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  • Enough with the referees!?

    Why can't you "fans" just watch and enjoy the game?

    When the Heat get foul calls, you cry.

    When the Heat don't get foul calls, you cry.

    I mean, they put LeBron on the bench with 3 fouls. Yet, there is still something wrong with the refs because LeBron and Wade are not on the bench?

    The Mavs have more foul shots in the first half.

    The Mavs got more foul shots in Game 1.

    Quit your b*tchin'

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  • Why are the haters complaining about the Finals being rigged?

    I watched the game. I didn't see any obvious bad calls.

    Miami committed 21 fouls.

    Dallas committed 22 fouls.

    Miami had 26 free throw attempts

    Dallas had 32 free throw attempts

    What the dilly-yo

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  • Does LeBron really lack a good jumper?

    And,,, is 3pt% a good indicator of a better shooter?

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  • Will the real MVP please stand up?

    LeBron shut down Rose, then made clutch shots to send him fishing.

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  • Heat vs Lakers. Isnt this funny? BQ?

    Now that the Lakers have gone fishin'. The Faker fans watch the Heat beat the Bulls and these faker fans complain out games being rigged.

    Yes... LA Lakers fans complaining about refs rigging games. If not for these refs, the Lakers might have 1 or 2 rings in the last 10years, and no one would be talking about who is better LeBron or Kobe.

    Ill agree that the reffing to start the 2nd quarter was touchy, but later in the game, it evened out. Bad calls were bad on both sides.

    The refs called a few hand check fouls on the Bulls.

    The refs called a few offensive screen fouls on the Heat.

    Bottom line: when it was crunch time, LeBron was eating, and Rose tuned into Kobe (the brick layer).

    BQ: Should Miami continue to sit Big-Z and Erik Dampier in street clothes or keep Jamaal Magloire on the court?

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  • No love from Garnett, Pierce, and Rondo?

    When LeBron was eliminated by the Magic a year ago, he left for the locker room and did not shake hands with any Magic player... and was heavily criticized by the media.

    After LeBron, Wade, and the Heat knocked off Boston last night, Garnett, Pierce, and Rondo went straight into the locker room without shaking hands or congratulating the Heat players/coaches. Yet, we've yet to hear a peep from the media about bad sportsmanship. The only star for Boston to congratulate Miami was Ray Allen.

    LeBron got crucified for it, but Garnett, Pierce, and Rondo don't even get a slap on the wrist. It really shows you that the media controls everything! And how they want the fans to perceive the players.

    Where is the love?

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  • Is this a joke? Kobe was selected to the all-defensive first team.?

    Anyone who has seen Kobe play this season knows he's too old and slow to guard anyone. He plays matador defence then points the finger at his teammates.

    Maybe it's his defensive stats that put him head and shoulders above the rest? Well.... think again. Kobe averaged 0.2 blocks, 1.2 steals, and rebounds

    Arguably the best shooting guard Dwyane Wade is a stud and spark plug on defence who averages 1.1 blocks, 1.5 steals, and 6.4 rebounds... all significantly higher than Kobe.

    This has got to be a mistake. Kobe makes 1st team, and Wade doesn't even make 2nd team.

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  • More likely? Mavs sweep Lakers or Lakers win in 7.?

    Unfortunately for me, I was unable to watch game 1 and game 2... so it's hard for me to determine how the teams played.

    What's more likely?

    Mavs sweep Lakers 4-0

    Lakers come back and beat Mavs in 7

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  • Is this a great example of Kobe rubbing off on his teammates?

    Kobe must influence his teammates.

    It's an old one, but good one:

    Youtube thumbnail

    Video of Andrew Bynum and Sasha Vujacic

    Both Bynum and Vujacic display Kobe traits: Yell and your teammates, and don't pass the ball.

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  • Is Chris Bosh really a "superstar"?

    Everyone says 3 superstars in Miami, but is Chris Bosh really a superstar?

