I can get out of this hell hole but it’s getting harder to hold on to that hope of leaving. I just need some advice. Please help btw if it helps they are Jehovahs Witness. I am to but I want to leave but I don’t have a choice conserving my religion right now.

    3 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 year ago
  • what should I do to cope?

    My mom left when I was almost 3 and my sister almost 7. My mom couldn't handle us because my dad went to prison. So just dropped us off at her adoptive grandparents house and left I'm 13 now and the pains just hitting me how can I cope with it. I can't contact them.

    4 AnswersFamily3 years ago