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  • Is this what he meant?

    I have a complicated, long-term, long-distance relationship with this guy, and I think we're both interested in dating if he moves here, but I had a question about something he said (or hasn't said). He was just here visiting for a few days, and I realized I don't ever remember him telling me I'm beautiful or that I look nice, but he remembers every dress I've ever worn (he named all of them one day). Is there any chance that's sort of a guy equivalent? I think it is, because guys don't usually remember things like that unless they care, but maybe I'm grasping at straws? I just want a guy's opinion. I know he really likes me, I just want to know if he hasn't told me I'm pretty because he expresses it in other ways.

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  • Do CAM plants have more or less stomata than other plants?

    This is the question on my bio worksheet: Would you expect CAM plants have as many stomata as other plants? Why or why not?

    I have tried researching, but I don't understand what CAM plants are and I have absolutely no idea about their stomata. Help quickly please!

    3 AnswersBotany9 years ago