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  • Trying to install gigabit network in my home, issues with being seen outside?

    So trying to run internal network, 20metres to a switch then 1-5 metres to each coputer.

    Inside the house all is well, each computer can see the other and can transfer files between.

    Issue though is outside the house one of the computers behind the switch is used as a server, and for some reason on this setup it cant be seen from the internet. It doesnt connect to the remote server (plex).

    Could the port forward be failing because of the long run to the switch or could signal quality be an issue. any suggestions on what i could try.

    (if i run the plex server over powerline ethernet it runs fine....)

    5 AnswersComputer Networking6 years ago
  • Why does my new memory make PC lockup?

    I just got hold of some new memory for my pc, having used the crucial memory scanner it reported that i needed DDR3 10600 stick. So i got a DDR 10600 1333 mhz stick, only when i put it in the machine after around 5 minutes windows just locks up.

    It is seated well as ive reinserted it couple of times, but it still happens, could the speed make it do this as this is 1333 could the other stick be 1600 and theyre incompatible.

    The bios recognises it though, removed it works like it did....

    anyone got any ideas

    2 AnswersDesktops6 years ago