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  • Why is good capital management important, and just how important is it?

    I understand what working capital is and that it is important. Trying to get a grip on




    how important

    it is.:

    1. Why is it important: my understanding is that solid working capital management improves solvency and profit margins. Are these the main factors? Any links that explain further?

    2. For profit margins how much will good/bad management of working capital impact performance? I.e. any case examples of poor working capital management, or studies that denomstrate just how much your profit is impacted with better/worse working capital management?

    Looking at medium - large enterprises

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  • Are contra assets usually shown with a negative or positive value on the balance sheet?

    I understand that contra assets decrease asset accounts, and that they usually have a credit balance (to reduce assets).

    However, is convention to record the accounts e.g. accumulated depreciation as a POSITIVE value then subtract the entire account from assets? Or is it normal to record it as negative and add it. Essentially, do the normal uses of credit and debit apply to contra asset accounts?

    Then as I understand, the RE (depreciation expense) would be debited and Accumulated depreciation would be credited. Is this credit shown as a positive number i.e. +5000 Accum. Dep. or a negatve -5000 accum. dep.

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  • Good resources to learn how to project cash flows for DCF valuation?

    I understand the principles of DCF analysis, but all of the examples of DCF calculation I have seen have started with projected cash flows already. I.e. They didn't calculate them.

    Seems silly as even if you know the DCF calculations, the saying of 'garbage in, garbage out' applies.

    As such, does anyone know a good resource to read about projecting cash flows? (Or if anyone has any tips).

    This is for valuing big, public companies

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  • Is there an equivalent for the US 10-K accounting form in Australia?

    In the US, I understand companies file a 10-K form along in addition to their Annual Report. Is there a similar document for Australian companies?

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  • Subaru Legacy Starting Problems?? Please Help!?

    Hey guys,

    Have a bit of a problem that I hoped someone may be able to shed some light on. I live in Queenstown NZ which is cold (snowing). Here is overview of details.

    -Other day someone backed into us, cracked bumper but no damage to radiator (no jolt, slow impact) and thus no apparent damage to car engine. (probably unrelated)

    -A few hours later the car wouldn't start. It wouldn't turn over at all, a few clicks then nothing.

    -The same in the morning and jump starting didn't work.

    -Had the starter motor replaced. Still wouldn't start but started to click when key was turned. Once jump started it turned over and the car started.

    -That day we drove around for 45 mins and idled for 45 before going to petrol station to refuel. Stopped car, refuelled, and it started fine.

    -Then 10 minutes later we were idling on a hill with handbrake on and it just cut out, dashboard lights went dim and car turned off. Wouldn't start again.

    -Had battery tested. Test results were good (1 year old battery) but was completely flat. Had it charged by battery charger and it started the car. Tryed again 24 hours later and the car started again (so battery holding charge).

    -Tested the alternator with a voltmeter (mechanic of 20 years did it) and it was working fine.

    So i guess, I am just stumped at the fault. The car is working fine now but it seems like it could cut out in the future without figuring this out?

    Is it possible that the starter was the problem and when we tried to turn it on (many times) we drained the battery that was already struggling in the cold weather?

    Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this! Any ideas or explanations would be a great help!

    Car specs are below:

    1995 Subaru Legacy

    180,000 k km on clock


    1.8 L Auto

    Cheers, Will

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  • good instrumental pieces?

    hey im looking for some good instrumental music for a school performance, its a big thing with time to prepare so something of moderate to high complexity is good. We need a piece with good guitar in it and we have quite a few violinists so yeah...a lot of guitar and violin preferably and some bass and drums and maybe some horns and can be pretty much any genre

    last year we won with this song but with some different instruments

    Youtube thumbnail



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  • skiing in japan on january 10?


    I just wanted to know if people think that it will be good skiing in the Hakuba region of Japan in January this year from about the 10th-17th. I know you cannot predict it but does anyone know if it is usually good at that time, or if they are having a good season at the moment? I'm going skiing there and am hoping for some pow pow

    Thanks, Will.

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  • Help for depressed Dad?

    My Dad is depressed and constantly sleeps. I think he feels like he has nothing to do all the time. Because of the economic downturn he lost his job, sort of...he wasn't fully fired but they sort of asked him to leave. He was really important; a CEO. He had worked really really hard in the same company for like 15 years. But now he's still got a good job but he doesn't like it. He's just lost enjoyment out of life and isn't fun anymore. I guess i'm not really asking for help as such because there is nothing i can specifically do to help. But is there anyone else in a similar situation? i'm 17 btw

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