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  • What does "being turned to honeycomb" mean?

    I'm watching the Japanese dub of Baccano and Luck says the line "who was it that turned me into a honeycomb" this was after he got shot and killed, so I get he's asking who shot him, but I'm wondering what is the symbolism for this in Japanese? Why is this a phrase?

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  • Is the Bard Overpowered?

    I'm starting a campaign and a bunch of my friends are joining, never playing before. One of them has created a lvl 1 dragonborn bard. The problem is that she naturally rolled good stats. Like really good. I had to make her reroll because they were too good.

    Currently, the stats are the following:

    STR - 16, DEX - 16, CON - 15, INT - 10, WIS - 8, CHA - 16

    I want to be fair since it's her first character, but I also don't want it to be overpowered. Any Advice?

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  • Simpsons episodes to watch?

    My friend has never seen the Simpsons, so I want to show her a bunch of good ones. The problem is that I don t know what to show her. I own seasons 1 through 10 so please suggest episodes in here

    4 AnswersComedy5 years ago
  • What to cosplay with an ocarina?

    I love playing my ocarina, so I want to play it an a convention as part of my cosplay. But I don't know anything about Legend of Zelda, so I don't feel comfortable cosplaying as that. Any other cosplay ideas?

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  • Should I get a Jolteon or a Flareon?

    I'm playing fire red, and i am doing the avatar challenge. If you don't know, you pick an element, and play with only the types of Pokemon allowed, plus normal types. I am playing as a Fire bender, so I can use fire, dragon, dark, and electric. My team right now is Charizard, Rattacate, Growlithe, Voltorb, Pikachu, and Eevee. So which should I evolve my Eevee into?

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  • How much money should I bring to Youmacon?

    I am going to youmacon 2013 with friends this year. I have my ticket and the room, I just want to know how much spending money I should bring. I brought $350 last year (my first time), but we only stayed for the last two days. This year we are going for three days (friday, saturday, and sunday). How much money should I bring? If you have been there more than two times, how much do you bring for food, games, anime, etc?

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