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Hair Questions

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  • Make up help for 14 year old for school?

    Hey so i am 14, at the moment I just wear waterproof mascara and sometimes concealor. Girls in my grade are not into much makeup, like lip and eye color, yet they wear heavy eyeliner (wtf right). But anyway, I look scary in all type and applications of eyeliner and I want something natural- aka, no eye shadow or liner! How much and what makeup should I use?


    14 year old girl


    Tan skin- I dont use MAC makeup but Im guessing I am around NC42 or somewhere there, estimating from the google swatches of each color they have!

    Skin type- combination-oily. sometimes it is SUPER shiny but sometimes dry. i dont have major acne except for one or 2 small zits and TONS of annoying white heads, which are the reason I dont wear foundation- the foundation always kind of moulds to the heads, so you can still see the white heads but it looks way cakier! so foundation is kinda a nono.

    PS- I live in Singapore, which is hot and humid (no winter, just summer) all year round and i cant wear too much as i sweat like a pig just walking to my lunch table during lunchtime!!!

    So i need something natural and long lasting, which wont melt off easily.

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  • How to get rid of ugly face irritation? EMERGENCY.?

    So I bought Nair Pretty Glitter Mini wax strips (for the 1st time) and used them to wax my upper lip, and then my the area was really bad. This usually happens even in threading and stuff so I wasn't concerned, but when I tried concealing it IT BURNED SO BAD! It was so bad that even baby lotion stung it! And now there are like, red bumps blood clots i think. and it looks HORRIBLE. its friday today how can i make it go away by monday?! HELP! It looks awful!

    PS= i DO NOT have sensetive skin, but i am only 14 and i have no waxing experience other than this.

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  • Is this a good exercise routine?

    Okay honestly tell me. Is this a good excercise routine? Everyday I do 20 minutes of yoga, do 20 squats, touch my toes 20 times per foot and do 100 bicycle crunches. Btw I count everytime my elbow touches my knee as one crunch . I'm 13, weight about 47 kg, and am about 5 6 but I'm notso sure about I do this everyday except 3 days a week because 2 of those days I have gym class at school so I just do the crunches and one of those days I have a 2 hour yoga class. So do you think this is enough or not?

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  • Will Pantene work for me if Herbal Essences did not since they are both owned by the same company?

    I had read some really good reviews about Pantene shampoos and conditioners and I was about to try it, but Herbal Essences did not work well on my hair so I was just wondering if perhaps Pantene would fail to keep my (dry thick) hair silky and frizz-free (which herbal did NOT) since Herbal and Pantene are both owned by the same company, Procter and Gamble I think. So yeah, just let me know what you think and whether or not I should try Pantene. BTW, I had tried hello hyrdatiuon herbal essences and it didnt work well for me and it dried my hair more .

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  • Best conditioner for dry frizzy hair?

    I have REALLY thick dry frizzy brown-black hair. Its definetley healthy because its not dull. I have really light dandruff but you can only notice it if you are brushing or styling my hair closely. I do not have any hair fall or breakage or damage problems as I never use heat and I barely swim. Um..its a bit glossy but not very. I've found my PERFECT shampoo for dry hair and I would reccomend it to anyone- yep, Johnsons Baby Conditioning Shampoo (the one in the orange bottle). Its mild and leaves my hair silky and amazing. I am having trouble deciding which conditioner I should use since Johnsons Baby doesn't have a conditioner. I have tried herbal essences hello hydration but I honestly don't find it any good apart from the smell- its SO overrated! So...I need a good drugstore conditioner and these are the ones I had in mind-

    1) Sunsilk Dream Soft And Smooth (the yellow co-creations one)

    2) Sunsilk Silky Smooth and Manageable (pink co creations)

    3) Sunsilk Shiny black

    4) Herbal Essences Smooth Lovin'

    5) Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship

    6) Herbal Essences Color Me Shiny ( I know its for colored hair but a little extra shine never hurts)

    7) Pantene Nature Fusions Smooth Vitality

    UGHH WHICH ONE?! Im skeptical over herbal essences as the hello hydration sucked. Please help me! BTW, will the black shine conditioner just make my hair shiner or will it actually even darken my hair? Cos I just want shine not darkening. Thanks!

