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  • Parrot Breeding nest box Camera?

    I would like to Install a camera into my nest box to monitor my lovebirds or cockatiels breeding. Im not sure where to look for such a camera, Im located in Ontario Canada, most places i do find that sell nest box cameras are for out door boxes and are located in Europe or out of my price range. if any breeders have found any place that ships to canada and isn't a couple $100 please reply with info thank you.

    1 AnswerBirds9 years ago
  • why did my snake die?

    We had an het Albino Ball python she was a year and half old. she was found dead a few days ago, we could see her spine ridges and near her tail was a weird fold. she was healthy ate a week before fine very active and seemed healthy till she was found dead. she is housed in a snake rack with controlled temperature. Non of my snakes show any signs of sickness any one have any ideas of why she passed?

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  • how to make a creameino lovebird?

    I have a breeding pair they are

    Male normal split to Lutino

    Female and Male are split to Dutch blue or sea green?

    is there a possiablity to get a cremino eventually

    my pairs past clutches were

    1) 3 Normal Green, 2 dutch blues ( I think or white face)

    2) 3 Normal Green 1 Dutch Blue and 1 Lutino Female

    any info would be of help thanks

    2 AnswersBirds9 years ago
  • do hand raised parrots make good breeders?

    I was wondering if Hand fed parrots from 14 days old such as cockatiel or Quaker make good breeder birds in the future or will they lose there tameness?

    Iv never attempted to breed a previously tame bird all my breeders are un tame but do show signs of once being tame.

    2 AnswersBirds9 years ago
  • where can I buy Tofutti Products in London ont?

    does any one know where I can by these vegan items, specifically vegan sour cream and cream cheese. Looking to purchase them In London Ontario Canada.

    1 AnswerVegetarian & Vegan9 years ago
  • what is the time frame to band a IRN?

    my indian ringneck parakeets laid 5 eggs the first one hatched today? I am wondering what the time frame is to close band the babies in time? they will be pulled for hand feeding but that time depends on when I can band them?

    I have not closed banded before but have raised many birds.

    1 AnswerBirds9 years ago
  • My ear won't pop help?

    I had an ear ach and used some ear medicine last night for it. Now my ear is plugged and I can't seem to get it to pop. Any tips,

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  • Any Other Vegetarian Vitamins I Might Need?

    Iv recently tuned to an all vegetarian diet, not vegan so I'm still including animal by products excluding Milk as I prefer soy milk. I'm currently also taking a womens one a day vitamin and was wondering if there were any other vitamins I should look into taking or is one a day ok?

    1 AnswerVegetarian & Vegan10 years ago
  • would spaying my cat solve this?

    So i have 3 female cats all limited to inside only, 2 dont normally go in heat very often but one we named Doom it seems like she is in heat every other week, shes a super friendly cat to start with but she annoying when in heat. is it normal for her to be in heat this often? as the other two are not nearly as often. as well during this time she pees on things like my counter top or a blanket or bag. Iv caught her doing it once and so i believe it is just her i was thinking it may be an infection but now i think i may have to get her fixed sooner then latter as i cant stand this happening. so will fixing solve this?

    PS 2 of the cats are to be fixed this year, we were just hopeing to get the dog in first, the other cat is nearly at the end of her life and doesnt go into heat any more.


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  • hand feeding lovebirds question?

    I recently Pulled 4 baby Lovebirds from there parents the oldest being nearly 3 weeks old. i had left the youngest of 5 with the parents as it was nearly a week differece of hatch date. now my questions is, is it normal for babies this young not to cry for food. with my other clutch I would normally sleep with them beside my bed so in the morning they would wake me for feeding time. I normally try to stick to a scheduled of 6am, 12pm, 6pm , 11pm with some time there would be extra feeding depending on the babies I would always check on there crying. now these babies I have pulled i have not herd a sound from them they have had 4 feeding and have been difficult not taken much food. besides that they are active and love to move around and explore when I'm trying to feed them ( they are more interested in there surroundings then food) poop is regular and consistent.

    so is it normal they don't cry for food? and any tips on getting them to eat more.? thank you

    1 AnswerBirds10 years ago
  • how to make a nest divot? Indian ringneck breeding?

    I am attempting to breed indian ringnecks (attempt as they are not proven). I have a box sized for them they are in a large flight cage now i know ringnecks tend to sit hard on eggs when frighten and i was wondering how to make a nest divot in the bottom of the nest for the eggs to remain. i have pine shavings as well handy as well as carefresh ( used for lovebirds) what would be better for the ringnecks? any other tips would be wonderful as well.

    birds are over 3 years old.

    good health vet checked Yesterday. and plenty of fresh foods and calcium.

