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  • Whats your dream match?

    Any wrestlers any era competing in their prime in any type of match. What would you most like to see?

    16 AnswersWrestling6 years ago
  • Legality (In UK) of setting up a second identity?

    Is it illegal to set up a second identity for yourself in the UK if you don't use said identity for anything fraudulent? I know you can change your name to (pretty much) anything you like, but I mean whilst retaining your original identity too and running two lives in tandem.

    Can you open a bank account in an assumed name? Assuming you stay in credit and don't run up debts.

    Can you apply for a second passport? Assuming you don't travel with it.

    Can you rent a house/flat and open utility bill accounts? Assuming you keep them paid.

    *This is research for a novel in which a character does after years of running two lives commit a crime on one life then simply disappear to the other so don't need overly detailed answers just gauging feasibility as to whether he is already breaking the law prior to the crime by doing this and likelihood of it arousing suspicion.

    1 AnswerLaw & Ethics6 years ago
  • What are your all time top ten songs?

    Any genre, any era, etc. Just a list of in your opinion the greatest ten songs of all time.

    16 AnswersRock and Pop6 years ago
  • Christians: Do you see anything wrong with this scenario?

    Teacher: Who can tell me what four plus two equals?

    Pupil: Eight.

    Teacher: No I'm sorry that is incorrect.

    Pupil: But I believe it is eight, and I feel it in my heart it is eight.

    Teacher: Well I'm afraid we have empirical repeatable evidence to prove the contrary.

    Pupil: But I have faith that my answer is correct.

    Teacher: OK from now on four plus two equals both six and eight, does anyone else have faith in it being yet another answer we should now accept as correct?


    Do you believe something that is incorrect should be taught to children just because they have faith it is true? Or is better to teach things truthfully regardless of their contradictions to faith?

    8 AnswersReligion & Spirituality6 years ago
  • Why do Christians still deem sins to be sins ?

    Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The reason this was a sin is because it gave them the power to decide what was right and wrong rather than leaving it in Gods hands. So by that token shouldn't it be up to man to decide what he deems right and wrong rather than God still deciding and rewarding or punishing for all eternity based on his definition?

    11 AnswersReligion & Spirituality6 years ago
  • Christians: How do you know this isn't happening?

    Christians: Have you considered the possibility there is a God, but it isn't your God? What if there is a God similar to your God but not actually him, and in balance also a Satan again similar but the same as yours. What if everything you believe was an elaborate hoax by this Satan, the ultimate deceiver, to lead you away from the true God and towards a false idol. When you feel the holy spirit that is Satan misguiding you but you as a mere mortal are incapable of telling the difference. Everything in the Bible, everything you believe is a trick by the evil one to convince you to follow a false god. All the events the Bible reports as acts of God were actually a complex plan of Satan's simply to deceive and misguide you (given the number of atrocities and genocides in the old testament it even sounds more likely the work of the devil than God anyway). Jesus wasn't God in the form of man, but rather Satan in the form of man again leading you away from the one true God.

    You have to admit by your own definition of Satan that is exactly the sort of thing he would do right? He thrives on deceit. He has the power to do it and his sole goal is to turn man from God.

    Is this a possibility? Would you have anyway of knowing if it were the case?

    [*I am an atheist, I have the read the Bible, but probably not studied it or been taught it in the detail you have so am genuinely looking for honest answers.]

    15 AnswersReligion & Spirituality6 years ago
  • Internet Explorer ignores CSS style sheet...?

    I am designing a website and using CSS media queries in an external style sheet to render it differently depending on viewers screen size. I have been testing it as I go along in Chrome and it has been working fine, however just accidentally opened with IE and noticed none of the CSS is registering at all. For example I have a row of four images which I'm using as links in Chrome they are resized, positioned, and have an opacity (All determined on the syle sheet) however in IE they just start top left and run across the page at default size and in the order they appear in html.

    I am still only part way through both the CSS and HTML at the moment so both are messy and confusing as only really a draft so far to see what works, so it could just be a glitch in my typing. However given everything is fine on Chrome and nothing is fine on IE I was wondering if there is a known problem here, and if so a work round... It looks like IE is just ignoring the <link rel="stylesheet" href="ginberlinorig.css" type="text/css" media="all" /> command completely.

    2 AnswersProgramming & Design8 years ago
  • Is it possible to set I-Frame source in a CSS style sheet?

    I am using CSS media queries to set up a web page, I want the homepage to just be a 100% x 100% background image with an iframe centralised on it. However I want different content to load depending on screen size / resolution of the person viewing.

    I can use CSS media queries to render the iframe appearance (width / height / position / etc) as I want, but depending on which query it fits I also want source to change... is this possible? Can I list source as a CSS style or must it be within iframe tag? If it is possible any idea how as nothing I try seems to work!











    iframe src=url(____________.htm);


    and a few other similar approaches. Then in the html <iframe class="frame1"></iframe>

    2 AnswersProgramming & Design8 years ago
  • Does anyone know of any strip clubs in Bristol that open outside of regular hours for private bookings?

    I am best man for a friends wedding and trying to organise the stag weekend. Feel obliged to include a strip club as it is kind of the done thing but figured rather than end up at one at the the end of the night would be a novel twist and get things off to a flying start if we began at one. So was hoping to find one that would open for a hour in the morning for a cup of tea and a bacon sandwich or similar then open the bar for a drinks with a stage show or lapdance for the stag etc.

    Have searched online but can only find three strip clubs listed there and all seem like large chain type affairs which are less likely to cater for this sort of thing, so was hoping someone with local knowledge would be able to advise if they either know of somewhere that would do this, or just of smaller local strip clubs I could contact to ask.


    1 AnswerBristol8 years ago
  • Help with vaguely remembered song if possible - please.?

    Does anyone know of a song that has a spoken bit sampled at the start that sounds like it is some guy talking about being at what I'm guessing was a festival in the sixties and he is just talking about how there was acid everywhere and he grabbed some apple juice to try to sort himself out cos it was so hot, but that was full of acid too. I'm afraid I can't remember the exact wording or much about the song itself. The song is fairly recent (within the last year I think) and it is sort of chilled out electro I think - Sorry about the vagueness heard it at a festival last weekend and made a mental note to track it down when I got back... but now I am back memories are very hazy to say the least.

    1 AnswerLyrics1 decade ago
  • What are your all time top ten books?

    I've gone a top ten as I keep seeing questions asking for number 1 book, but I can never narrow it down that far... plus there aren't ten Harry Potter / Dan Brown books so might get a bit more variety in the answers!

    21 AnswersBooks & Authors1 decade ago