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Hey all. I'm 22, well almost 22. I'm a Finance Major and graduate in June. I'm so excited. I don't know everything, but I know alot and hopefully I can answer your questions. lol. :)

  • I cant decide between the Kindle Fire or Nook Color...?

    I plan on buying a touchscreen ereader soon. I can't decide between the Kindle Fire or the Nook Color. I know that with the Nook, you can rent ebooks from the library. Can you do this with the Kindle Fire? Which one should I get? I can't decide. I plan on using the apps options on both. Which one would be more useful? HELP!!

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  • What is the only full length movie to take place in a matter of minutes?

    A long time ago I was watching "who wants to be a millionaire." And one of the questions was about a movie. And all I can remember is there is a full length movie (hour and a half to two hours long) that takes place in a matter of like 15 minutes. And all the scenes of the movie are about what happens to the characters in that 15 minute time frame. But I can't remember the move. Do any of you? Thanks :)

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  • I have a question about the nook.?

    i was researching the different kinds of nooks. I saw that one was 3G, and it said that with the 3G nook, there are no monthly fees for it. i dont understand how you can have internet on something that is 3G with no monthly fees. can someone please explain this to me. thanks :)

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  • I would like to start some landscaping and need help.?

    I have flower beds in front of my house with nothing in them. I've never done any kind of planting before. I would like flowers that come up each year, with lots of color, plus i need some filler plants. What are some good ways to start? And what kind of flowers and plants do you suggest that don't require much attention and are easy to care for? Thank you so much.

    1 AnswerGarden & Landscape10 years ago
  • Are there any online libraries?

    I was wondering if there are any online libraries where you can rent ebooks. I've tried searching online, but haven't found anything. Thanks.

    2 AnswersBooks & Authors10 years ago
  • I can't think of this movie title?

    With in the last 4 years or so, there was a movie released about a busy corporate guy to goes and stays at a french home, and the french estate makes wine, and young girl comes and stays, and the guy starts liking a french woman. I only watched half the movie, and never finished it, and now i can't remember what its called. I would really like some help. Thanks

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  • Whats songs should I put in the best mixed CD ever?

    I want to make the BEST mixed CD ever. What I'm looking for are the top songs from every decade starting with the 60s up until now. Genre doesn't matter. I'm looking for the songs that when they come on the radio everyone is like "OMG i love this song" or "wow this song brings back memories" Any ideas?! Thank you so much :)

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  • What is the difference between the iPod touch generations?

    My parents are buying me an ipod touch for christmas. Each generation is a different price. and I want to know what the difference is between each of the generations. I don't want my parents to spend a fortune. thanks.

    4 AnswersMusic & Music Players1 decade ago
  • I can't think of this song!!! Please help.?

    Ok, I can't remember the name of a song or the rapper where the dance is where they pop their wrists twice on one side and then twice on the other. It was popular back in 2006/2007. Please help. Thanks

    2 AnswersOther - Music1 decade ago
  • I need help with my cheesecake...?

    I am making mini cheesecakes in a muffin pan. Then I am topping each of them with one strawberry (no glaze). I would like to drizzle some chocolate on them, but I'm not sure what kind of chocolate would go best, semi sweet, bitter sweet? which kind? Thank you so much for you help.

    6 AnswersCooking & Recipes1 decade ago
  • Is the economy getting better?

    I see that the stock market keeps going up. The DOW now over 10,000. What other factors should we look at to decide if the economy is getting better? Or is the DOW going up just an illusion and everything else is still bad?

    2 AnswersEconomics1 decade ago
  • When does Paranormal Activity come out?

    I know it has already come out in select theaters. But when does it open everywhere?

    3 AnswersMovies1 decade ago
  • Did you hear about what Spencer Pratt is doing?

    He is going to the courts and legally changing his name to King. What a conceited douche bag!!!

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  • How do you feel about what Obama will be doing on Sept. 8th?

    On Sept. 8th, Obama will be airing a speech to school kids K-12. The schools are encouraged to show the speech to kids. Then discussion questions were sent out to the districts about the speech that they are supposed to ask the kids. This has turned into a real controversy. Do you think Obama should give a speech to our nation's school kids or not?

    Here is the article:

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  • What does the AM and PM mean?

    When someone is talking about time...what is AM and what is PM? I don't know what the abbreviations stand for.

    3 AnswersWords & Wordplay1 decade ago
  • Has anyone on here ever been to Cedar Point?

    Has anyone here ever been to Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio? I live in Ohio and go there all the time. If you have, what is your favorite rollercoaster and why? Mine is the Top Thrill Dragster. I've rode it 12 times and stood in line a total of 24 hrs to ride it. It goes straight up 400 ft at 120 mph. I love it!! What is you favorite????

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  • Have you ever felt that you were born in the wrong decade?

    I feel that way a lot. I notice that I listen to a lot of music from the 50s and 70s. And I watch shows and movies that take place during those times because it gives my mind a chance to wander into those decades and pretend for awhile. I wish I lived the simple life like "leave it to beaver" or "Grease" in the 50s. No hustle and bustle, no cell phones, no internet, no "right now" attitude. Everyone took their time and lived life. And I find that I listen to a lot of the politcal songs of the 70s that are about the Vietnam War and stuff. Does anyone else feel that they were born in the wrong decade? Or am I just strange? Lol.

    6 AnswersOther - Society & Culture1 decade ago
  • Are mutual funds a good investment?

    I talked to someone about them, and they said mutual funds are a bad investment and that there is no money to be made in them. But I think their opinion is one sided because their husband invests in Forex and makes good money in it. I figured if you want to easily spread your investment into different stocks and stuff, and that it is a no load fund and its got a history of a pretty good return, then it would be a good investment. Right? So I guess my question is, are mutual funds a good investment?

    5 AnswersInvesting1 decade ago
  • I need help with this riddle.?

    Only three words in the english language end in "gry" they are hungry, angry and what?

    6 AnswersWords & Wordplay1 decade ago