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  • Why aren't my iMessages in a blue bubble?

    Usually when iMessaging/texting somebody else with an iPhone, your messages are in a blue bubble. I have a friend who also has an iPhone, but when I text her my messages aren't in blue. Is there a reason for that?

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  • Well it was a nice season for the Jets...?

    As painful as that loss was, the QB play the Jets had was prettttttttty darn good. Mark's playoff numbers are 95/157 (60.5%) for 1155 yards (7.36YPA) 9TD 3INT, 94.3 rating.

    Once this team gets a safety that can cover and somebody in the front 7 who's a legit pass rush threat they will be 100% complete, and regardless they'll be around for a while.

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  • Isn't it a coaches job to decide what position a player plays?

    I obviously direct this question to the barrage of "what position should I play?" questions.

    Not only is it borderline impossible to make anything more than an educated guess on the question without actually seeing the player in question preform, an actual coach that's probably had a decent amount of experience with the game is far more likely to give the kid a good answer than the typical cast of characters on Yahoo! Answers.

    I guess you could say that they want to know what positions to try out for, but even still you'd be FAR better off going to the coach and saying "this is what I got, what should I do?"

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  • Who wants to know why the Jets offense is so awful?

    The answer is Brian Schottenheimer. I could write an essay on all the things he does wrong, but here's the bottom line.

    In the 77 games Schotty has been their offensive coordinator, the FOUR different QBs who have started under him have thrown 82 touchdowns against 90 picks in 77 games.

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  • How clutch is Mark Sanchez?

    Even his interceptions are clutch.

    In case you weren't watching the game today, it was 3rd and 14 with 1:35 left in regulation and Mark throws a bomb which is picked off by Joe Haden at the Cleveland 3 yard line, where he's promptly tackled. If Haden had just batted the ball down the Browns would have had a much better shot at getting good field position for a late drive.

    But in all seriousness, its a little early to be deeming him the next Joe Montana, but he's looked like the kind of QB that wins big games, even going back to last year. He's great on third down, is very slippery and mobile in the pocket, has great pocket presence and awareness and seems to have a knack for moving the chains.

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  • Where you at R-Best Go Lions! & co.?

    A deal is a deal chiefs.

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  • Robert Griffen III>Cam Newton>Terrelle Pryor, agree?

    Robert Griffen III hasn't gotten anywhere near enough recognition on this site (though it is Yahoo! Answers, so it's not surprising). He's big (6'2 220), has legitimately Olympic caliber athleticism and is far more polished a passer than Newton or Pryor. He doesn't have quite the raw arm strength of either, but his accuracy is extremely impressive and he's been able to make passes to all levels of the field. Like Newton and Auburn Baylor does run a very gimmicky offense, but the kid just has so much talent.

    Now I like Newton as a prospect. He has great tools and though he plays in a gimmicky offense if he sticks around another year or two and develops I can see him being a Josh Freeman type prospect in the mid first-early second.

    Secondly, Pryor's accuracy comes and goes as it wants, and when its bad its BAD, especially on the short and intermediate routes. He rarely looks legitimately comfortable in the pocket and though he doesn't get enough credit for going through his reads he has trouble reading and reacting to blitzes. He also puts far too much air under his deep ball. If he was a first or second year starter like Newton I could give him a pass, but he's been a starter for over two full years in a system that emphasizes these kind of fundamentals. Unless something really clicks

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  • Would you want your team to take a chance on Shawne Merriman?

    He's about to be released by the Chargers, and though a pretty big part of me thinks that he's pretty much done it would be the definition of a low risk-high reward move for my Jets to pick him up.

    Obviously this question isn't very relevant to fans of teams that run a 4-3, but 3-4 a team in desperate need of a pass rusher with a coach that thinks he could coach him back up to being anywhere close to the elite player he was before the roids and injuries wouldn't be dumb for taking a chance on him.

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  • Did Boomer just pick the Vikings and then...?

    predict the Jets to win 23-17?

    Or did I just mishear him?

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  • How much will the signing of Trevor Pryce improve the Jets pass rush?

    The Jets pass rush has been lacking this year, largely due to the absence of Calvin Pace who should return in the next few weeks and Kris Jenkins, so they went out and got Trevor Pryce, who led the Ravens in sacks last year.

    He and Ellis should make a very good pair of ends.

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  • What AFC East team has had the most arrests since January 2009?

    If you guessed the Jets you guessed wrong.

    Miami Dolphins -- 6

    Buffalo Bills -- 5

    New England Patriots -- 1

    New York Jets -- 1

    So are the Jets really the headcases that everybody seems to think they are? Or has everything just got blown way out of proportion because of all the attention they've been receiving?

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  • Now do people see what I mean when I say the Jets have potential?

    I'm not going to pretend that the Jets had a flawless game against the Dolphins, but they did show many positives.

    You also have to consider that they've done most ofwhat they have without their best outside linebacker in Calvin Pace, what could be their best wideout in Santonio Holmes and at absolute worst the second best cornerback in the league. When Pace comes back he should significantly improve their pass rush, and a Holmes-Edwards-Keller-Cotchery receiving quartet could be deadly.

    Shonn Greene looks like he's starting to get going and though the first year starters Kyle Wilson and Matt Slauson have had some bad penalties, they've been far more than fine so far.

    Regardless of whether or not it all comes together like it should, people have to realize that things would have to go pretty badly for them to lose more than 6 or 7 games.

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  • Overreaction of the week?

    Here's some overreactions from week 1 that some fans may be making. Anybody have any others?

    - Mike Singletary goes from the guy that turned the Niners around to "tarnishing his career as a player".

    - Colts will miss the playoffs.

    - Arian Foster = GOAT!!!

    - Vick back to the old Vick

    - Joe Flacco = Derek Anderson

    - Mark Sanchez = Matt Leinart

    - Mike Williams has turned his career around

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  • Can we agree to never answer another snooty question asked by a soccer fan ever again?

    Please, I've had enough of them. Its bad enough with the hundreds of robo spammed questions about live football links, but not only that every other page has the same question about why football is called football if you don't use your feet, or some garbage like that. And they all have tons of answers.

    Don't feed the trolls.

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  • Why do people make fantasy football teams so early?

    Training camp barely started, anybody could get hurt between now and week one, I just find it foolish to do your draft and everything when there's still months where anything can go wrong.

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  • If American basketball and football players played soccer...?

    If soccer had been the most popular sport in America for all the time that baseball/football/basketball was and the best American athletes played soccer, how many World Cups would the U.S. have by now?

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