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  • What happens if 2 people block each other's numbers?

    Let's just say my number is blocked, but I don't have my contact's number blocked. If I were to block this particular person's number, what would that do? For example: If they have my # blocked and I have theirs blocked, would anything go through on either of our phones? Or no? Even though both of our numbers would be blocked, would I possibly be able to send the first text message so they could see it or would nothing go through at all?

  • Can an employee get fired for reaching out to a manager through FaceBook?

    Just wondering, but is it possible for an employee to get fired for reaching out to a manager through Facebook?

    The main reason I'm asking is because I USED to Be able to Explain myself by text message, but Unfortunately I am no longer able to do so. I should Not have to call to explain things because when I do that, I end up getting flustered and teary-eyed where can't talk correctly and they won't be able to understand me.

    I'm aware reaching out through FaceBook is Not Professional at all where I'd love to be able to text someone, but unfortunately I'm not able to unless they text me first. At least Text Messaging is STILL a FORM OF COMMUNICATION. Why do I have to Call for Everything now? Honestly, that's stupid in my opinion and I know I'm NOT the only one like this, but I PREFER Explaining things by text message whether it be due to illness or not.

    I shouldn't have to call to explain things when it's so much EASIER and FASTER to shoot a quick text message than it would be to Attempt to even explain it over the phone so Facebook is literally my Last Resort in that manner even though I know it's super unprofessional, but now that I can't text openly with my managers like I ONCE USED to be able to do, I feel like I don't have any other choice, but to resort to Facebook.

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  • Why did my heart literally Pound of my chest?

    So just a little bit ago, I was having quite a bit of anxiety while trying to sleep. It’s not often when I get anxiety at night time. This was probably around 10:05 PST. 

    Anyways, due to the anxiety in my chest, my heart literally and physically pounded out of my chest (like you know when you see cartoons and heart pounds out of the character’s chest)—That’s exactly what that felt like to me.

    I’d like to know what causes the above feeling / physical thing to actually happen? Also, this sort of thing never happened to me beforehand at nighttime. So it definitely scared me to pieces cause I’m like “What the heck just happened?” That literally happened as I was trying to fall asleep & close my eyes and literally about to sleep when it happened.

    Please if anyone knows, let me know what causes this to happen in addition to anxiety.?

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  • How come Instagram KEEPS telling me my clips are 1 minute long?

    So I've never posted videos on Instagram before. The video I have is over 1 minute long. It says the max length is 1 minute long, but I'm trying to trim into 2 separate clips on the SAME post.

    Here's the issue. It's the SAME video...I trim the First clip to 0:24 long and the 2nd clip is 0:40 long. When I press "next," when it's trimmed within the same post, Instagram KEEPS telling me that I need to trim it to "60 secs." So why is Instagram Continuously telling me my TRIMMED clips are still over a minute long?? I thought updating the app would work, but that didn't do anything for me trimmed video clip wise.

    Do I really have to have my first clip be a FULL minute long? If so, that is Ridiculous because I should be ALLOWED to choose how "short," I want my clips to be. Honestly, I can't scrap 1 section of this video. I should be able to post the Trimmed clips WITHOUT Instagram continuously telling me that it's still longer than 1 minute.

    I've tried to google so many different things and nothing has helped me nor worked for me. It keeps telling me to Trim my video to be shorter than 60 secs. I have it trimmed in 2 separate clips, so why is Instagram continuously telling me this?

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  • Why is Daylight Savings Time earlier each year?

    Honestly I don't mind Daylight Savings Time coming earlier, but am curious to know the reason behind it.

    For example: 2017-2020. In 2017, it was March 12-November 5. 2018: March 11 to November 4, 2019: March 10 to November 3 and for this year 2020: March 8 to November 1. The only reason it went 10 to 8 is because of leap year. I don't mind it because it's right before my bday in March where I do prefer it lighter out later, but it also sucks at the same time in my opinion because once it hits November, it will become darker earlier.

    Would anyone happen to know why Daylight Savings Time is coming earlier each year? I had noticed this pattern for the last few years and I just now tried to do a little research on this particular topic, but couldn't find anything on why it's coming earlier than later.

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  • How do you PAINT Over an Already Filled-In Background in Adobe Illustrator?

    So I am new to using Adobe Illustrator and I have figured out how to make the entire page be filled in with another color other than white.

    But every time I try to Draw or Paint over it, my item Disappears. How come I am Not able to Paint Over my background color? My drawing usually disappears underneath the color, but I would like to be able to see it on Top of the color- I hope that makes sense.

    How do I Paint on Top of my background color in Adobe Illustrator? As I'm trying to look that particular question up, I have not found anything except how to change the Background color. Or is there another way to change background color Without having to go into Document Setup?

    Please help asap.

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  • How would you start a civic engagement letter?

    I have to write a civic engagement letter to a senator, the white house, or a local representative, a candidate running for office or a university administrator. Btw, my civic engagement letter is just for hw, i'm not sending it for real.

    I was thinking of writing either to a senator or a university administrator.

    Ex: Would I start it as

    Dear Robert McKinley,

    Dear Mr. McKinley, or as:

    Robert McKinley,

    This is my first time doing a civic engagement letter, so please let me know what the correct way is in starting it.

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  • Does anyone know what brand of glass is oven safe?

    I know most of you will say that it will tell you on the bottom of the dish, but sometimes there's the word microwave oven as one word.

    One day I looked at a glass dish of mine and noticed it said dishwasher


    oven safe

    Does that mean it's oven safe? Is it safe to put in a conventional oven?

    Or does it mean it's microwave oven safe?

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  • Is Mission Boulevard in Hayward a safe part of town?

    I'm curious to know which streets in Hayward are the safest streets of that city because I want work on night shots for my independent assignment, but I've heard different things about Hayward, so I may be kinda scared to go out there at night time alone unless I know which streets are the safest.

    If anyone knows which streets are the safest, please let me know. Any help is appreciated!

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  • What's the best kind of pill to take for a sinus headache?

    The bridge of my nose hurts and I also have a headache at the same time which is a sinus headache. I literally just came down with a cold, so my sinuses are pretty stuffed up.

    I'm just wondering, by any chance, could Midol complete work to help relieve a sinus headache?

    Most of the time I take Airborne whenever I have a cold, but I don't have that right now and I've been drinking orange juice to try and help me feel better.

    Once again, could Midol complete help relieve a sinus headache?

    If not, please give me some suggestions of what could help relieve a sinus headache. Thank you!

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  • What could this be....?

    This is a little bit hard to explain, but the back of my tooth hurts and it's not my tooth, it's the top of my gum behind a tooth.

    It started hurting yesterday after I was eating cookie crisp plain and right when it started to hurt, I should have stopped eating it which I didn't.

    Now the same spot on my gum right behind my tooth still hurts and I do not know why. This morning it's even hard for me to drink water w/o that spot hurting and it's also hard for me to talk 'cause when people are talking to someone else, their tongues move. So when my tongue reaches the roof of my mouth and it's a little bit to the left front of where my gum hurts and I'm not trying to touch that spot w/my tongue and for some reason it hurts.

    Can not drinking enough water be a result of my gum hurting? Or

    Can not brushing my teeth be a result of that (my gum hurting behind my tooth)?

    I am 18 years old so I have adult teeth, but I will admit that I am Horrible at brushing my teeth. I will mainly brush my teeth in the morning. Sometimes I will brush my teeth at night, but not always.

    I live in CA so the time here is 7:20 a.m.

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