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  • Buying a laptop display/monitor.?

    The laptop im trying to change the monitor for is Lenovo Ideapad 100-150IBY 80MJ. It is an LCD type screen with 15.6" in diameter. Im asking if the only way to change the display of a laptop is by choosing the same display for the laptop or i can find other displays as long as they have the same: port/connector, dimensions, resolution? If the answer is yes, then how can i check for the type of connector my display has (preferably if i dont have to open it)?

    Thanks in advance :')!

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  • Changing the amount of usable RAM.?

    I have 32-bit Windows 7 Home Premium OS and I have 4GB of Installed RAM but only 2.33 GB of them are Usable. Ive tried many times going to msconfig -> boot and making it to 4096mb but after restarting it, it resets itself everytime. I also opened BIOS trying to find Chipset and Enabling the Memory remap feature but i have no Chipset option in the Advanced menu of BIOS and on any other menu either. I tried looking in YT for solution but it was all of the same msconfig type-of-solution. Thanks in Advanced!

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  • Ping skyrockets to more than 3k or internet times out.?

    While using any device connected to my WiFi router, I get ping of 30/50 Ping. For example, while playing League of Legends my ping stays at 50 UNTIL another device connects to the WiFi router when the internet starts to time out and i get HUGE ping.

    - The other device that connects to the router and makes this problem does not need to actually browse the web.

    - I am CERTAIN it doesnt have anything to do with Automated processes when the device connects to Wi-Fi, like updating apps, uploading pics etc.

    - I don't get any issues when im playing at night when no one uses the WiFi.

    - I am about 15 metes from the router through some concrete walls, but THIS is definitely not the issue, since, as I said when I use the Internet at night or when there is no one connected to the WiFi.

    - Network drivers are all updated and working fine.

    - I have not tried to connect to WiFi using cable and see if the problem persists.

    ALSO, this happens after i changed to router and bought a new (my current) router and it happens ever since i started using it.

    I am thankful in advance because I lowkey even vented from being irritated by this problem.

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  • I suspect i have some sort of a computer virus?

    Few years back I had downloaded a non-steam version CS 1.6 but never actually played it until recently when i got bored and played a little, so to find some server i can play on, i went on or whatever and got a server IP and connected there, when i connected my whole game crashed and then after re-opening it every control was changed and it automatically connected to some romanian server (the same one all the time), i guess the server I got IP for was some romanian server as well. After that i thought its something just with the game and deleted it fully. The next day i turn on my laptop my google chrome browser spontaneously opens to a or something. But what i noticed is that my Internet is being slow so opened Task Manager and saw that I have 5 html processes. ALSO i occasionally see command prompts opening and instantly closing. I have done "Open file location" on those processes and deleted the folder permanently, but they kept on popping off anyway. Does anyone have any idea what the issue is here and how to fix it. Thanks in advance.

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  • Storage Space Requirements on Android through Play Store?

    So, the issue I have been struggling since I own a smartphone is the storage space requirements when I want to download certain application or game. I have an 8 GB SDcard where I currently have 5 GB of free space. So for an example I want to download a 400MB game, but the phone doesn t let me to, even though there is enough space in internal Storage as well (I suppose this happens because the phone does this to make sure there is enough space for the software update) and asks me to remove already downloaded applications (also all of them are Moved to SDcard). I always clear "junk" and cache files. How do i fix this problem? Can I somehow download them directly into SDcard? Thanks in advance! 😀

  • I need a name of a game.?

    When I was a kid I used to play a strategic war game as you are Alexandar the Great. When the game started you had to chose witch one would you like to be your teacher, Aristotle or another guy whose name i forgot because I played this game 9 years ago. After that, you choose the country you attack, what force you use and all. It is bothering me because I only know that I enjoyed that game but forgot its name. Thanks in advance!

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  • Experiencing lags after speeding up a video on YouTube.?

    Hello, so as it says in the title when I watch a video on YouTube and speed it up it starts lagging a lot. Explanation for this is the internet which is really slow. But on the laptop when speeding it up it runs very smoothly. I guess you guys have solutions for this so I d love it if you could help me.

    Thanks in advance!

    1 AnswerYouTube4 years ago
  • Headphones not working properly!?

    Hello guys, I just bought new headphones and they are not working properly, there might be something that is not installed on my laptop and I can not find a solution anywhere and i decided to post the problem here.

    My headphones as a playback and recording device wont show up, but when i plug it in the laptop speakers stop transmitting the sound. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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  • What should i do?

    I have two cats, mother and male cat (the son) which is one year old. the mother cat just got a birth and now has three kittens. And i do not understand what the male cat want to express by not staying close to them, but when he walks by it will hiss at them which i understand that he doesn t like them. So what will he do. Because i know that the mother cat or the father will eat them. Is it possible for my 1 y/o cat eat the kittens.

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