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Lets see. I'm 21, just turned. Pregnant.. Engaged.. Fun stuff huh?? Lots of drama in my life.. Yea thats my life in a nutshell...

  • Approximately how much should replacing a Water Pump in a 2000 Grand Am cost?

    I am a girl, I know NOTHING about cars other than mine is a POS!!! I don't know if location would matter but if it does I am from York, Pennsylvania.

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  • How do I handle terrible In-Laws?

    My in-laws (well soon to be) are absolutely terrible. Yesterday they were going around calling me fat *** and what not.. Now, I'll be the first to tell you that it's not entirely a lie, but it's just hypocritical because his mom is bigger than me... Not to mention I AM PREGNANT! Everyone already knows that my weight to begin with is an issue of mine, but this is absolutely terrible I mean, I am afraid to diet or anything because of the baby and what not. I lost my last one and I don't wanna lose this one.. His parents have actually told him he should leave me for my weight and what not, telling him he can find a "prettier girl". Thank god he doesn't think like them...

    Worst part is there isn't really anything he can do to stop them other than tell them to mind their own but they just keep going..

    How should I handle this whole situation w/o stressing myself out too much? Please no smart remarks..

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  • Anyone know some good songs???

    I am making a cd for my friends dad who DJs and I need some Country & Rock songs to add.. I can't think of anymore.

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  • I cheated on my boyfriend... What to do?

    So, a few weeks ago I cheated on my bf with a guy I met and I wrote & sent a letter to him telling him that I did, but then all of a sudden, his family members start calling me, first his brother and then about 20 minutes later his grandma, and asking me why I did that (sent the letter).. Personally I think he has more of a right to know than they do, but yea.. Anyways, they were all trying to think of ways to keep it from him. Should I be mad about that, first off?

    Then, I am supposed to be moving in with him in like a few weeks (yea I know I am stupid for cheating) but everyone is like just come down anyways, but I am thinking I'm not going down until I hear something from him. I mean it's his extremely meddling family telling me to still come down and what not, but I haven't heard anything from him and I am assuming he has known for almost a week now. I don't know what to do. Should I stay here and wait to hear from him (like I want to) or go like his family is telling me to?

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  • I got a letter in the mail from my boyfriend... To another girl...?

    Ok, so my boyfriend is in jail and really our only way of communication (other than 20 minutes on the phone here and there) is letters and today I got this letter in the mail from him only the letter was to another girl... He sent it to my house with my name on the envelope but it was to another girl..

    He has the kind of personality that this would be just the kind of joke he would play on me but it's also pretty suspicious because this letter is really thought out and detailed. So if he was joking around trying to get my riled up he put some time into it...

    So I don't know what to think... HELP!!! Please, I am sooo confused..

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  • What would you do if someone was calling you a snitch for something you didn't say?

    So I got this phone call tonight from my friend and she was like "why did you tell Jamies grandma." I was like umm, I didn't say that one thing, and the other thing I told Jamie's BROTHER (who happens to be MY BOYFRIEND)..

    There were only a few who know any of this (Jamie, Jen, Jr, Me & Jamie's parents) Jamie and Jen are the "accusers", .So that leaves Jr, Me, and their parents.. So Jr is eliminated cuz Jamie has known him for 19 years and he knows he's not a snitch (I happen to know Jr tells his grandma EVERYTHING. So it is likely he told) but he is still eliminated leaving me and his parents.. So the parents got eliminated for some reason (they didn't even say), leaving ME! If I have to I will stop talking to Jr (my bf) so they can't blame me for ****...

    I think the parents are the ones who told because they were lied to and it was their lie that was told and the fact that his mom admitted to saying something about something else to her. So why one thing and not the other.

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  • Should I trust my mom or not?

    Recently, I switched my cell phone plan to a better company and since my mom needed a cell phone I got a family plan and put her on it too, now she paid for my cell phone, but I have to pay her back. The only reason I put her on my plan is because her credit isn't so great and besides her and my step dad just bought a house so they are pretty much locked for a while. What I did is I just asked her to take the amount she owes me for the cell phone each month, off the rent that I owe her..

    What I am concerned about is she WON'T pay me and she WON'T take it off my rent *because she doesn't want my step dad to know about this whole thing*. I am worried that if she leaves me to pay all of it (and she is a ringtone addict) I won't be able to do it my bills would total up to be more than I make.

    So I guess what I am wondering is if I should trust her that she is going to do something about it or should i keep asking her about it??

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  • I am getting annoyed with my friend, is there anyway to change that?

    My best friend lives with me cuz she has problems when she lives with her family and now all of a sudden a lot of stuff she is doing is annoying the hell out of me. Like she will say shes gonna stop talking to this one guy and then she will sit on the phone with until 2/3 in the morning. Or she will just take over MY computer when I am doing something on it and I get up for a minute. Or she will just throw stuff everywhere..

    I am getting thoroughly annoyed, at first it was cool having my friend living here but now it is getting to be too much because now I am starting to see flaws and things that I wouldn't normally have to see. But I can't tell her she has to find somewhere else to live..

    How can I lose the annoyance without compromising the friendship???

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  • How do I have a life when my bf is in jail in another state?

    My boyfriend is in jail in another state and I don't know what to do. I want to have a life but I don't know if I can because it gets complicated when I add that he is my best friends other best friend.. I'm confused because I live here and he lives there and I am afraid if I try to do anything with another guy I will feel bad because I will have to think that he is sitting in jail thinking I am being honest and faithful to him. My friend said she won't tell him but I still have the feeling that because she is so close to him (she dated his brother for a while, which is why they are so close) she will tell him so their relationship isn't messed up...

    Oh and to make things even better, my parents can't even know that he's my boyfriend because they HATE him for what he is locked up for...

    HELP! I need an outsiders point of view...

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