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    What kind of behavior is this?

    A little background we were going for a walk and my “friend” (ex bf) said the word poop in a way like my grandmother used to say it, I think it’s a pa Dutch accent. It gave me a gross bothered feeling, for some reason I hated that she said it it felt weird, could also be related to bad memories. I said ew dont say that like that (I did not think I snapped) he repeated it a few times and then was like I should have just gone somewhere else. I asked if he wanted to leave so we did. In the car he says always a pleasure to be around. Dumbfounded I’m like yea you are. Mature of us right... he also commented about it being a trigger being a jerk like oh you don’t have any triggers do you. Wtf. he dropped me off at home I said have fun and went inside. Then these texts transpired. 

    I am so confused by this kind of behavior. It’s very repetitive (part of the reason of being an ex) I always feel like I’m crazy. Like  was I wrong to say don’t say that? I have an explanation, I said my grandmother used to say it and it felt funny. And I felt like it was super disrespectful to go on about it. And then it seems like some sort of behavior to send the I really do hope you enjoy your evening. I thought maybe that was gaslighting but from reading through other questions it doesn’t seem like it. How do normal people handle situations like this? And what is this considered?

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