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I am a 56 yr old Christian woman from Muskogee Oklahoma. Most of all I LOVE GOD !!! I love my family, 2 sons, 2 daughter-in-laws and 4 grandchildren. 2 boy and 2 girls. I have 6 dogs and 10 cats, outdoor and indoor. They come in and out. I have been through alot in my 56 years and hope I can help someone through my answers. I am very compassionate and caring. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE ANIMALS, BABIES AND OLDER PEOPLE. I hope everyone will welcome me to Yahoo Answers. I don't use the word hate, except for Child Molesters, Child Abusers and people who are abusive to Animals. These are very bad people. I love garage sales and helping people. So, I hope to see your Q&As' . GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU !!!!

  • How does everyone feel about Michael Vick?

    What do you think of him getting off so lightly? He didn't give one thought or any feelings towards the precious animals he was so cruel to? He has been into that kind of vicious activity since the age of 8! I do not be he should be given any opportunities to just go back and make millions in football. He is a disgrace to the human race! And so are others that fight animals. All of his earnings should be split up and given to all of the places who love animals and care for them. Don't let him be in football, make him work at animal shelters and always have a guard watching him. He is a LOSER!!

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  • 5 year old Nevaeh has been found?

    What should happen to the mother now that her dead, knowing she had a least 3 sex offenders allowed to be around her child? I think she should be in jail, I feel like she is partially to blame for her daughters death. And she sticks up for the sex offenders. What is that about? I have 4 grandchildren and I want them as far away as they can get from those kind of people. What do you think every one?

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  • Now that 5 year old Nevaeh's body has been found?

    I just would like to see what everyone thinks should happen to the mother. She dated and let sex offenders be around her 5 year old little girl, and then defended them on national TV. Should she go to jail for endangerment of a child, child abuse and child neglect? I think is reprehensible that any mother would willing let a sex offender, well actually 3 around their children. I am a mother and a grandmother of 4 and to think that a sex offender was around my grandchildren makes me deathly ill. I think this woman should be in jail and stay there for some time. I blame her for part of her daughter's death, hanging around men she knew who could harm her child. What is every ones opinion? Thank you!

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  • Husband was a Veteran, need help!?

    My husband died, I was away the family cremated him and took his flag without my permission. Who do I contact? I would like the flag from his urn. The surviving spouse has the first right to have his flag. His sister lied about everything now, what can I do?

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  • How to get off 360 profile off?

    How do I go about getting 360 off before July 12th or 13th.? You will not have access to yahoo answers. And I guess all your points will be lost and everything. Can anyone help those of us who wants off of 360?

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  • About the Keddie Murders?

    I have searched and searched for pictures of the victims of the Keddie murders. Well if anyone is interested in seeing the pictures of the victims I found them. Not death pictures, pictures of them when they were alive of course. If anyone is interested. Go to Yahoo Web Search..The Keddie Murders. On you tube: The True Crime Weblog:Cabin 28: The Keddie Murders. You can see their pictures, it is a shame. They have a good picture of the son, the mother and the son's friend. The Strangers is based on that true crime murder. Has anyone seen that movie?

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  • What did I do to have points go down?

    When I came back on yahoo answers, it said Alert, you are points down. What did I do to go down in points? So I wont do it again. Can you just show me or tell me what I did, that is all I want to know. If you do something wrong where do you go to find out what it was? I would like to know from the people on the board so there will be no guessing or wondering. Don't you do that? Tell someone what they did?

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  • A question about dead husband's social security benefits?

    My husband and I was still married for almost 10 years when he died the 1st of this month. Does anyone know what I am entitled to? I am the only woman he was ever married to. At the time of his death he was drawing Veteran's Pension. I don't know anything about any of this and I would certainly be so grateful if someone could please give me some advice. Thank you so much! Yes, we were still married when he passed away and no we were not legally separated.

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  • how to find out about someones death?

    I have been married to this man Sam for 9 years and 3 months. He died May 7,4 days ago, he was a veteran and was drawing va pension and I was included on his pension. What does this mean? Do I still get to receive his pension or maybe his social security? I am disabled, but part of my ssi was taken because of the money I received from Sam. We are still very much married. His family cremated him before even contacted me. What now..any help or advice appreciated. Thank you! I only live on 368 to 392 dollars each month.

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  • Why are points being taken away?

    In the last 2 days I have had 20 points taken from my points and I don't get any explanation. Can someone be so kind to tell me how come or why this is happening?

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  • I am gettin a English Bulldog,3 years old?

    Can anyone give me some details on what to really expect and are they mild tempered dogs and easy to take care of and how much exercise do they require or like? Any help will be appreciated.

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  • Can you do this by the guidelines of Yahoo Answers?

    Give your email address out in answers if you really think the person you give it can get through something you may be able to help them with. I am a very serious person and I love to help people.

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  • About Atlantis Commericial Song?

    This really isn't a question, but there some on Yahoo Answers that wanted to know who sings the song on The Atlantis commercial. I posted a question, but I found the answer. The song is "Anyone Else But You" by Moldy Peaches.

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  • A song that is on a TV Commercial.?

    Some of the words to the song is "I am green today, I chirp for joy like a crickets song" That is all I can make out, but I love it and would like to know who is singing it. Anyone who can help, I will really appreciate it. Also a song on a dolphin Commercial. Thank you!

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  • Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site keeps popping up. what can I do? It does it all the time.Help!

    This happens everytime I answer a question. I think I have tried everything, but evidently not. I am new to computers. Thank you !! I really need help.

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  • I am desperate for any help I can get!!!!?

    My boyfriends mother lied to him about his biological father, I did find where he had died, in San Bernadino. We would really like to be able to find out if my boyfriend (Terry Bagwell) has any sisters or brothers he doesn't know about. I cried when I found out his father had died in 2002. I'm am just learning about computers, I am disabled, so my computer has become a big part of my life. If anyone can help me find information, I would forever be so grateful !!!! Thank you so much for reading my question.

    3 AnswersGenealogy1 decade ago
  • Can someone help me find an Obituary from 2002?

    Richard Walter Bagwell was born October 12, 1928 and died September 23, 2002. He was born and died in San Bernadino. I am on SSI and don't have the resources to pay for memberships to all these places. Everytime I get close to maybe finding something, you have a pay. Isn't an Obituary public records?

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  • Is there any free access location for Obituaries?

    Find a site for free access without having to join something or pay to get information. I thought there would some kind of free public access to view an obituary??

    1 AnswerFamily1 decade ago