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I love star wars, the silence of the lambs and the godfather :D

  • I'm really ashamed if people know I'm not straight?

    My mom found out that I have a girlfriend and I'm just really uncomfortable with the fact that she knows, even if she accepts me and is happy and everything, I don't want to come out to anyone and I don't want to put a label on myself but my mom is like really proud of me for some reason and I know she'll tell everyone. Does anyone else experience this?

  • When will my self harm scars heal?

    I have several self harm scars on my arms, I did them with a broken razor blade (I got the blades out of the plastic thingy) and I did the last one two months ago. They are bright pink and raised, and they haven't been getting paler or flatter for the past month. I use an exfoliating scrub on them, and after I apply cream or lavender. Will they ever become white?

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  • How to get rid of raised scars?

    I have several self-harm scars that are about 4 weeks old and they are really pink and raised. They are caused by razor blades and I really don't know how to make them flatten or at least look paler. Any tips?

    (btw, I'm in therapy so there is no need to tell me to get help, I already am)

    :D thanks

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  • Jobs you can work from anywhere?

    Hey! So I want to study in Canada, where I live. I'm considering becoming a linguist, a psychoanalyst or a forensic psychologist. I have my whole future planned out (I'm weird like that) and I want to go live in Germany when I'm done studying.

    Can I work in another country if I studied in Canada? Are there careers that you don't need to re-study if you work in another country?

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  • Do you think that people are born asexual and agender?

    I think so.

    People make homosexuality, bisexuality and any sexuality other than heterosexuality sound so wrong. Even people who aren't homophobic make it sound like heterosexuals are normal and homosexuals are just a separate branch. Also, people think that just because you have a penis, you are a boy. The biggest part of your gender is in your head. Most people's brains identify with their bodies, but some don't.

    I think that we are all born asexual and the only reason why children seem to be attracted to the opposite sex is because of the extreme PRESSURE that media, society and even parents put on them. There is NO pity! Everything is heterosexual.

    I think that if someone were to raise a child, make him wear neutral clothing, make him play neutral games, watch movies without love stories and make everything neutral, the child would more easily be what he wants to be.

    We shouldn't mold kids into anything. We should only raise them to be good people, not to be people we want them to be.

    Of course, I'm not saying that you should give your female child a masculine name or not give toy trucks to your male child. Also, I think it's fine to give your child the pronoun of his birth sex (she for a female and he for a male). It's not to prevent the kid from identifying with anything, just to let him be what he wants.

    Does any of this make sense?

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  • I believe in God but...?

    Okay, so I am a really good person, I'm kind, generous, respectful, honest and everything. I pray every night a before I eat a meal, I pray when I'm in trouble or when someone else is, I'm grateful for everything that God has given me and I know he loves me. I also celebrate Christmas and Easter, and even Lent.

    But, I do not dress modestly, I absolutely do not believe in marriage whatsoever, I don't really want kids, I flirt with people, I am a writer and the stuff I write isn't always... holy.

    I don't know, I just feel like everyone is pressured to be a certain way and to follow God's rules, but I think that he loves everyone and he created us in his image. I don't perceive God as someone extremely controlling and high above. I think of him sort of as a friend and someone to guide me in hard times.

    My extremely religious friend (who is Baha'i) keeps telling me to stop wearing short shorts and bikinis because it attracts men's attention. I don't care what it does to others! I dress for myself! The only day I will dress for a man will be at my burial when I go to heaven and meet Jesus :D.

    Don't worry, I don't do anything stupid, I don't sleep around, I'm a virgin, I don't do drugs or anything bad.

    I was just wondering if you can be Godly without doing everything they tell you to in the Bible? I think it's a bit ridiculous that I should wear long dresses and go to church every Sunday just because someone wrote it in a book 3000 years ago....

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  • So scared that I have tss?

    I wore a tampon for 9 hours last night and I wore another tampon this afternoon for 5 hours. After dinner I started having a tummy ache. I ate alot of cheese so that might be it.... Later I had diarrhea and I feel really nauseous right now. My parents aren't home, and I'm alone with my sister. It's nighttime and I can't sleep because I'm so scared. Should I wait next morning? I'm really scared of dying... I don't know what to do.

    Please help?

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  • Trying dance costumes but...?

    I do ballet and we're trying the costumes for the recital. I always wear a sweater wrap on top of my leotard because I'm cold and also because I have huge self-harm scars on my arms. Our teacher said that for next practice, we need to try the costumes which are long sleeveless dresses. She said that to know if the size fits perfectly, we need to take our warm up shirts and sweaters off so that the seamstress can make sure the dresses fit. I'm so nervous because I'm not ready to show my scars and my teacher is really strict so there isn't anything I can do.


