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  • A question for Thom Hartmann?

    Thom Hartmann once said that he's of the belief that if you can't afford to be in business, you shouldn't be in business.

    So these are questions that I have for Thom Hartmann about that.

    First of all...

    In your perfect world dictatorship, what exactly constitutes having enough money ?


    Is what you are saying, to say that if a business goes through a slow consumerism cycle, he should just give up ?

    Or if the idea of an entrepreneur doesn't catch on...

    That he shouldn't have tried at all ?

    Screw that.

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  • My solution?

    My solution to the problem of poverty in America, is not, and never has been to just take them out back or anywhere else, and do a damn thing with them...

    But I WILL say, and I HAVE done, and WILL always DO, what I have to do, to make sure that I'm still breathing MYSELF tomorrow.

    That's all I'll say about that bad proposal.

    Thank you.

    I don't give a damn that somebody doesn't have any personal background to behave any better...

    I DO only give a damn, if my sister can visit me tomorrow and that my niece can still call me uncle.

    That's it, and I WILL do what it takes, no matter what..

    to see to it, that she CAN.


    Now here's my solution to the problem.

    Let them have what they earned, which is nothing.

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  • Damages that the poor cause to the USA?

    I was asked what damages the poor inflict on the USA.

    I answered that question in this way.

    First of all, they're making kids that they can't take care of.

    Secondly, their method of entertainment is destructive, because what is destructive and dangerous, is also far much less expensive.

    Horse racing tracks, dog racing tracks and circuses and sea world...

    Animal cruelty.

    It is fiscally cheap to do.

    A barrage of violence..

    TV wrestling shows, Boxing, and now the "UFC" stuff and South Park...

    At the promotional discounted price of

    Cable TV, about $90 a month...

    It is cheap.


    Kept as a pre-habit "experiment" they can get it for $20 a bag, per day at their first use of it.

    If they stay away from the wh0re....

    Watching the wh0re can be as little as $60

    All of it is cheaper than anything that I do.


    They're the ones walking around with no job skills.

    Jobs that keep our country productive.


    They're the ones going to prison..

    And bringing their unofficial, and dangerous prison rules with them when they get out.

    Fifth...Misery loves company...

    Since they live in a environment with no decency...

    They want the rest of us to live the same way.


    They're the ones getting involved in relationships way too early on, and then break up and divorce, and want the government to pick up the tab.

    Number seven...

    They're the ones doing absolutely everything wrong with themselves...

    and want the government to pay for it later, instead of themselves.

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  • Thinking about quitting?

    I'm thinking about quitting the Mc Donalds Job, getting a CDL and going to truck driving school.

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  • The House of McPain?

    My sister asked me what it is like working at Mc Donalds..

    I told her that it is a lot worse than what I have been giving it credit for being.

    Its a house of McPain, tears, held back.

    That's what it is.

    The kids are the only ones there who are happy, because they don't know any better, and what little it is that they want, they can afford with the pay that they get.

    Everybody else has kids that they have to go home to and say no to, and watch them go hungry.

    Its horrible in there.

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  • Attachment image

    Global Chain of (Blankety Blank Blank)?

    I am making a report to both the FCC and to the Burger King corporation, the fact that when I searched for Burger King using the Fire Fox search engine, what comes up is this....


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  • How does Usain Bolt run over at 30 miles per hour?

    Because the Police in Jamaica use their cop cars to chase pedestrians !

    lmao !

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  • Questions and Answers about how her mind works?

    I asked my niece these questions...

    and Told her where the origins of her answers originally come from.

    Q. N!qqer.. what comes to mind ?

    A. A disgusting, offensive racial slur.

    (Your answer originates with the Baby Boomers, it has its roots in the Civil Rights Era / Woodstock culture any generation before the boomers would think that it is a common reference to an inferior ape).

    Q. Politically Correct.. what comes to mind ?

    A. Respectful.

    (Your Answer originates with the Baby Boomers in the 1980s when they were around 40 years old, and particularly conservative Baby Boomers of an extinct type, NOT Liberals who adopt it today, and also not today's conservatives demonize it)

    Q. Civil Rights.

    What comes to mind ?

    A. The right to vote, go to school, not be abused and bullied by the police, and the right to equal employment opportunity.

    (Your answer originates with the baby boomers and the hippie culture and Woodstock in the 1960s)

    You were born in the year 1999.

    Its Amazing how culture works, isn't it ?

    lmfao !

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  • What do you think about what I said, about A tradition?

    My niece said that this America that the Baby Boomers created is cheap cr@p from yesterday.. not a tradition.


