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  • Am I having too high expectations with my wife's therapist?

    My wife is seeing a therapist for borderline personality disorder/ childhood trauma. I've joined most of her sessions so we both can get a better understanding of everything and so I can hopefully help her more efficiently during her "moments".

    Anyways, neither of us have seen a therapist before so have nothing to compare him to in terms of good or not. He just seems very scatter brained, I get he has other clients but you take notes for a reason don't you? Not to mention the amount of money he's getting paid. It seems every session my wife gets asked the same questions like he's somehow forgotten. "What are you wanting from this?" "What happens when you get angry?" "What makes you angry?" Etc. Same answers everytime. Or he'll ask specific situational questions just a session or 2 apart. Like so tell me who your closest relationship would've been, or how she felt going to an AA meeting he suggested for her. She already answered both questions either the session or 2 prior... but he asks in a completely new way like it's the 1st time he'll be getting an answer. All I can think is dude... you should already know this or atleast have a note reminding you. Theres multiple situations like this. Or he'll say next session we'll talk about and work on "blah". Next session comes and it's never brought up. Or he does no follow up about homework he'd given her the sessions prior.

    So am I just being too picky about how this process goes or should he be being more efficient? Jw.


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