    He has led the Raptors, but they didn't even make the playoffs last year. He averaged 24 and 10 last year. But Zach Randolph is averaging 20 and 13 this year and he's not considered a superstar, maybe Zach isn't even a star player.

    Bosh is not even considered a top 5 power forward by most... with Garnett, Dirk, Pau, Amare, Duncan, Boozer, Blake Griffin, and Kevin Love possibly ahead of Bosh.

    Also Bosh's current role with Miami, barely warrants star status.

    Is it really the Big 2 in Miami? LeBron and Wade

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  • Anyone hear that Mike Bibby and Troy Murphy signed with the Miami Heat?

    Is this true?

    Which teams do you think each player will sign with.

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  • Rank these power forwards, currently.?

    This is not all-time rankings.

    Rank them if you had to pick today at their current age and mileage.

    Amare Stoudemire

    Chris Bosh

    Blake Griffin

    Pau Gasol

    Kevin Garnett

    Carlos Boozer

    Tim Duncan

    Dirk Nowitski

    David West

    Kevin Love

    LaMarcus Aldridge

    Rank them 1-5 or 1-10, I am curious to see where Chris Bosh ends up, I don't think he's a top 5.

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  • What did Kobe Bryant prove in the All-Star Game?

    It really looked like Kobe wanted to prove something to everyone.

    He was really competing at 100% while everyone else was at about 80%. He wanted to make a statement. He doesn't even practice with his Lakers team, but went all out in a game that meant nothing.

    What is he trying to prove?

    1) He has not lost a step?

    2) He is still as selfish as ever?

    3) He was the only one trying to win the MVP?

    4) He wasn't trying to prove anything?

    5) That's just the way he plays.

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  • Can LeBron James catch Michael Jordan?

    First, it is unfortunate that Jordan retired after his first 3-peat, then came back and retired again after another 3-peat. If he had stayed, he would have won at least 1, 2, or 3 more rings and accumulated more stats. That being said...

    LeBron has played 7 1/2 seasons so far. Jordan played in 15 seasons total. Pretty much half...

    Can LeBron catch Jordan in these stat catagories?

    Rings?: 0 - 6 (probably not)

    Points?: 16,659 - 32,292 (there's a chance)

    Rebounds?: 4,262 - 6,672 (most likely)

    Assists?: 4,205 - 5,633 (definitely)

    Steals?: 1,039 - 2,514 (I highly doubt it)

    Blocks?: 514 - 893 (it's possible, but I don't think so)

    If Jordan didn't retire so many times, there would be no comparisons with LeBron and Kobe, because Jordan would have at least 8 rings, and way better stats... agree?

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  • Kobe Bryant season-high for blocks vs Cavs?

    Kobe tied his season high for blocks in a game with 1 tonight! That makes 6 total blocks for the season!

    Kobe loses vs Cavs

    8-24 FG

    1-6 3pt

    2 assists

    7 turnovers

    17 points

    Why couldn't he pass to Pau Gasol? Dude had a monster game.

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  • Who has the most pimples/zits in the NBA?

    DeMar Derozen has a lot all the time.

    Chris Bosh gets them occasionally.

    Rose and Durant also get them.

    Who are the pimple poppers in the NBA?

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  • If Kobe shoots back to back air balls, is it the refs fault?

    Kobe just shot back-to-back air balls then complained to the ref. Does he always blame others?

    He actually was blocked in between shooting air balls, so he airball, got blocked, then airball, then yelled at ref.

    Will Kobe end up with more shot attempts or points? Currently has 13 shots with 9 points.

    Will Kobe end up with more assists or turnovers? Currently has 1 assist and 4 turnovers.

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  • Which statistics are most important? Rank them.?

    Which of these stats are the most important?

    I would rank them:

    1. Points per game

    2. +/-

    3. Assists per game

    4. FG%

    5. Rebounds per game

    6. Blocks

    7. Steals

    8. 3PT%

    9. FT%

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