    I said this to her, as a slight defense of the Baby Boomers...

    What year were you born ?

    She said 1999.

    I said 1999 huh ?

    She said.. yep..

    I said..

    Well let me see...

    The Baby Boomers came of age in the 1960s.

    They were at the peak of their financial security and political power in the 1980s, at around 40 years old...

    Special longevity unique to that generation had them financially over the top, beyond their peak in the mid to late 1990s, in their 50s.

    YOU don't even remember the 1990s.

    So the way this world works today, is your tradition, many fold...

    The things that you use today, have its roots with the Baby Boomers in the 1970s.

    Generation X, your mother...

    Was in diapers, when the things that you take for granted today, were still in the Research and Development labs, and in the homes of the super rich in primitive, big, bulky and inefficient, expensive forms.

    I'm only 32 years old by comparison..

    I remember Bill Clinton..

    Do you ?

    She said no.

    So I said back..

    Good, now tell me something different besides the world that you know, but NOT the future.

    She said she cant.. obviously.

    So I said..

    Well then you have a cultural tradition in the world that the Baby Boomers created.


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  • The benefits of chemical cleaners outweigh the risks?

    Isopropyl alcohol is a very effective disinfectant.

    Bleach is a very effective disinfectant.

    Ammonia is a very effective disinfectant.

    Hydrogen Peroxide is a very effective disinfectant.

    Soap is a very effective degreasing agent, but not a disinfectant.

    It takes BOTH in order to be clean.

    Plain water is also an effective degreasing agent, but not a disinfectant.

    With that said, a can of sprite is a pretty good degreasing agent, especially when using a block of cheddar cheese as a scrubber.

    What about that BS is a good disinfectant?


    Why would I spend $15 on rose oil or whatever crap they use to rip people off with....

    When I might as well use a can of sprite and a block of cheddar cheese and get sick anyway because it failed to disinfect?

    Im sticking with my Chemical based disinfectants, and my soap.

    Thank you.


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  • A question about East Asians?

    If East Asians score so high supposedly on IQ tests...

    Why is it that Japan's inferior military weapons technologies was a deciding factor in Japan's defeat ?

    A Battleship so large and so heavily armed that it proved more useless than t!ts on a boar.

    Japan used aircraft carriers, in fact Japan's navy was a pioneer in Aircraft carrier warfare..

    And like the rest of the Axis, their aircrafts were thinly built, and unnecessarily heavily armed.

    Why is the population of Asia generally so poor and why do the majority of East Asians live in dictatorships and tolerate it?

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  • My Answer as to why Blacks have the problems that they have?

    This is my answer as to why Blacks have the problems that they have.

    The bottom line, is that a simple majority of Blacks live in the South.

    This is the area that hates them the most, that's the bottom line.

    So they're living in an area of the country, and possibly in the world, that hates them the most outside of Apartheid-Era South Africa and Rhodesia.

    They're in fact living in the part of the country, where the Government has the MOST control of the people.

    There are many examples of this...

    *The most Military veterans.

    *The most usage of federal aid and therefore also the most vulnerability to Federal law and federal law enforcement.

    *The most policies dictating conduct.

    *The harshest sentencing guidelines.

    *A Culture that empowers the Government, far more than it depletes it..

    P.S. - I like southern politeness,it works for me far more...

    But it is publicly enforced on many levels, by the Government, which costs money.

    Southern politeness is probably also a symptom.

    Fear of the Government which would be unfortunate, regardless of how well the concept of being polite works.

    The South is also America's poorest region, and the region of the USA with the lowest academic standards, blacks suffer from this as well because most blacks live in the South.

    The South has the USA's weakest gun control laws, making the South not only the epicenter of America's gun violence, but also where most of the Guns come from, that negatively affect ALL cities where Blacks live.

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  • What would this be like?

    I wonder what it would be like, to be telling the truth about standing as tall or taller than most fully grown trees, and most buildings...

    And weighing as much as a fully loaded freight train car.


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  • If Argentinosaurus had a human brain?

    If Argentinosaurus had a human brain and therefore it could comprehend and appreciate just how high up his point of view on the world is...

    And it could comprehend and appreciate just how heavy his body is, and and know and appreciate the fact that no predator can touch it (in its prime)....

    I wonder what it would be like to have the body of an Argentinosaurus.


    2 AnswersZoology2 years ago
  • My sister is an attention seeker?

    My sister, who threatened suicide was just trying to manipulate me, for attention.

    I told the Psychiatrist...Well, she sure got it alright. lmao !

    What I need you to do, is to tell her that threatening suicide, is not something that you just walk around doing as a pastime.


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