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  • If someone with the following disorders has children, will the children have the disorder as well?

    Down s syndrome

    Turners syndrome

    Klienfelters syndrome

    Jacobs syndrome

    1 AnswerOther - Diseases4 years ago
  • Enclosure suggestions ?? Leopard gecko!?

    It s about (LxWxH) 2.1ft x 1.8ft x 1.2ft and I want to build or buy something with caves, tunnels, stairs, and a ramp/shelf type "road" close to the top of the enclosure so they can walk around the cage above the ground.

    1 AnswerReptiles4 years ago
  • Which of these could be aromatic compounds?





    1 AnswerChemistry4 years ago
  • Abandoned kitten HELP !!!!?

    The mother cat dropped her kitten in the middle of a busy road, and I managed to pick him up before being hit by a car. It s about 3 weeks old I think...I tried finding the mom and waiting for her to come back but she didn t so I took it home. Was this a mistake? I feel bad for taking him but if I left him he would of been hit. I m buying formula tomorrow, what can I do to ensure he survives?

    1 AnswerCats4 years ago
  • Betta fish living area suitable??

    He s in a Marina Cubus tank ( .9 gallons ) I have 1 inch of small pebbles on the bottom, a small plastic plant in one corner and water filled 1 inch from the top. I heard they require 5 gallons minimum but I dont have enough money for a 5 gallon atm! Is he okay in this tank? I cant find a heater small enough for it so I keep my room warm and put a reptile mat heater next to it (Keeps it at 82*F)when the temp drops, I also change 1/4-1/2 his water weekly and feed him 5 pellets a day

    3 AnswersFish5 years ago
  • Birth control question?

    I started on a Sunday and I'll be taking the last pill of my pack (21 pills) on the 14th. Do I wait 7 days to start again, or do I start a new pack on the 15th? Will my period start the day after stopping the pills (15th)? If I start the 15th will I still have my period?

    Women's Health5 years ago
  • How long will marijuana stay in my system? drug test soon?

    I'm a 5'2, 16 year old female who smokes on the weekend, but sometimes less (every few weeks). How long will thc stay in my urine? what can i do to speed up the cleansing process?

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  • Leopard Gecko HELP?!?

    I bought 2 "females" 3 days ago...turns out one of them is a male. The pet shop told me they were female, and now they said I can't take him back. They are 4-6 months old, and living in the same terrarium. What do I do? I don't want the female getting pregnant/stressed out...

    6 AnswersReptiles6 years ago
  • Rook or Snug piercing?

    I have my helix, 2 on my lobes, and a conch (not entirely close to where a snug would go)…

    Which one should I get? I don't want it to be too close to my conch. :)

    2 AnswersOther - Skin & Body7 years ago
  • Am I overweight for my age?

    I'm 14, 5'2 or 5'3, and 118-120lbs. I'm a size 7 in jeans, a small-medium in shirts, and a 34c bra size (if that helps). I don't really exercise, but I try to eat healthy and have 700-1200 a day...?

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  • Too many piercings for a 14 year old?

    Im going to be 14 in june... these are my current piercings

    Double belly button

    Double lobes







    Getting a industrial on Friday

    I plan on getting my hips,spider bites,snake eyes,rook,anti eyebrow,and snug in the future (I'm going to take it easy for a while)

    13 AnswersTattoos7 years ago
  • HELP! Get rid of bad acne overnight?!!?

    I washed my face with a tea tree oil cleanser and used a buffer to get the dead skin off of my face. I then used a scrub, and left it on for a few minutes, then after I took it off I steamed my face and put proactive face wash on it, then the toner, and the moisturizer. Do you think my acne will be gone by the morning? If not, will there be an improvement ? What are some other quick things I can to to help get rid of my acne overnight?

    5 AnswersSkin Conditions8 years ago
  • Tattoo design and placement help?!?

    My zodiac sign is cancer, and I am thinking of getting a small crab tattoo like this ..

    I also want a tiny cancer sign slightly above the claws. What do you think? Where should it go?

    2 AnswersTattoos8 years ago
  • 5 day diet plan? Help!!!!!?

    I need to loose weight very quickly! About 3-7 lbs... I'm vegetarian, so this prevents me from trying most 3-5day diets. Does anyone know a diet plan that will work, that contains no meat,eggs,or fish? Please help!!!

    2 AnswersDiet & Fitness8 years ago
  • How is viscosity related to its container?

    Ex: shampoo and a shampoo bottle ( grade 8 science) please help

    1 AnswerChemistry8 years ago
  • How to get hairspray spots off your glasses? PLEASE HELP!?

    I have brand new designer glasses and there full of little spots from my hairspray! I can't get them off! I tried soap and water,cleaning it with the cloth, and with the spray I got from the eye clinic, but its not working! Pease help! They were very expensive and I don't know what to do any more!

    3 AnswersFashion & Accessories8 years ago
  • I'm vegetarian? Getting a blood test in a few days?

    I have been a vegetarian for 9 months and in a few days I need to get a blood test., to make sure I'm not lacking anything. Is there a need? Because I eat fish,and veggie hotdogs (tofu) , veggie chicken nuggets and burgers also? (I eat more but that's just a few things) also, if I'm having (ex) chicken noodle soup, and there is a small amount of chicken in it, I won't bother to pick it out, because the pieces are do u think I should get a blood test? Or do u think I'm just fine? I feel normal and regularly eat vitamins also.

    2 AnswersDiet & Fitness8 years ago