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  • Good blush for caramel/indian skin?

    So, Im going to start my freshman high school year (YAY) so I decided to start wearing just a simply mascara and blush look on a daily basis. I'v found my perfect mascara (Maybelline extreme stiletto waterproof). SO, I have a kind of caramel or toffee skin color- more on the darker side as I'm Indian. To give you a better idea, in sephora foundation I'm D28 and/or D-30 (for their liquid Im 28 and powder 30). I was researching blushes and I found a cinamon blush that I like (maybelline sweet cinamon i think). Since I'm young I don't want very expensive stuff. Do you think a cinbamon would suit me? Idk... just need something good and cheap. I'm not too fussy about long llastingness and stuff like that. BTW I live in Singapore, so just FYI these are the only main makeup brands you get in drugstores-> LA Girl, Loreal Paris, Maybelline, Revlon, Za ( I think this is Asian), Rimmel...yeah I think thats it. Not even Neutrogena or Covergirl ;'((((. Anyway thanks for your help- I would prefer a Rimmel or Maybelline as they are cheaper though LOL- at 14, every cent counts!

    THANKS <3

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  • Boys are so confusing! HELP!?

    So theres this guy I like, and his friend told me he was going to ask me to go with him as a date to a school dance. He is really shy. But the next day, he told our teacher that he isnt going to the dance. WTH? Maybe his friend was lying or something but still. Its so frustrating. My friends keep nudging him but hes soo shy. What should I do?!??!

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  • I can't find heat protectant spray? ://?

    Hey, so Im using a Philips salon straight essential flat iron. I live in Singapore.I have looked in watsons in parkway parade mall and i couldnt find heat protectant spray! Maybe that Watsons is too small, but Im not sure....

    Have u seen it in singapore? Where can I get it? :'( I dont wanna damage ma hair

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  • Why is Ikea so FRICKIN EPIC?

    Its so awesome, it gives me self-confidence issues. Help :/

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  • What can I use instead of cocoa powder in chocolate icing?

    I am making chocolate icing, and I ran out of cocoa AND baking chocolate! I am only left with chocolate chips and hot chocolate powder. Any suggestions or personal tips/recipes? Thanks so much!

    BTW, the recipe I am using is the following-

    Simple Chocolate Icing Recipe

    This is a great icing recipe when the kitchen cupboards are a bit bare or you don’t have much time


    1 ½ cups of icing sugar

    1/4 cup of cocoa (not hot chocolate powder)

    25 grams of butter


    Sieve the cocoa and icing sugar into a bowl.

    Chop the butter and add to the bowl.

    Add one tablespoon of hot water and mix all the ingredients until they form a smooth, glossy paste of a uniform colour.

    I know it says no hot chocolate powder, but I was hoping you guys would help!

    BTW- I am making a chocolate cake to ice on. Any ideas of other flavored icings I could make without cocoa powder?

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  • Im clueless- How do you straighten hair with a flat iron?

    So, I just got a really expensive limited edition Phillips Salon dry Control hair dryer which comes with a Salon Straight Essential straightening flat iron.So... how do I use the iron to straighten my hair? I know that somewhere in the process you have to kinda clip the two sides of the iron between your hair and pull down. But what exactly is the process? Do I straighten it with my hair out and just iron all over, or do I tie my hair and seperate my hair or soemthing? And do I straighten it with wet or dry hair? HELP IM CLUELESS :) Thanks :D

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  • Swimming after waxing?

    Well, I have a swimming party at the beach today. I wanted to get my waxing done a few days ago but was unable to, so I am going to wax (in a parlour) today before the party.