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  • How do you think homosexuality became a bad thing?

    I think that homosexuality was the norm in ancient rome and ancient greece until christianity arrived. I'm guessing that even in ancient egypt and other places in europe, homosexuality was perfectly fine, or at least equal to heterosexuality.

    Do you think it's just perversion that men used to have sex with boys as young as 12 (pederasty)?

    Do you think that if christianity never existed, incest, pedophillia and homosexuality would be completely normal? Why is it bad to have sex with someone of the same gender?

    Many people are against it.

    Many people claim to think it's okay, but still make jokes about it and criticize gays.

    Most of us are homophobic but don't even know it ourselves.

    Speaking of homophobic, would that word exist without christianity?

    I could go on and on about this...

    Also, do you think that we never hear about gays in really primitive tribes such as himbas because it doesn't make sense to them to have sexual intercourse without procreating?

    What do you guys think?

  • I'm sixteen and I've never had a crush?

    I don't know why, but I love everyone equally. Like my friends and family, it's all the same love. I've never fallen in love, had a romantic or sexual attraction to anyone. I'm sixteen! My sister is eleven and she's had 3 crushes that she told me about. I have NEVER felt anything romantic towards ANYONE. Not even like an actor or a singer. When I see my favorite actor, all I have is admiration and the hope to meet him some day. I'm not like 'heee i wanna have his babies.'

    I feel like I'm impaired or something, like there is something wrong with me. I'm fairly normal, I am considered attractive to most people, because guys do look at me.

    If I ever have the slightest bit of a crush I would seriously tell everyone. Just to prove I'm normal.

    Is anyone else like me?

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  • How to get people to stop touching me?

    I don't like it when people touch me. I hate it when people rub my back or hug me (the worst). I didn't even liked being picked up as a baby, so I guess it's just a personality trait, I wasn't traumatized ahaha. My mom says that I should go to therapy but I don't want to!

    She keeps poking me and sitting next to me and I run away. She gets mad at me and looks really insulted, but I can't stand it! It makes me so nervous and scared. Every time she touches me, she says 'you need to learn to apreciate this' and 'humans need physical contact'. I'm sad because I'll never be able to feel nice when someone kisses me or hugs me, but I don't want to change, I don't need physical affection. I apreciate people by talking to them, writing to them or doing activities with them, I don't 'need' that type of love. My mom even told me that if i want to make love with someone one day I have to learn to like this. So what? Maybe I'll never have sex! Maybe I'll never be in a romantic relationship. I don't care.

    I think that the next time she touches I'll tell her that this is my body and I have the right to do what I want with it. This could be considered as abuse. If it were a guy poking me and snuggling with me all the time it would be wrong, but just because she's my mother I'm not allowed to say no?

    How to I let people know that I don't want them to touch me? How do I say it nicely? I usually let my kindness take over and let my friends hug me but inside I'm dying. What do I do?

    2 AnswersOther - Family & Relationships7 years ago
  • How do I tell her I won't go to the movies?

    My 'friend' whom I don't really consider as a friend really likes me and keeps asking me to go see this movie with her. I want to see the movie except not with her because she's so immature and we have NOTHING in comon! I don't want to be mean because I keep telling her 'another time'. She's nice and all but I don't want to! She's always hugging me and telling me that I'm her best friend.

    She's really sensitive and I can't tell her I don't want to go. What should I do?

    1 AnswerFriends7 years ago
  • I am a rude and sad person?

    If you are rude, sad, antisocial and sarcastic person, is it a good thing to pretend that you are nice? I find almost everyone so vacant and strange, and over time I've realized that the person I am with others is not who I really am. I am a sixteen year old girl but I feel like someone much older. People don't understand why I'm always reading and writing, my mom says I'm different.

    Around family I smile and act nice but I really just want them to disapeare. I have three people that I absolutely do care about in my life and that's enough. Is it okay not to be yourself when you're as horrible as me? NO ONE knows how I really am.

    I've been feeling less and less too. I never cry or get angry (even though I like to stay away from people).

    Why am I like this?

    2 AnswersMental Health7 years ago
  • I don't want to be alone anymore?

    For some reason I don't want to be alone. I'm sixteen and I'm REALLY way above average mature for my age. Not really personality wise but intellectually. That's the thing. How am I supposed to find someone my age who has similar interests? I'm not like a teenager who eats all day and stays on the computer. I travel, I go out and talk to people, I read and I love school. I enjoy psychology, litterature, politics, history, math... That kind of stuff.