    2 AnswersBirds10 years ago
  • why does my bunny smell?

    I have a mini rex female she not sure of her age at the moment. but she is starting to give off a strong odor kinda reminds me of dirty socks, she is clean and so is her litter and cage. its is in fact coming from her. I am wondering if it is because her sent glands need cleaning?

    thank you

    1 AnswerOther - Pets10 years ago
  • what would cause this?

    I just got two indian ringnecks, today i realized the female is bleeding at the very edge of her wings both wings. I have added corstarch to them to stop the bleeding and am watching her carefully. she is a wild ringneck and is in her cage with a male. Now the people i got her from have her wings cliped could the bleeding be caused by improper clipping? i have checked for a broken blood feather have not found any seems to be a flesh injury. she was also housed in a very small cage with her male could that of injured her wings? she seems active and alert there dropping look great her wings are drooping and we are scheduled for a vet on Wednesday as i have no money till then or it would be sooner.

    so the injury is on the very end of her wing seems to be just flesh not bone and isn't bleeding at the moment. what would cause this type of injury thank you.

    3 AnswersBirds10 years ago
  • Breeding feeder mice?

    I have 4 female mice and one male. they have all been housed together for the past week. Now iv noticed that one female is VERY pregnant and I'm having a hard time telling the male from the female. I think I separated him from them as the genitals are lower then the others and there was something sticking out i thought it could possibly be his penis? I'm all new to breeding mice.

    as well I had him with the 4 for little over a week will all 4 be pregnant?

    2 AnswersReptiles10 years ago
  • Can any one tell me what this is?

    I adopted a B&G Macaw he came with his Toys cage and food. Now i got this perch like thing with him Im not sure what it is Iv only been around Parrots for the past 8 years and have no idea what this is. The Macaw is 20 years old this month. I don't want to be giving the bird something I have no idea what it is. it seems to be made out of a soft wood and in side the holes is a clay like substance I'm thinking its something like what the clay licks parrots go to in the wild. any one out there have had these?

    and if you have had these before what is the best way of washing it?

    here are pictures

    2 AnswersBirds10 years ago
  • has anyone used

    I'm thinking about purchasing the DVD for parrot training from Bird and was wondering if any one on here has done so and received excellent results. I want to start target training with my Senegal and cant find good resources to help me start.

    2 AnswersBirds10 years ago
  • how to stop this behavior?

    I have a young Senegal named Alice. she is I believe 10weeks old and has started kicking her pellets out of her food dish. at first i thought that the dish is too big so i got her a smaller one and she still manages to do it though with difficulty. Any advice? I offer Fruits and veggies with birdie bread in the mornings and she doesn't kick that out of the dish.

    3 AnswersBirds10 years ago
  • what type of insects can Water dragons eat?

    so iv adopted a water dragon he is very small, and recently had mouth rot though the previous owners had him medicated from a vet and now it seems to be going away. iv been offering crickets 3/4 size and he doesn't seem to care. water dragons are knew to me as is mouth rot, so I was wondering why he doesn't seem to want to eat and what else can i offer him besides fruits, veggies and crickets?

    2 AnswersReptiles10 years ago
  • what insects should i feed my sav monitor?

    Iv tried Crickets and she doesn't seem interested at all, so im wondering what else to feed im trying to get a hold of a roach colony as no one around has any feeders for sale. I will not feed her meat, rats, or dog food she needs to only eat insects since she is over weight.

    3 AnswersReptiles10 years ago
  • Redtail Boa- Saddle back?

    So Im about to trade for a Red tail boa for a large terrarium and accessories. I was told it was a Sadleback red tail boa. this will be my first boa 9 months old. iv got king snakes and ball pythons and corns. I was wondering if any one could find a link for a picture of a sadleback red tail boa as I'm having difficulty finding one and am just interested in what the saddle back means I'm guessing its a formation on its scales but iv never seen it thanks.

    1 AnswerReptiles10 years ago