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  • AK bolt play. Not sure if it is something to worry about.?

    I have a AK built upon a ROMY G kit. Bought it way back in 2007 when Romanian kids were plentiful and AK’s cost $400-$500. I’ve easily put 7,000-8,000 rounds through it (I shoot my AR’s a lot more often). When I get done with cleaning it I inspect it and as I was inspecting it since it was assembled in the U.S. (not an I.O.) and most people say American AK‘s suck. I noticed that when fully assembled and the bolt is the closed position the bolt has a little play. It’s not a lot but you can feel it move slightly and tap the trunnion when you push on the bolt through the magwell with a finger.

    I am probably going to have it headspace checked by a gunsmith but it is hard finding ones that work on AK’s.

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  • Anyone else seeing more handguns from Turkey?

    Has anyone else also noticed or realized that a LOT of the handguns that you’re finding now at gun stores due to the shortage are actually Turkish? Tisas, Canik, Zaztava and Zigana? Two of the stores I go to actually do tend to have handguns but we’re names I never heard of before. Except Canik. After some research I realized those are all Turkish.

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  • Do you still have any sealed milsurp ammo left?

    I found a place that had Romanian 7.62x54R silvertip sealed in 440 round spam cans and bought a couple. When I went to put them away I also found that I still had an unopened 300 round tin of Bulgarian yellow tip heavy ball 7.62x54R from 1953 that I forgot about. I know I have 2 sealed spam cans of Russian 7.62x39 as well.

    It makes me wonder what other milsurp people still have.

    Since 5.56 Will be soon more expensive than 50 BMG I’ve been looking at buying other calibers that I have been neglecting Both buying and shooting.

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  • What is the name of that clear plastic they use on boxes for toys to show what’s in the box?

    I’ve been wanting to get a large sheet of it, A little thicker than what they normally use but I cannot figure out what it’s called.

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  • Why doesn’t the state of Oregon legalize murdering Trump supporters?

    Since the mayor of Portland, governor of Oregon, district attorney, the majority of the House and Senate in Oregon Support and endorse The execution of a Trump supporter over the weekend why don’t they make it legal for Trump supporters to be murdered and make it legal for antifa to murder anyone and everyone they want? After all they like antifa hate Trump supporters and think the extermination of all Trump voters is morally righteous and absolutely necessary

    . Since to them like most of the far left and democrat party Trump supporters are not human and unworthy of life why not?

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  • Same velocity but different drop rates.?

    Maybe some handloaders can explain. So I took my 357 magnum rifle out to the range. I was shooting two different brands of ammunition, both 158gr. One was on the box 40 FPS slower than the other. When I shot it I definitely felt a difference between the two but the brand that was marketed as faster was a whole half a foot lower at 100 yards. I don’t understand it.

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  • Headphone Recommendations?

    I’m looking to get a new pair of headphones. On ear, wireless and I have a budget of $200. I will not buy Beats out of principle. I’ve been looking around but I’m not really sure what to get so I’m looking for some recommendations.

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  • Should I get the 11pro max or wait for the 12 pro max?

    I’m planning on upgrading my phone. I have an 8 but it’s not entirely by choice I’m choosing to do this; it is starting to act up. The back glass is cracked, the silent switch doesn’t work anymore and the temperature alert will come up even though the phone is not hot rendering it unusable for a good 10-15 minutes. I was going to get the 11pro max; I 

    Actually have already saved up $1,200 in cash. My goal is $1,500 although I probably won’t spend it all, I want some padding. My main reason To hesitate is the 12 pro max will be 5G however at the same time 95% of my internet usage is through wi-fi and the data I use is usually just reading news websites and the occasional video so it being 4G or 5G is a near non factor and 4G will probably be around for another decade; 3G was around for almost 20 years before the infrastructure was **** down or being shutbdown. Also I’m not sure if the 8 will even last and I usually wait a month after release to get it since I expect the first batch to blah e some kind of issue. Meaning I would have to wait until November at the earliest.

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  • Attachment image

    Think this staking is OK?

    It’s a failzero BCG. I like you will notice the top screw seems a bit bungled. It seems to be only cosmetic; right at the very top of the screw. I have not used it yet due to being so busy. I plan taking it out in a couple weeks.

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  • How is the supply where you are?

    I went to one of my local stores yesterday. They were totally out of some automatic rifles and shotguns. They only had a few handguns left and even most of the 1911’s were gone. All that was really left were lever actions, revolvers and 22s. I went to Cabela’s to purchase a scope and they had closed off the gun counter and you had to get in line and take a number. I was just getting a scope so I did not have to wait. Most of their handguns were gone As well as their semi automatic rifles. I could not get close enough to see what they had in terms of shotguns but I suspect those were in short supply too. Both stores did have ammo but not a whole lot. I was going to go to a Sportsmens warehouse but there was a line outside and were only allowing so many people in so I didn’t even bother going in. In the meantime I guess I’ll save my money to buy a new phone and in three months I can actually find ammunition again.

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  • Has anyone been asked advice on buying a gun lately?

    I’ve had two people. One is a neighbor that lives on the street parallel to mine. The other is a doctor that is not mine but a friend of a friend. I have no problem giving them advice but the problem is you can’t find damn anything right now. I went to one of my local stores and they were all out of shotguns and semi automatic rifles. All they had left were a few handguns, 1911’s, lever actions and revolvers. I go to the Cabela’s in my state to get a scope and the same thing there. Except they have a bit more in stock because they have so much naturally.

