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  • is isopropyl alcohol 70% safe to clean a fleshlight with?

    I read that Isopropyl Alcohol 70% can help disinfect/clean a fleshlight, i just wanna make sure its safe to do so. cuz i know its harmful to humans if ingested, gets in the eyes, even if alot gets on the skin.. so before i use the fleshlight again.. i wanna know its safe after cleaning it with Isopropy alcohol. im new to this sex toy stuff, so idk what im doing lol. normally i'd just wash the fleshlight with soap n water but i read taht cant be done so i didnt lol, anyways thanks to anyone that answers and for reading!!

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  • Why am I so tired despite sleeping 7-8 hours?

    So recently I've started college and I switched to mornings for my job on weekends, so now i wake up in between 6:30-7:30 every morning, so i am going to bed pretty damn early (8-9pm) and i get like 7-8 hrs of sleep. the last 2 shifts at work i had (8am-4pm) i have seemed so drained idk why... i get home around 430 and like am just so drained, no energy... what could that be? i used to be on afternoons and i wasnt tired but its weird cuz id sleep the same amount of hours just get up at a later time. so im thinking just cuz its the first few weeks that im getting up early, is that why? im still adjusting.. im not sure what it could really be. cuz before school started i was on afts and went to bed average 12-2am and got up 10-11am. atm im somewhat tired, got up at 6am slept almost 8.5 hours.. it could also be that i work at tim hortons and that is alot of moving around, making drinks, etc. so that could tire me out really quick as well. not too sure. what do you guys think? thanks for any answers!!

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  • laptop secured not connected (exclamation mark)?

    hey guys so ive had this laptop for about a day and a half, and from the first day, an hour or so into using it, the issue began during a youtube video. yellow exclamation mark, turned off wifi turned it on, it worked, few mins later, again, fixed it, few mins later, again. just a pattern happening over and over. by the time i finish writing this ill prob have to turn it off n on again in order to post this. anyways ive looked it up obviously, watched youtube videos, tried uninstalling the network thing under device manager, that worked.. for 45 minutes then the issue happened again. now let me repeat, i got this a day and a half ago, so why am i having this issue now or even at all? my friend has never even heard of this. now i did get like protection or whatever so if anything happens in 1-2 years it'll be fixed for free. but before i go back there i want to see what it can be, because if its an easy fix its embarrassing to go back so soon. anyways this does get on my nerves quite obviously, im sure it would for anyone else. now i should prob mention that when my laptop disconnects, my ipads and my phone remain connected and ill be on youtube just fine so this is just my laptop. i know my internet isnt the greatest but its definitely not this bad. on my desktop,its very rare that i just lose internet, at the most, we just restart it and its totally fine. with this. its constant. so i dont know what else to try. i looked it up as i said .. to be continued...

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  • Should I have a low grade fever after wisdom teeth removal?

    Okay so i got all 4 teeth out about 3 days ago, and since then, at times, i've felt a bit woozy at times, ive had diaherra a few times (i assume due to the fact of diet change) and i also havent been drinking too much, so im thinking could i be feeling weird due to healing from surgery? or possibly from dehydration given that it is summer and feels like 30 deg c most days. im really not sure if its those, or even the antibiotic and pain meds that i can be taking that can be affecting me? even after sleeping maybe 8 hours i can still feel sleepy, again idk if thats the medication, or if its something concerning. the low grade fever.. i checked yesterday evening it was 37.1 deg c, then 2 hours later it was 37.2 then today early afternoon 37.3 idk if this is normal , i assume not. i've never had surgery nor anything to do with anesthesia, so i have no clue if this is normal or a cause for concern.

    thanks to everyone that answers!

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  • Can you masturbate 2 days after wisdom teeth removal?

    I got all 4 wisdom teeth out 2 days ago, im swelled, but pain has been pretty minimal, and everything seems to be well. I m just curious, would masturbating affect anything? cuz of high blood pressure or fast heartbeat or whatever?

