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  • Psychologically, what is going on the minds of wildfire-arsonists?

    It's not just insane and reckless, it's ludicrous. It is malicious and serpentine and a close to evil as I've ever heard of. It's up there with torture, bu a least that has a single victim. I'm literally asking, What kind of deranged lunatic does someone have to be, for them to set a wildfire, and menace society at large? Sadistic pyromania barely seems to scratch the surface.

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  • Why is calling someone a "P*ssy", bad?

    If it indicates they're a coward, I mean. Does'tt it just come from scared-cat? Cats are also called p*sses, or p*ssies. but I can't imagine how that's vulgar. so If, by caloig someone a coward i thesis manner, you're calling them a female, in some way, then THAT would implyy females are more easily frightened than males, which is bigoted nonsense. but then the inocent cat connection seems more direct and obvious, to me. I'm confused. I suppose it is a culture thing.

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  • Is or was there any asian culture on earth, ever, that does or did anything remotely like this, ever?

    My mom recanted to me a vague story which her racist ignorant father, who was talking about "them Asians", told her as a kid about some culture that puts babies in a jar, so that the would grow into the shape of the jar, and one day they would break it, and this was done to mis-shape the baby to intentionally cripple them so they can be of a lower status and act as servants.

    I have never heard anything like that in all my life. I do know about foot-binding and genital mutilation, but jar-shaping? seems far fetched.

    Her dad also claimed that we are related to Quanah Parker. so idk he may have been mistaken about his information, she may be mistaken about what he was saying, having over-heard it herself, but there were several occasions.

    Has anyone ever heard anything like this? Was it one emporor a long time ago who did something like this? maybe it's like vlad the implaler, like that. anything?

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  • Is this milk okay to drink?

    the milk was frozen for idk how long. I know you can do that for like 3 - 6 months. and this stuff smells fine, but it looked slightly yellowish and slightly watery. it was partially thawed when I poured it into my coffee, but then the coffee tastes fine. I got 4 of these milks. again the smell fine, but the color seemed off. and I'm fine after ingesting it. Brave, I know. lol actually did you know sour milk is fine to drink? I just don't know if this stuff is sour. doesn't smell it.

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  • Did you know a president is NOT a monarch?

    President-The elected head of a republican state

    Republic- a state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president <b>rather than a monarch.</b>

    Monarch- a sovereign head of state, especially a king, queen, or emperor.

    Sovereign- possessing supreme or ultimate power.

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  • Wanna know what exact U.S Criminal Code laws Trump broke, AS president?

    I see multiple counts of at least 4 broken laws-

    He has violated U.S Code Title 18, Part I, Chapter 73, Section 1505 (Obstruction of Justice) with his firings and promises of presidential pardons, blocking the Russian-interference investigation. "Obstruction of proceedings before departments, agencies, and committees".

    He violated U.S Code Title 18, Part I, Chapter 79, Section 1622 (subordination of perjury), and thus was named as "individual one, who went on to become president" in Michael Cohen's documents. Cohen admitted to falsely pleading guilty, on behalf of Trump, and at Trump's discretion. So Cohen did the perjury, but Trump told him to and promise a presidential pardon him (itself an abuse of presidential powers), so Trump committed subordination of. Follow? lol

    He violated U.S Code Title 18, Part I, Chapter 101, Section  2074 when he falsified a weather report (several times) and mislead the public about the nature of dangerous weather.

    And now, He has violated U.S Code Title 18, Part I, Chapter 41, Section  878 by trying to extort Ukraine's president mafia-style (by withholding vital military aid from them) into investigating Biden and his son, trump's political rivals.

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  • This is totally not how stocks work, is it?

    Last night Dow was about worthless, and today they're about 27,000 points up. Does that mean that, had I bought $1000 of stock last night, that it would be worth $27,000 today? How accessible are is stock investments?

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  • How many times would a police baton have prevented the loss of life recently, where a cop's bullet actually ended one?

    Where is their de-escalation training? Where is their training to deal with people in a mental health crisis? and where is the responsibility on the part of individual officers, to say it's not only up to their training but also their common sense?

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  • How big is the problem of stolen aid in 3rd world countries?

