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    Usage rights google search engine?

    The usage used for commercial with screencast online like youtube,twitch and other platform, what should i choose?

    Your reply is kindly appreciate.

    Google2 months ago
  • Are google search engine url able to be track my location?

    I afraid i got track somehow when i screencast. the google search. And someone professional research the link in video and find what is my location,what is my ip address,what is my email address that currently login on the browser or something.

    2 AnswersGoogle2 months ago
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    Google search engine url track my location?

    what you can track with the link below?

    list it all?

    I afraid i got track somehow when i com/search?q=kirin&rlz=1C1CHBF_enMY867MY867&sxsrf=ALeKk033PaDgv0N8dWkkl7460Z2gu5swHw:1590310895550&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwidy4vgkczpAhXV4XMBHSbRAOgQ_AUoAXoECBUQAw&biw=1920&bih=969

    Google3 months ago
  • My PC wire mouse have light when sleep mode,where the electric it come from?

    My mouse light is running when PC is sleep mode, will it consume cmos battery?

    5 AnswersPC10 months ago
  • What happen if i have too much hormones in blood?

    Today is my psychiatrist appointment date, about month ago they take my blood to check my hormones level and today report say my hormones level is high. Normal is 200 level and I'm on 400level. And my doctor say my breast may come out liquid if it goes more higher which I am a male. At first I don't believe as my nipple would come out liquid.

    But in opposite they try to check my hormones level that day cause I have quite similar symptom Erectile Dysfunction(ED) while truely having sex, cause I out of interest of sex, my penis is hardly getting hard.

    What's going happen on my body? Am I die fast?

    2 AnswersMen's Health10 months ago
  • what job you can do alone just having a computer?



    Digital comic artist

    Music artist




    I'm not talking survey. I trying to quit my job and work at home lonely, but I'm not talking survey. I talking career.

    Your reply is greatly appreciate.

    6 AnswersFinancial Services10 months ago
  • Are schizophrenia is a cancer?

    Schizophrenia is a cancer,disease,ill or sick?

    5 AnswersCancer11 months ago
  • New custom pc to check spec if able to use?

    Intel I7~8700K

    *H310m-k (mother board)

    1TB HDD

    240GB Sata SSD

    8GB DDR4 ram

    *KS-600watt(power supply)

    Asus Tuf~gtx1660ti 6GB graphics card

    Window 10

    The star I mark, are they both safe to use in future? Cause I search Google that they say my motherboard can't suitable use with that processor.

    And also my colleague say the power supply is too cheap and may harm the other parts

    3 AnswersDesktops11 months ago
  • Why I wax my arm hair then getting nose bleed?

    I wax my arm hair then after about 8minute I got nose bleed. Why is that?

    3 AnswersMen's Health1 year ago
  • 180 heart rate per minute, dangerous?

    New record today, I jogging and get 179heart rate from fitness watch, is this bad or good? Like heart attack when getting old?

    2 AnswersHeart Diseases1 year ago
  • How you measure a object dimension with photo (H.W.L.)?

    I am doing e-commerce, But I don't have the item on hand, the product is direct send to customer from supplier. I only have photo to determine the dimension. How to do it, i have many different product need to know about their dimension. I don't know what to do.

    2 AnswersSmall Business1 year ago
  • What is meaning "I am banana"?

    In Meetme Apps found a girl, and the image is look like Chinese to me. But in her description she say "she dont speak Chinese" and so I ask her why you can't speak Chinese? she say "I am Banana"

    Then I ask her "Banana in term of fruit? Then she say "Nevermind" then she block me.

    What is "I am Banana" Mean?

    2 AnswersLanguages1 year ago
  • what will happen to "Tony Stark as Iron Man" in the future?

    I have no TV Channel for HBO. But I Still the fan of tony stark/Robert Downey, Jr as a Iron man...

    I want know what happen to him in future. I mean will he revive?

    15 AnswersMovies1 year ago
  • Why nowaday people hate people when people make something to animal?

    About 5-10year ago. People have no any strange opinion about animal how they do to them, that time strangely people happy when they kill wasp, rat or ant something. Were read at comment youtube below.

    But nowaday people got mad just by playing own puppies in tik-tok. Much and more people negative than years ago.

    This time, who is the mastermind in this case?

    5 AnswersOther - Cultures & Groups1 year ago
  • Where is the another half Mera Mera no mi fruit sabo eat?

    Anyone still remember the colosseum battle? The winner get Ace devil fruit. And the winner is sabo, but that episode 678 only show he eat half of it. Then it gone from scene and vanish forever the other half.

    Cause of leftover, There have two person have Ace ability?

    2 AnswersComics & Animation1 year ago
  • Where to learn basic computer lesson/chapter video?

    He type with one finger, he don't know rename file, he don't know how to save the work from Excel and close it before do it, he don't know left click and right click of the mouse, he don't know the shift,alt and ctrl, he learning English, don't know much English, he don't know the function of any software, he don't know how to use Google learn what he need,he don't know how to shut down a PC.

    This person like this can be a newborn kid, but actually a elderly people(My mom and Dad)who don't know technology. And I am busy on my life, also as I almost angry Everytime teaching them. I need FREE Video for this like teaching it all.

    I don't care about programming, invent software, or any professional skill,but only basic(exclude Microsoft office), he need learn Microsoft office like Excel and Word.

    I need your help.

    1 AnswerTeaching1 year ago
  • (Marketing) How to post on all Facebook group (as member) in one click?

    Example I have 6 group as a normal member.

    I want save time, auto post on them at once. Repost if possible.

    1:As a member(not admin)

    2:One time fee, if please T.T

    3:With multiple images file

    Thanks for your reply. :)

    I have tried

    Following like(whitehatbox) = post group as admin

    Pilot poster = post group as admin

    Oneup = post group as admin

    Maherpost = best option,but yearly package

    2 AnswersFacebook1 year ago
  • Malaysian, Where to play poker texas holdem online?

    I NOT muslim, I am chinese from malaysia. But they are restricted betting online in malaysia.

    I tried neteller and skrill but couldn't deposit money from my debit bank. It seems i am using bank islam debit card, that's why i think.

    Neteller, I can deposit money to neteller in non-gambling, deposit to gambling(casino, sports betting, poker) are restricted

    I tried pokerstars and 888poker it seems official money deposit site are blocked in malaysia.

    Also entropay are restricted for new account (Down)

    If you are malaysian, and are gambling online nowadays, tell me which bank you use, what card you use, which gambling website you using, and which e-wallet merchant site you using.

    I already research this for a whole day, give me some news please. Thanks


    Gambling2 years ago