    I don't like swimming in the sea anyway, so I won't, but is it okay if I just waddle in the ocean, or will I get an allergy or something?

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  • Can you get a free cup of whipped cream in Starbucks?

    I dont really like coffee, but i love whipped cream. Can you just go up to the counter and ask them for like, a cup of whipped cream? Will they give it to me for free? I would love to try

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  • Spanish Homework Help?

    This is so confusing! Please help, 10 points to best answer!


    1) Elige la forma correcta:

    a. Ayer no (fui/iba) a trabajar. (Estuve/estaba) enfermo.

    b. ¿(Fuiste/Ibas) mucho a la playa cuando (viviste/vivías) en las Canarias?

    c. El domingo pasado (estuvimos/estábamos) en la montaña. No (pudimos/podíamos) esquiar

    porque no (hubo/había) nieve.

    d. Cuando (fui/era) joven, (fui/iba) mucho al cine.

    e. Carolina (estuvo/estaba) en el medio del campo cuando (empezó/empezaba) a llover.

    f. ¿Que (hiciste/hacías) el sábado pasado?

    g. ¿Dónde (estuviste/estabas) cuando (empezó/empezaba) a llover.

    h. Anoche (vi/veía) a Marisa. (Llevó/Llevaba) un vestido precioso.

    i. ¿Qué (hiciste/hacías) en la calle cuando te (vió/veía) Lucas?

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  • Does waxing hurt after shaving?

    So I always wax my legs and arms. However today I had a big party and I didnt have the time to wax, so I shaved instead.However, I still plan to wax in the future. Will it hurt more because I shaved once(for the first time)? Cos I'v heard that waxing hurts after shaving but in this case I onloy shaved once.

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  • How do you combine two videos together?

    I know how to make them into one file in windows movie maker. I want to know how to take two video clips and put them together to make it look like i am two characters talking to myself. If you still don't get what I mean watch this video -

    Youtube thumbnail

    At around 0:19 the girl is the same girl except their are two of her doing different things combined in one video. Thats what I want. Preferably on iMovie or Windows movie maker. THANKS <3

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  • Selena Gomez Facebook!?!?!?

    My friend posted a comment on facebook saying she was chatting with Sel gomez so i added selena as my friend. i think she might be fake, but i dont know cos she had like 1000 friends and lots of comments and stuff! but in her pictures there seem to be a lot of images from google! help please tell me if shes fake or real cos im confused. heres the link to her page-


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  • What does it mean if a guy says you look good?

    I'm 12. Sometimes I think I look pretty, but most of the time I think I look horrible. One day, I decided to put my long bangs to the side and my new side bangs made me look pretty(in my opinion). When I arrived at school, there was no one except me and my friend ( a guy) . He looked at me strangely so I started having doubts about my hair style and I very self cautiously replies "Look, I know I look like a freak! This girl on my bus dared me to"!

    Then he was like, Oh no, it actually looks good," very casually. Then I was like PUH LEASE then he was like, no seriously. it looks good. At first I thought that maybe it DOES look good, as I thought it did, but then when my friends came they said it looked terrible and that I must change it immediately.

    What does this mean? Does he like me? Or was he just saying that?


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  • Quotes From The True Confessions Of Charlotte Doyle!! PLEASE HELP!!?

    I have an English assignment due TOMMOROW and Im VERY behind!! i have to write an essay about how Charlottel Doyle has been affected by the crew, with examples from quotes to support it!

    I, obviously will write the essay myself, but can someone please give me atleast 8(preferably 10, but i wont be picky) quotes from The True Confessions Of Charlotte Doyle by Avi along with the page number and a good explanation for each quote! PLEASE I REALLY NEED HELP!! Also make sure the quotes are related to how the crew has changes/affected Charlotte.

    THX THX THX SOO MUCH!! I will give 70 coins for the best answer!!:)

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