    Whenever I see a billionaire feeding some african village or whatever, I always wonder what it's like after everyone leaves. So armed gangs come in and take their supplies? cuz I know how america doesn't like supplying criminals, but sometimes that's exactly what happens when we give aid. we could treach those people to fenjd for themselves, but this also has historically bitten us in the @$$.

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  • What if the rest of your life had to be about the worst thing you ever did?

    Would you feel that society cares about you or believes in your ability to do better? Do cops understand that they play a role in exacerbating recidivism and crime rates? Are cops always aware of when they're racially profiling someone? Do cops get feel their authority is challenged when someone knows their rights and won't roll down their window or get out when they know they don't legally have to?

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  • What D-D-Doth life?

    Are we just fleshy blips in some meaningless stew of cosmic oblivion? Or is it vicey-reversa? Is our every trollop through fate's garden, infused with a mystic breath?

    Youtube thumbnail

    1 AnswerPhilosophy1 year ago
  • Can tumors be psychosomatic?

    I'm watching Star Trek DS9 and the doctor just said tumors can manifest psychosomatically. Is that a medical idea from when the show was being made in the 90's? Do you think the writers were just taking liberties? I can't find anything today about psychosomatic tumors, except helping cancer patients minimize and deal with psychosomatic symptoms.

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  • Do ferrous or magnetic objects fall faster in areas where earth's magnetic field is stronger?

    I predict there should be some teeny tiny effect, but would it even be detectable to us? We can measure the difference in gravity at sea-level vs at altitude in the same location, especially with sky-scrapers. it is tiny, but it's there. Could we do drop-tests at many locations with different known field strengths?

    1 AnswerPhysics1 year ago
  • What made existence, and how did it exist prior?

    Theists seem to think god solves this problem, but god is necessarily inside existence, which would always be the larger category. God cannot have made existence, because he would require a creation of his (existence) before he made it.

    There isn't anything that could exist prior to existence, including god. meaning he couldn't have caused existence. Any first cause is an uncaused cause where energy poofed into existence from nothing. This is not the big bang, that's an "I don't know". the first cause like theists thing god is, is the actual nonsensical assertion about something coming from nothing.

    and to be clear, there can't ever "be" a state of nothingness, for the state itself is something. another reason there can't have been a beginning to existence.

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  • "Why is there something rather than nothing"?

    Well, why is there some god rather than no god? He would be the ultimate "something". I mean if you notice balance and order in the universe and think "designed", then god, who is supposedly SUPREMELY balanced and SUPREMELY orderly, should make you think "SUPREMELY designed", by creationist logic. I don't think the god concept solves any problem that any theist thinks it does.

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  • How long do we say "It would have been their #-th birthday" when someone passes?

    My uncle died at 23 from a congenital heart defect. I don't say "He'd be 41 now", because I don't know that. if he hadn't had the heart condition, maybe he'd have been hit by a bus at 36. But then google celebrates like newtons 250th birthday. is it just however long a person feels comfortable doing so?

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  • What if the rest of your life had to be about the worst thing you ever did?

    Would you feel that society cares about you or believes in your ability to do better?

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  • Did you know that theoretically we could see Star Wars with a telescope?

    Technically, because light takes a long time to travel from a distant galaxy to our planet, we are able to see light that is FROM "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...". However, even when I look up at the moon, I feel like we're on our own sci-fi planet. =D

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  • Ought we acquiesce a deity's permissions?

    The grandiose veneration of your abstruse deity, for the most elementary of fortuitous phenomena, such as respiration, is a byproduct of the blind reverence of the vitriolic flotsam with which you've been ensconced and assuaged. The vast majority of consecrated texts are, veritable meccas of fallacious thought, constructed according to a blueprint devised for to obfuscate our ability to ascertain the verisimilitude concerning their own portrayals of our shared reality. For any attempt at achieving such a result to be lucrative, one must suspend disbelief, as with any work of fiction.

    4 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 year ago
  • Am I to blame if god has made the sun more real to me than himself?

    If he's the grand designer of everything, he should know what it would take to convince me he exists, even if I sure and hell don't. He could appear to ne right now "in the flesh", and all I'd know is that it's something I don't understand. Alien? Ghost? God? No reason to gravitate towards any of them. an illusion of some kind would be more likely for me to gravitate to, because I know they exist and can seem real. How do I tell a real god from an illusion of a god?

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