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  • How long do you think Peter Jennings would've stayed at ABC News had he not died?

    Since today's the 15th anniversary of his death, I figured this was a good time to ask this.

    Had he not gotten lung cancer (or had he beaten it and returned), how long would he have stayed in the anchor chair for World News Tonight? Obviously, he would've been there for Katrina (arrived 3 weeks after he died). Would've had been around to cover the Recession? Is he there reporting on Obama's inauguration? Is he there to close out the 2000s and start the 2010s? Could he, barring retirement or death, still be there today (last week would've been his 82nd birthday)?

  • Why do millennials defend/justify bad behavior?

    That's something I've noticed with many in my generation.

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  • Which trend(s) from this decade do you want to see disappear/die down in the next decade?

    Mine is the politicization of everything (SJW logic is a close 2nd, but can be the same thing in a way). I understand the election is next year and political talk regarding that during the new year is justified, but (sorry liberals) it's beyond time to take a break from talking politics and social justice every 30 seconds.

    What 2010s trend(s) to you want gone?

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  • Who should I start on my standard team (non PPR)?

    Courtland Sutton or Raheem Mostert

    I also have Perriman on my bench

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  • Why do blacks hate Christopher Columbus?

    I'm two days late asking, but I noticed a number of black friends on Facebook were trashing Columbus and Columbus Day. I fully understand Native Americans trashing him and the holiday, but idk why blacks are going after him.

    As far as I know, he didn't bring African slaves to the New World and do horrible things to them.

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  • Who should I pick up in my fantasy PPR league?

    Michael Gallup or Marquise Brown

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  • Which teams will we see in Super Bowl 53?

    Chiefs-Saints: The Hank Stram Legacy Game

    Chiefs-Rams: Rematch of the MNF shootout from Week 11

    Patriots-Rams: Rematch of Super Bowl 36, even though Brady is the only player left from that game that's on either team

    Patriots-Saints: Brady vs Brees; matchup of 2 elite 40+ yr old QBs; if this ends up being the Super Bowl, Falcons fans will cringe the most and have a tough time picking a team to root for

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  • Was 2008 the last normal presidential election we've had?

    With John McCain's death, I've been thinking.

    Aside from Obama being the first minority candidate to be a major party's nominee for president (and his cult-like following), was 2008 the last normal presidential election we've had in the U.S. where you didn't see the type of smearing and division that we saw in 2012 and even more of in 2016?

    Yes, it wasn't competitive and Obama, without question, had all the momentum, but you didn't see friendships and relationships get torn apart over the '08 election. You had more of "agree to disagree" and less of "I'm right and you're wrong."

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  • If you announce you're running for a major state office less than a yr before the election, does it hurt your chances of getting elected?

    Let's say you're running for Governor or Lt. Governor. You end up waiting until December, maybe January to announce your candidacy. You then wait 6 months before the general election to start putting out ads and signs. And lastly, you win your primary.

    Do you have a chance or were you doomed from the start because you waited too long?

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  • Poll: Are you interested in seeing Warriors-Cavs 4?

    A part of me isn't all that interested in seeing Lebron vs Steph for the 4th straight Finals, but what about y'all? Yay or nay?

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  • Is the Senate getting ready to vote on their own version of the tax bill or the House's version?

    No media outlets have clarified which version is about to be voted on.

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  • Is this a sign I'm suffering from outrage fatigue?

    I've seen various stories from the last month and a half. Some of the stories include:

    -The mayor of Austin defending a women-only showing of Wonder Woman

    -Lebron's house being vandalized by some racist loon right before the Finals

    -The officer who killed Philando Castile getting off and how gun owners and the NRA were silent

    -A video a friend shared of prisoners in a St. Louis placed in a jail with deplorable conditions, one of them being no AC, causing prisoners to yell "help us" at people passing by

    -Florida's attorney general getting pulled over by a police officer

    A part of me sided with/understood the people voicing outrage (I would've sided with them outright 3,4 yrs ago), but another part of me wanted these people to shut up and quit talking. Not because of what they voiced outrage over, but just them voicing outrage.

    Don't get wrong, there are real injustices out there that need to be addressed, but I'm just tired of the left's outrage culture and them flipping out. That mainly stems from them getting upset over non-issues such as the professor from Evergreen State College, people wearing sombreros and panchoes, people who believe that there are only 2 genders, someone dressing up as a Native American, sports teams with Native American names, and Trump's name on a sign or sidewalk.

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  • Is it possible to disown but not disinherit a relative?

    Or is disinheritance a part of disowning someone?

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  • Is it possible that neglect leads to selfishness?

    If someone experiences neglect and received little to no attention for anything regardless if it's major or minor or if it was done intentionally or unintentionally, could it cause that person to be selfish down the road and maybe not be as caring and willing to help other as he or she use to be?

  • Are the Antifas/SJWs the modern day version of the Counterculture/New Left from the 60s?

    Can they be put in the same category or are they two different groups for two different eras?

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  • How long would JFK had lived had he not been assassinated?

    I know people have brought up the health issues he had, but how long would he have lived had he not been assassinated? Does he lived to see his kids graduate high school and college? Does he live to see the Reagan presidency (assuming little changed with presidential elections since he survived Dallas)? Does he live to see Clinton come to office? Does he make it to the 21st century? And would he have any shot at living to see his 100th birthday?

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  • Is it ok to forgive someone but not have anything to do with them anymore?

    Is it ever alright for someone to tear up the debt slips, but do everything possible to avoid hanging around or associating with a person or group that causes trouble?

    I understand if it falls under the category of "forgive but don't forget," but the difference is that you're not dwelling 24/7 on whatever someone or some group did to you and you don't plan on using the incidents against them the next time they screw up. Essentially, what ever went on is nothing more than a footnote that rarely comes up in your mind.

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  • Is there a difference between overthinking and jumping to conclusions?

    Or can overthinking lead someone to jump to a conclusion of some kind?

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  • Should there be a Yahoo! forum in place?

    Since there are people using Yahoo Answers it as a forum for whatever reason, who thinks Yahoo should create a forum section where people can discuss various things and not have to blow up Yahoo Answers with various questions (good and bad) and risk having their questions get reported for violating Community Guidelines?

    If such as thing already exists, please let me know.

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