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  • How many times a week should I workout for a beginner?

    So I'm 19, I'm skinny (underweight), i want to gain more muscle cuz im weak and wanna have like abs. And im active like leg wise, like i walk and i bike when its warm. I do have a job (just at tim hortons) so i work a few days a week, i dont go to school at the moment, so i could work out like a couple times a weak. Im like 5'8 and about 123 lbs. The past few days, i've started doing planks, twice a day, At least like 30 up to 45 seconds (which is pretty hard still, like 45 seconds). I've done that everday for almost a week. Obvi im not expecting results from just a week of doing planks. so now im thinking maybe i should go to the gym like fit for less, there's one that opened not long ago not too far. so i'm thinking, i'm off like 3 days a week, so i'm thinking maybe 3 times a week to the gym? the thing is, i would want to focus more on arms and chest area. So maybe equipment for like biceps, triceps, shoulders even, i dont want to be super buff. just like at least look decent, have some visible muscle, not even to show off, just so im actually a bit strong at least cuz now i'm pretty weak. so yeah i would want to focus more on arms and stomach/chest since im working, and i love biking so i think my legs are fine for exercise. so im thinking how long should one session be? 30-60 minutes? how many sets of what? and even for right now, maybe if im just at home doing exercises, what could i do at home for like 20-30 minutes. exercises that can build muscle and get abs.

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  • How often should I exercise? I’m 18 yo male and I’m underweight?

    Okay so I’m 18 years old, male, and I weigh around 120 lbs. I’m somewhat fit not really, pretty skinny. So I’m trying to start off by doing push-ups, sit-ups (i really struggle with sit-ups and push-ups) so I’m trying to do sit-ups, push-ups, planks, Wall push-ups, squats. A few sets of each wit 5-10 reps. So since I’m just starting off, I don’t know where to start. My plan right now is 10 squats, 3 sets, TRY TO DO: 5 push-ups (3 sets), 3-5 sit-ups (3 sets), and 3 sets of 10 squats 3-4 times a week. Rn it’s Sunday night, so today I exercised throughout the day (I did it throughout the day) but now that it’s summer and hot, I bike a lot more, so my legs are always arrive (walking, biking) so my legs I’m sure are good, but I’m trying to get my stomach, chest area, and arms stronger, maybe gain some muscle. Cuz I can’t even do a full push-up, it’s really hard for me to do sit-ups too. Someone has to step on my feet obviously. So I’m just not sure how much to work out, what to do exactly, if doing what I’m doing overtime will gain muscle, or help me get more fit? All answers will be appreciated, thanks for reading.. and again my plan is work out one day throughout the day, the next day no working out, just walking/biking like I always do as a daily thing.

    TLDR; I’m 18 year old underweight male, how should I go about exercising? (I’d suggest read what I said ^ above ^)

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  • How do i improve my singing?

    okay so im an 18 year old guy, and ive always liked singing. i do covers on youtube.. before puberty, i would say i sung pretty well, i could go high easily. now everytime i sing, itl start raspy and like not good. some days i can go high the next i suck again. when i try going high, my face has to cringe and i try so hard to go high that its not comfortable.. ik thats not how its supposed to be. idk if im breathing through my diaphragm or not. im trying too but idk if i am or not.. so i just want tips on how to make me sing. in the morning,when i sing, im awful (which makes sense) but why can i go high some days and some days not? i have cats and im somewhat allergic, which makes me nose stuffy basically 24/7. idk if thats one thing.. and everytime i sing, i have to clear my throat and stuff. its like idk what im doing right or wrong. i even try looking online. when i go high it just gets all croaky and cracky and i struggle to get there.. so like what am i doing wrong?

    what should i do or try? like my voice makes no sense to me half the time xD. i want to be a good singer but i dont see that happening. ive been better then recent years/.. i try singing everyday or every second day to practice. i havent posted covers recently cuz my voice sucks.. if you guys wanna hear some covers of mine to see how i sing my YT channel is just my name "Damian Krysa", anyone have any tips?

    any help appreciated, thank you for reading.