    I really want to find someone to share that with. I do have guy friends, but they are kind of immature. I like them but I couldn't stand them if we were in a relationship. My mom said that I should wait until I'm 18 so that I can legally fall in love with a 35 year old. But I'm just so lonely. I feel like I'm ready to be with someone..... But no one is like me!

    Any help?

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  • A question for teenage guys?

    What do you feel about dating a VERY smart girl? Like someone in your age range, just who has very strong political opinions, has good taste in movies, reads alot, etc... Is that a turnoff? Or do you like someone just average?

    BQ: what's the first thing you look for in a girl?

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  • How to make my dog stop doing this?

    My bed is right next to the window and my dog often runs to my bed and barks at people passing. It's gotten to the point that he broke TWO windows (he puts his paws against the window which creates pressure). There is a huge crack in my window right now for the the second time. And it's not cheap.

    I don't know what to do! Should I yell at him? I've done that quite alot and he stops, when I'm not home, or when I'm not near he'll go to my window again, like he doesn't remember not to do it. He's not dumb, I got him to stop chewing on furniture by spraying a bitter spray on it a few times and he stopped. He hasn't done it in one year.

    But what do I do about the window thing???

    4 AnswersDogs7 years ago
  • I feel bad about making my cousin cry?

    I don't LOVE little kids, but I don't hate them either. So please don't think I'm a terrible person because I feel like one :(

    I was having lunch with my little cousin who is 1 and my aunt (my uncle's wife) and my little cousin was throwing everything I gave her on the floor and even if she wanted it, I gave it to her but she still threw it on the floor! I know she's in a phase and she's testing the laws of gravity, but it ticked me off so bad that I told her 'Clara no, please stop.' And she stared at me for like five seconds before bursting into tears. My aunt who is a very protective mother took her and told me not to scream at her.

    I feel really bad. Please don't think that I'm just not used to little kids, I have a five year old brother and my mom's friends all have babies so the house is always filled with children. I'm just very insensitive sometimes.

    I feel bad about making my cousin cry and now I think that my aunt hates me...

    1 AnswerFamily7 years ago
  • How to start a youtube channel?

    Me and my sister want to start a youtube channel. We want to do three kind of videos on our channel: Funny ones (both of us) DIY crafts (by her, since she's crafty) and book reviews (by me since I read allot). I notice that most youtubers are popular because they are either sexually explicit or because they swear all the time and people think that's cool.

    I'm sixteen and my sister is eleven, so we don't want to put that kind of image out there. How should we start our channel? We are going to buy a good camera soon, and we've got plenty of ideas, like we might also do cooking, and my sister wants to make a video on how to make doll clothes. Should we start with something popular? Or like more of a presentation?

    Any ideas would help! thanks!

    3 AnswersYouTube7 years ago
  • My friend wants me to date this guy?

    I want to wait until I'm eighteen to date a much older man (I find them more mature). I'm waiting because I know it would be weird and maybe illegal to date someone in their late thirties while I'm just sixteen. But recently I've been wanting to be in a relationship, I don't know why, I just want to have a significant other to do stuff, like go to the movies, to the museum and just be together.

    My friend wants to match me with her friend who is seventeen, she always talks about him being the perfect guy for me. I met him once and he was kind of shy so we didn't talk but she said that he thinks I'm pretty. I talked to my mum about it and she said: 'Just tell her to stop, tell her that you aren't looking for a boyfriend.' I feel bad because she doesn't understand. I didn't talk back or anything, I just agreed. He seems really nice. I don't want to tell my mum about it because otherwise she'll be sad that I'm not her little girl anymore, all innocent and everything. I'm a really good person, I don't drink, I don't do drugs, I read 6 books a week and do ballet and I never ask for anything.

    I feel like I'm growing up too fast. What should I do about this?

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  • What do you think of communism?

    I'm sixteen and my uncle gives communism classes (about Marx and his ideas) at a library, and it really inspired me, I started reading and writing my own ideas except I'm being criticized alot. Everyone says that communists are evil and when they hear 'communism', they hear 'communist crimes'. I KNOW about those, they are terrible, but not all communists are like that. I'm not a Stalinist or a Maoist, I just can't. There are good people and bad people, I wish others would understand.

    And don't get the wrong idea; I don't go around telling everyone that I'm a communist.

    What do you think? What are the pros and cons?

    13 AnswersPolitics7 years ago