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TH-RocksŦ misses MJ.

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Am Canadian and part Italian. I enjoy reading and also writing short stories/poetry. I also enjoy working on art projects. I also enjoy watching tv/movies and listening to music. My favourite bands include Tokio Hotel and Linkin Park and Cinema Bizarre! I also like spending time outdoors. That's pretty much it =) Am a proud member of the TH family on Yahoo =) !! 92% of teens would be dead if Tokio Hotel said it wasn't cool to breathe. Put this on your profile if you are in that 92% who would be dead . <3 ----///-\\\----Put This ---|||---|||---On Your ---|||---|||---Profile If ---|||---|||---You Know ----\\\-///----Someone -----\\///-----Who has ------///-----Diabete.... -----///\\\---- ----///--\\\-- Will always love and miss MJ.

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