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  • How can I save my memories all at once or to a cloud or somethings?

    I have LOTS of memories, probably over a thousand, probably way more. and I’m so tempted to delete everything (ik I’ll regret it) My phone is very laggy, and I think it’s because of the memories? Ik it’s just my phone but what could make it lag less? On my iPad mini 4, it doesn’t lag at all. Can I save them all somewhere so I can just delete everything. Like what can I do? Also what can I do for making it less laggy? It takes FOREVER sometimes just to open a story.. and to send snaps... pft forget bout it. So please help me, I don’t know what to do about the memories. I know I can save them to camera roll, but it’s too many to save. Like I don’t know. Please help, anything appreciated!!

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  • I cant import my videos to my computer?

    i recorded lots of videos for a vlog i was going to post, but everytime it shows all pictures and videos on my phone, only photos show up. after deleting some things, 2 videos of mine showed up, and ive tried deleting more. the videos are on my sd card in my phone. when i go to my documents and go to my device, and sd card, it dosnt show anything except for photos. i dont know why. i have many others photos as well that wont come up. what is the issue?

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    for the last few months, my ipad wont let me update. everytime it said "unable to install" im honestly sick of it. iOS 11 came out today and i cant get it. it will only download. it wont install. i looked up what i could do. i tried using itunes on my comp to install it. nope an error. error 9006. whatever that means. dont understand. before it updated just fine, ever since a few months ago.. it just stopped working., i have enough storage.. i have 1.72gb and i already have it downloaded. just wont install for god knows why. i tried a bunch of stuff but resetting it cuz thats the totally last resort... i dont wanna reset everything... like no i cant do that. anything i can do to make this update install?


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  • google adsense trouble again?

    Okay so i need to reach $100 for my payment threshold. im only at $8.28. I made some money in every month from september to may. and for some reason it says i made no money in june? i dont get why? i have videos up with a fair amount of views and they're monetized. did i actually happen to not make any money thru that month? i know i shouldve made at least $0.30. Hell i had to make at least something, like i dont get the issues and so far its showing from july 1st to the 10th which is today, i have no earnings as well. which has to be a mistake. because im sure that i made at least $0.25 already this month. is something not working? i had to have made some money!! what is the issue? pls help!

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  • how do i reach my payment threshold of $100?

    My payment threshold is at $8.28 right now. i need to reach $100 but it hasnt gone up at all over the past few days. i dont get many views on my channel. but i have in total for the past 5 videos 88 views. those 5 videos are all monetized. didnt i make at least a few cents from this?? why isnt it going up? does it go up or update every day? or monthly? help!

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  • I keep getting strep throat?

    Okay so right now, i have strep throat, i literally get it like once every year... some people get it once in their lifetime... then theres me.. every year. so why do i keep getting it? what can i do to prevent myself from getting strep throat. im going to the doctor tomorrow, she is gonna give me antibiotics like always. but i keep getting it.last time i got it, i looked up why i keep getting it and it said to change ur bedsheets, get a new toothbrush afterwards. i think i need to wash my hands more often, thats prob another big thing. but im 17 and i get this **** every year. what can i do to stop it from recurring and coming back? cuz like i really hate it!! if you're a doctor and you know your stuff, tell me what i should do pls. im also gonna mention it tomorrow. its weird because i get it always after my brother gets sick. i think it may be cuz my brother always gets sick then gets everyone else sick. but usually i always get strep throat. sometimes its stomach flu or something but what can i do to keep this from recurring? all answers appreciated, thanks for reading!

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  • Suspicious car parked in front of my house?

