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  • best chick flicks for teenagers?

    Something like, She's The Man or Mean Girls, you know. Not the old ones, because I've watched them all and as amazing as they are, I don't want to re-watch it, because I'm trying to watch ones I haven't seen. Any help on this? Thanks! :) (I already watched The Notebook, Dear John, 500 Days Of Summer, things like that)

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  • are my knees normal? i feel as if it isn't.. (10 points best answer?)?

    Okay, so I'm 5"4 and my B.M.I is 18.5, which is perfect according to people (if I go lower than 18.5, I'm underweight, so I'm in the gap between underweight and normal) so I feel it's weird if my knees touch..

    I'll give an example.. look at the circled area on the picture below. My knees have that.. how do I get rid of it? I hate it. I'm working to be fit and in perfect shape, so please help. :(

    Picture here:

    p.s that's not my picture, just an example i got off the net

    1 AnswerDiet & Fitness7 years ago
  • if i remove my birthmark will my health risks disappear?

    my birthmark MAY (or may not) have health risks and if i get it removed by a doctor before i get a health risk, will i be fine?

    1 AnswerSkin Conditions7 years ago
  • i have hair on a dark brown birthmark?

    it hasn't changed shape, size or anything since i was a child, but I'm just scared...

    i want to get rid of it because its SO SO SO embarrassing.. it's the size of your first finger and your second finger on your toe.. it's not huge, but it's obvious

    i did research on how to get rid of it, but i heard that you need to know what type of birthmark it is or it can cause health risks..

    im so sad, i really really want to remove it..

    im also scared of the fact if it will give me a health risk in the future..

    omg i wanna cry. but seriously.. it has 1 inch hair growing on it and its just embarrassing, i dont even like to wear flats anymore if I'm wearing shorts. is that normal? hair out of a birthmark? it's on my leg.

    2 AnswersSkin Conditions7 years ago
  • i want to model? how tall will i be when i've stopped growing?

    my family is pretty tall, so i have the genetics. the first time i was born, the doctor said i had potential to grow very tall, but i'm 13 now and only 5 foot and 4 inches. i really want to pursue modeling (people tell me i should??) but people online tell me that i have to be at least 5 foot 6..

    my friends are 5 foot 3 (15 yo) and 5 foot 5 (15 yo) and they're good with modeling bc my country doesnt really look for models that are extremely tall...

    so if I'm 5 ft 4, 13 yo and 108 lbs?

    i want to grow to be 5 foot 8...

    i have genetics, and i eat healthy food so..

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  • 13 y/o model requirements?

    5'4 and 108 lbs? Is that an okay weight for modeling? My friend's a model, she's 5'5 and 120 lbs+? Idk... I don't know my dress size, but I'm definitely not more than a 4.

    I'm not too skinny, I have a thigh gap, but it definitely doesn't show a lot..

    4 AnswersOther - Beauty & Style7 years ago
  • requirements for a 13 y/o model?

    I'm 13, 108 lbs, 5"4, my shorts size are 3 and a half? Yeah..

    Any other requirements?

    Is it better to be a photographed model or a catwalk model? I have a choice..

    Please help! :) x

    2 AnswersOther - Beauty & Style7 years ago
  • A LOT of my hair's been falling out!?

    Do you guys know why? I mean, I definitely never use heat, and maybe I'm stressed or tired or sick of school and my friends (I'm not bullied, though. I just hate my life in school, including my life around the most annoying friends ever), but I lose so much! I don't even touch it, and 2 will fall off.. I tie it, like 4 will come off.. It just keeps coming off!

    Reasons/causes of hair thinning?

    How to prevent hair thinning?

    How to get thick hair fast?


    3 AnswersHair7 years ago
  • Is Narnia reflecting Christianity?

    I saw a comment saying that Aslan represented Jesus, Edmund represented the lost people who betrayed God but then turned back to Him, and the witch represented Satan. Thinking of it, it is kind of similar, with Aslan dying to have Edmund alive. True or not?

    3 AnswersMovies7 years ago
  • how many blocks does it take to get suspended in twitter?

    So this person was being a total ***** on twitter and in real life, so I'm trying to get her suspended. I've tried like, 5 accounts? She's not suspended yet.. How many blocks or reports to get to suspension?

    1 AnswerOther - Internet7 years ago
  • Fun and exciting bucket list ideas?

    Hi! I'm making my own bucket list, and I need ideas. :) x

    2 AnswersValentine's Day7 years ago
  • Wifi is fast on my Macbook, slow on my iPhone?

    The wifi is both 3 bars, but the Wifi on my iPhone is much much slower than the one on my Macbook.. In fact, my Macbook Wifi is pretty fast. I'm using the same Wifi, yes. Is this normal?

    3 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks8 years ago
  • I just ate 3 slices of pizza two hours before bed, will I get fat?

    Question says it all. I ate three slices of pizza two hours before bed, and I know that not eating 3-4 hours before bed could really slow down your metabolism because it isn't really working when you're sleeping. That's okay, but I ate three slices. Those are like, pizza fat times three, and I want to lose 15 pounds. I'm 5'4 and 108 lbs. Yes, I want to be 93 lbs. Don't judge, please just answer my question.

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  • Which scene in Les Miserables showed unforgivingness?

    I am aware that 'unforgivingness' isn't a word, but which scene shows something unforgiving? Thanks, please answer! xx

    2 AnswersMovies8 years ago
  • Is it chamomile or camomile? Is there a difference?

    The little white flower with a yellow middle. Is it chamomile or camomile? Is there even a difference?

    1 AnswerGarden & Landscape8 years ago
  • Does the iPhone 5 screen get dents easily?!?

    I placed my iPhone in my pocket, and I was leaning on a table. My pocket was leaning to the edge of the table, which means that the sharp edge of the table was pressurizing the iPhone in my pocket. Will the screen curve inwards or have any dents because the table was pushing on it? I see no dents, but I'm afraid of unnoticeable dents.

    4 AnswersPDAs & Handhelds8 years ago