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Answers2,782,_throw_rocks_at_them!_controversy No amount of feminist indoctrination or propoganda is going to make me feel guilty for being a proud, white male! 73% of all suicide deaths in the United States involve white males! Where is the community outrage and public awareness programs?! If "The Patriarchy" empowers men and makes them so confident and content...then why are so many of our boys killing themselves? Love the men in your life! Men rock! Men do so much good for the world! Men invented the wheel, cured smallpox and created internet! I am proud to be a white male and so should you be! I also fully support Homosexual Separatism and any TRUE "Anti-Feminist" male should make a conscious, political effort to stop sleeping with women. You are sleeping with the enemy!,_throw_rocks_at_them!_controversy

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