    Okay so last night, around 10:30pm or 10:45pm, my sister noticed a suspicious car in front of my house (not right in front, it was on the other side of the street and I did too at around 11pm. It was some guy, idk what car it was, i couldn't see the plates from the angle I was at. And there was a guy in the drivers seat just sitting there, with what looked like a red jacket or coat, and I didn't think too much of it. My mom was watching movies til about 2am. And when she went to bed, the car was STILL THERE, not doing anything. She couldn't sleep, she was paranoid and nervous, she didn't fall asleep til like 3am. I was in bed at 11:30pm, she just told me all of this this morning. My dad gets up for work around 4:15am, so I'm gonna ask later if there was a car in front of our house when he woke up, by morning, like 7am, the car was gone. so we didn't call the police or anything or report it. But tonight mom is going to work, so she'll be gone tonight. My dad will be home. I'm going to have a knife beside me just in case and I'm calling the police if I see this car again and reporting it. is this a good idea or what should I do? Any ideas? I can't get the plate without actually going up to the car, the people inside would obviously notice. So any ideas on what I should do?

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  • Rzmmp to MP4?

    Help me pls... like omg I'm gonna go nuts, why have a program called YouTube Movie Maker if the file that it is isn't a ******* YouTube file. So fudging mad.

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  • How does a 'low' work Int weather?

    What I mean by that is like, where I live, a Colorado low is coming through bringing 10-15cm of snow to my area. So I'm just here thinking wtf is a 'low' I'm assuming a low pressure system or something, but like how does a 'low' even form? How does it get here and just dump snow here! I'd like to know, also when there's snow storms like 35cm+, where is all this snow coming from. Like do you get what. I mean, it's confusing, I don't get it? If you know can you explain? Or find a site or something that explains it? ITs so confusing

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  • We got a new computer, do we need to buy movie maker again?

    We've had this old computer for a lot of years and we had movie maker on it and im pretty sure we had to pay for it if we had it and were able to use it properly. now on this new comp, its windows 10, i have WLMM, but when i try saving it as 'recommended for this project' it says i need full version. now we had that comp for i think over a decade, so i dont remember if we had to pay before, im assuming we did if we had all the features, but it says only pay once in your lifetime. again idk if we've bought it before or not. but its saying i need to get the full version and i tried buying it myself for $42.18 but i dont have enough money so like do i just need to buy it again? cuz in order to post it to youtube then i need to convert the WLMP file to an MP4 for example. but it doesnt work. nothing online works, if you guys know any WLMP to mp4 converters that ACTUALLY work, can you pls post a link. Thank You!

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  • How can I predict the weather with clouds?

    I know you can just look at the clouds and see what type they are, and I'm trying too, but I'll see in my backyard, I'll examine them, and I feel like there cululonimbus clouds. And that indicates rain or a storm. But then I look in the front and the clouds are different. So how can you tell what weather is coming if there's more then one type of clouds in the sky, I know it's not just the clouds. To indicate severe weather, you gotta look at air pressure, wind and wind direction, whether it's humid or warm or cool. It all depends. But right now, my city is under a severe thunderstorm watch. Some clouds are puffy at the top, and at the bottom darker. In the backyard I see mostly dark skies, burmidk the clouds. I assume there cululonimbus clouds. It looks like all dark skies. So I can't really see the cloud, cux it's all grey and dark. I know it means rain and since we have a STW it means severe weather may come. Right now there is wind, not too strong, but minor winds. Like what does it mean if there is one kind that's white and on the other side of your house it's like grey and dark. Like idk how people do this, weather is really hard to predict. I've always been interested in how it works and stuff, I've been trying to predict today's weather, dark skies and cululonimbus clouds earlier and I think the same right now. It means greater chance of severe weather. But the question is what are all the ways you can predict weather at home by yourself??

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  • Cat has bald spots?

    My cat has two bald spots, one on each arm. And I don't know too much about animals, so idk if the skin looks fine, I tried inserting a picture but it's being a ***** -_- she acts normal, she doesn't seem to have anything bugging her so idrk, before there was just one that I noticed, now there's 2 bald spots??

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