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  • Are you prepared for the return of rock?

    Courtney love killed her husband in cold blood.... and rock n roll splintered, dividing its colossal fan base into tiny, oddly specific sections. Now, the former behemoth is ashes on the ground. But the prophecy says, that it will rise from the ashes, like the mighty phoenix it is, uniting all of its genres under one flag, and that it will once more take over the charts and push the soulless tunes made by the machine known as the music industry far away from the charts. So my question for you all: Are you ready for the return of the phoenix?

    5 AnswersRock and Pop2 months ago
  • Help with family?

    My mom is very annoying, illogical, and disrespectful to me. What can I do?!

    1 AnswerFamily6 years ago
  • Help Guys!?

    Ok, so there is this jerk at school named Stephen. We still have somewhat of an acquaintance (we used to be best friends), but he was always a real jerk.q I want to get at him somehow, but i haven't conceived any plans except for this one: Download a Viscous Virus that has to be opened to work, put it on a USB Flash Drive, go to school and wait until break, ask if I can use his computer, if he says yes, plug in the USB Flash Drive and open up the virus, take the USB Flash Drive, and Run.

    2 AnswersSecurity6 years ago
  • Does anyone else think Reading is a lot better than it sounds?

    Especially the Jules Verne novels.

    4 AnswersBooks & Authors6 years ago
  • Is anyone else excited that school is starting again?

    I am really only excited to see my friends, not necessarily the academic part, but is anyone else excited about school starting again?

    8 AnswersPrimary & Secondary Education6 years ago
  • How do I get my homework done quickly?

    So, I have a whole ton of school summer assignments due in 6 days. I've been busting my a**, but I just can't seem to get much done even when I do work hard. What do you guys think I should do?

    4 AnswersPsychology6 years ago
  • I was accidentally racist?

    My friend Dominick and I had gotten our passes to go on the Go-Karts. When he and I were walking down the path to get to the line for the Go-Karts. This kid shoves us out of the way and kept running. I say "Hey, What's your problem, Homie?" (like I do with my friends). Dominick pulled me aside and said "Dude don't do that!!!". The kid (who was African-american) turned around and said "Who you callin' homie?" and kept running. Later when Dominick and I were on the Go-Karts, someone crashed into Dominick and he spun out. The track workers shut all the Go-Karts off to go and straighten Dominick's Kart. I was by that same kid I called homie when the track workers shut off the track. Me: "Hey I'm in first place!" The Kid: "Are you sure?" Me: "Yea, you guys are a few laps behind me and the person in second place." The Kid: Are you smart?" Me: "Yea I guess....." The Kid "Well I hate smart people" Me: "Um... Ok....." The Kid: "Has anyone ever said Curse Words to you?" Me: "Yea...." The Kid: Which one's? Me: *chuckles* "All of them." The Kid: Well F*ck You." Me: *gives The Kid a confused look*. The Karts had just started when The Kid said "F*ck You" I drove off. Later I told Dominick and he told his Mom and My Mom. He explained to me about the whole "Homie" thing and how some African-americans take it as an insult. I felt bad about it, but at the same time, I was mad at The Kid for saying "F*ck You". What do you guys think?

    5 AnswersOther - Cultures & Groups6 years ago