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  • Why do Narcissists target very pretty women?  ?

    I'm looking for real answers. In every single research post or psychologist backed YouTube documentary, they mention the main traits that are like crack for a narcissist.Those traits are being an empath, people pleaser, someone who is normalized to abuse, people who are rescuers/fixers, people who visibly appear to be experiencing hardship or a major shift in life that has them down or desperate,weaker minded folk and anyone who generally has low self worth/esteem.From my own personal experience, I can say I dont fit any of those descriptions except for being a more empathic but you'd never know that right off the bat. I'm often told of how beautiful I am. Of course its flattering to receive such nice compliments from people but I'm definitely not the type to be showy or overly boastful about my physical appearance in a superficial way. I am confident but I focus more so on what's going on in the world and how I feel about life and spiritual concepts. I'm comfortable going places by myself but don't really approach people when I'm out. Somehow anywhere I go, I'm approached by people in general who instantly want to get to know me just from the way I look. The relationships I've had have all been with raging Narcs. The last one was with a guy who instantly approached me before I could even find my seat.He saw me walk in then made an instant beeline almost as if to "claim" me before anyone else could. Why am I a magnet to these types? How do I know if its flirting or flattery?

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  • What is the smoke quality like on the Pacific Coastal Highway in CA right now?

    I was planning a road trip from Portland Oregon all the way down to San Diego taking the coastal highway 101 scenic route. I planned to stop first in the mount Shasta area and then stopping again for a few days in the San Luis Obispo area. I was supposed to leave the last week of September but I'm having trouble figuring out exactly where all the smoke from fires are affecting and the direction of which the smoke is blowing. I'd assume its blowing in the opposite direction away from the coastline but, I'm not exactly sure if id still run into extremely poor air quality on this route or not? If anyone from the area knows any updates and details to smoke and air quality or any route closures, please let me know. Thank you!

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  • how do I find an agent or start in the acting industry?

    I have only been an extra once. I have always been interested in Becoming an actress but have no idea where to start. I'm constantly bombarded with my parents telling me that i have to find an agent or go to casting calls. But they are no help at all because I need to know HOW to get those things. I'm in Portland Oregon. where can I find an agent to help me get work? Ik I have to get headshots but what else is there to do for somebody who has no experience just feels that they have natural talent.

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