    Nice thing is now that I’ve bought all the tools I can assemble AR-15’s from partsWhich apparently is the only way to actually get one now.

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  • Liberals and democrats who bought your first gun. What was your experience like, your reasoning and your thoughts about your action?

    I have to wonder what made someone like you finally get your first firearm. Also what was it (don’t need the make and model) and why that particular one. I would like to let you know that the crazy that you might’ve encountered is not normal. Also the prices are probably inflated right now. And if you’re in the market for an AR-15 you would probably have no issue if you bought each part individually and assembled it rather than buying a complete rifle.

    Politics6 months ago
  • What is the logic to ban guns because the police will protect you but at the same time defund and disarm the police?

    I’m trying to understand the logic of the modern day progressive liberal where they all want guns be banned and a lot of them want guns to be confiscated; that private citizens should not be allowed to own any guns because the police will be there to protect them yet at the same time openly calling for the funding and disarming the police as well. I do not understand such logic maybe you progressive liberals can explain to me how we should not be allowed to defend ourselves and the ones that you say should defend it should not be allowed to protect themselves either let alone us.

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  • Why are liberals buying guns now?

    Don’t they know guns are bad? Only the police and military should have guns but we need to defund the police. Don’t they still believe that all guns should be banned and confiscated and all gun owners that oppose all guns being banned and confiscated should be killed? 

    Do democrats and liberals understand by buying a gun they turn themselves into the most vile horrible disgusting subhuman unworthy of life animal to ever exist?: the legal gun owner? Almost as bad as the Trump voter but not as bad since liberal and democrats simply just want to take over so they can punish Trump voters by mandating the compete and total extermination of every single solitary United States citizen that voted for Trump. And that by becoming a gun owner becomes a non-human that should killed because they are now gun owners and all gun owners are bad, all gun owners should have there guns taken from them and all gun owners who resist having there guns taken from them should all be killed as they are obviously racist bigots and are all just a bunch of mass shooters in the waiting so tens of millions of gun owners should be killed. For the children. So why, why in the name of Karl Marx would they do the most horrible thing imaginable: buy a gun?

    And after posting such an insane thing I really hope people can understand sarcasm when they see it. Do I believe all Democrats liberals and progressives thinks this way? No. Maybe 20% of registered democrats and 95% of Democrats in office.

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  • Scope choices?

    So I have decided on a 1-6x24 or 1-8x24 scope. Problem is I’m not sure what exactly to get. My maximum range is about $700. I have narrowed it down to these:

    If you have any recommendations not in that list let me know and I’ll take a look. There were a few more around that price range and even more expensive but I left them out because I didn’t care for the Recticles. I’m leaning towards the US optics or Meopta. I’d like to get the NightForce ATACR but thats nearly 3K and I can’t justify paying that much. I could literally buy 6000 rounds of 5.56 for that. I’d have to take a loan out. And while the EOTech Vudu is a lot less expensive At $1200 I don’t like the Recticle on it.

    Hunting6 months ago
  • Scope recommendation?

    I have been building an upper that I plan to use an an extra, and will eventually be replacing my primary AR upper which is a basic M4 carbine type with a magpul handguard. I’m assembling it piece by piece and I just installed and torqued the barrel on the upper and got the gas tube installed. All that is left is to get a crush washer to put on the muzzle device because I oddly don’t have one sitting around, charging handle, BUIS and a scope. I have decided on what other parts I’m getting and have decided to put a 1-6x24 or 1-8x24 on this one. But I’m not sure what. There seems to be two kinds: The really cheap and the obscenely expensive. Any recommendations? My budget is $500. I can push it to $600.

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  • Attachment image

    What kind of electric plug is this?

    I have an old drill and the power cord Has essentially disintegrated. I want to get it replaced but it’s an older style and I’m not sure what the exact name is. Or what it is in general. I’m not even sure if it can even be replaced; As in type of cord needed no longer exist. So I’m asking for what the specific name for this kind of plug is.

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  • Attachment image

    Trying to identify this bench vise?

    So I got a free bench vise. It is a Wilton which is a brand name but it appears to be a foreign built since the base has “China” printed on the bottom. It’s not new but it’s not super old either. The jaws are 4” wide and it opens to 4-1/2”. I could find no unique identifiers except for the number 27 on the body of the back jaw and the number 30 on the front jaw. I’d just like to know what I have. I don’t plan on giving it heavy usage so I don’t need a $400 vice but I thought it would be nice to have a bench vise in general. And it was free

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  • Fully paid off a loan but still got a small charge?

    So last month when I got my tax return are used it to pay off a loan I’ve had for a few years. There was not much left on that loan; just under $800 so I decided since I had the money I would just pay it off in one go. Today I get a bill from that bank stating I still owe a little amount. Just over $4 Even though the balance was $0 after I paid it off.  I’ll pay that amount because it’s so small but where would that come from?

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  • Cigna sends me statements of bills I never get.?

    So I have CIGNA as my health insurance through work and every six months to a year I have to go in for routine bloodwork. Usually two or three weeks later I get a statement from CIGNA saying I owe the lab X amount of money for the tests. It always says “this is not a bill“. But I don’t actually get the bill from the lab. It’s a big amount; maybe $35-$40 after they cover the nearly $1000 of the bloodwork but I am curious what could be be going on.

    1 AnswerInsurance8 months ago