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  • Need help deciding career?


    I am currently in high school and will be applying to university soon. Problem is that I am having a really hard time deciding what i want to be. I am thinking somewhere in the field of engineering science or business. I have the marks to get there, and both are equally interesting to me. I looked at many other people's similar questions, many people said to just do what you like, go with something that makes you tick. My dream since i was a kid was to become an astronaut. But as I grew older, many people told me that it's a stupid dream and it's impossible to achieve that. So then i began to think, and came up with the fact that i would take either business or engineering (broad fields, i know) in university. I am really good in math (though I don't really like it), science (i really like), and business, with overall 95+ average. Nevertheless, can anyone suggest what should I go (or maybe some helpful info) for when it all comes down to 2 paths in life with both seem equal?

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