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  • Why are repuglicans upset about the Black Panther story?

    The guy holding the stick has done the same thing before. There were no arrests made, and no one came forward with a complaint about this dude. Considering the facts of the case, Bush administration decided to file a civil suit, not a criminal one. When the dude didn't show up in court, the Obama administration handed down the strictest punishment possible, an injunction.

    "And they made the judgment on the merits that we should proceed with the default judgment against the gentleman who was -- who had the stick and that the evidence didn't sustain the case against the national party or the head of the national party for the reasons that we have discussed." (This was done during the Bush administration.)

    "Adams: "I don't know. I wasn't there." As Media Matters documented, in the portion of the interview that aired on June 30, Adams' allegations relied on hearsay and charges made by others, rather than firsthand knowledge. Adams repeatedly acknowledged that he was not present to witness the events he cited to back up his claims. "

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  • Training question. Very happy 6 month old loves to jump on me and others who come to my home.?

    I have this great 6 month old Cocker Spaniel/Poodle cross that LOVES anyone close enough to jump on, lick, and puppy nibble on hands. I've tried several things from "canned air" to putting my knee up and gently push him away. The problem with that is he comes from behind and jump excitedly on my legs. He already knows sit, lie down, "twirl", and crawl if any of that makes a difference--something I can use while teaching him not to jump up on me and service people who come to my house. Any suggestions?

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  • Why couldn't the health reform bill pass, and the financial regulation pass with both Democrats and Republican?

    if they did something like

    Health bill - pass the parts of the health reform bill that Democrats definitely agree on: no pre-existing conditions, no rescissions on those who have insurance, a national exchange where everyone and anyone can participate in, and requiring insurance companies to spend 90% on health benefits--I'm sure there are a few others in which they agree. Public polling has been fairly consistent that the majority of Americans want a public OPTION, not a public takeover, to choose from among many other private choices. It would be "deadly" if the Republicans tried to obstruct this kind of bill. How could they justify not voting in support of if?

    Same idea with the financial requlations. Americans are really P.O.d that the big banks and auto industry got bailed out with our money. The public would be in favor of making the financial institutions more responsible and to ensure they could never do what they did again. If Republicans fought against that, how could that help their popularity with the American people?

    Any suggestions? Can you tell me how moderate Democrats and Republicans can deny those things that the American people want?

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  • Would you be in favor of a second stimulus? What if it was called a job's bill?

    I think "pay me now, or pay me later" applies here. Either spend the money to create jobs now, or end up having to pay even more later for not creating jobs. You can't make money without spending money (and I'd include tax cuts to middle or below in America ONLY, and tax breaks for small businesses. There are economists who say this is the only way to go and economists who say we can't afford spending more money. Which one do you agree with and what is your rationale?

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  • I have a 3 yr old female that I got when she was 4 months old, and I just?

    got a 3mo old male Cockapoo that is now 4 months. Why is it that when my male puppy pees in the grass (winter rye) there's a big brown spot, dead grass, where he squatted? That never happened with my female. I know when he starts lifting his leg, I won't have that problem, (I have plenty of things he can lift his leg on that isn't on the grass) but why does the grass die? Is there anything I can do (besides hosing down the spot right away)? My winter grass was just seeded 6 weeks ago. I have this beautiful sea of green with brown spots dotting like islands.

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  • I know charges vary, but what can I expect to pay for my puppy's first rabies?

    vaccine. He's 16 weeks today. Is it normal to give a puppy a Bordatella vaccine as well?

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  • Is there anyone here who won't neuter their male dog because they think their dogs?

    should not "have to go through that" unless there is a "medical reason?" Basically are you keeping your male dog in tact? This is bizarre thinking to me. I've been reading some forums and there are people who actually say, "I wouldn't cut my dog's bits off unless for a medical reason."

    Neutered males have far fewer prostate problems (including cysts, abscesses, and prostate cancer) than do unaltered males, and they can’t develop testicular cancer. They are less likely to roam, fight, demonstrate aggressiveness, or display hyperactive behavior.

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  • To the person who had a question about her dog's seizures? I guess the drug got it deleted.?

    I guess the drug got it deleted. give me your yahoo email address and I can help you out, I think.

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  • How much money would we save every year by simplifying?

    how records are handled? In other words, doctors and hospitals have said that they can save a lot by converting all records to electronic "paperwork". How much could they save? Give source of your answer.

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  • What do you think is Obama's current approval rating?

    A CBS poll has him at 56% (overall approval rating.) What do you think his overall approval rating is? PLEASE tell me your source. Your opinion is not a credible source.

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  • Why do Republicans think private health care/insurance will "police" themselves?

    without the government regulating the heck out of private enterprise (insurance)? I thought cons didn't want government involvement, but you know that without major government regulations--messing with a private enterprise--will not force the changes on themselves without raising premiums.

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  • Who ignores the facts more, Republicans or Democrats?

    Director of Clinical Psychology at Emory University, Drew Westen studies the way that psychology and politics intersect, and he says the format of cable TV news -- throwing out a topic to two representatives of opposite sides -- capitalizes on a design flaw in the human brain. People believe what they want to believe, no matter what the facts are.

    As a result, highly-polarized people, such as self-promoting Democrats, Republicans, liberals and conservatives tend to ignore facts that do not substantiate their side. And mainstream media propogates and panders to these flaws, especially via a method of creating "demon" icons like fundamentalist radicalists, Michael Moore, Rush Limbaugh, the ACLU or PETA. These references create such irrational contempt among certain polarized groups that they ignore facts on relevant issues to which they may not even be associated. In other words, you can tell a republican that Rush Limbaugh burned down his neighbor's house and he may suggest the neighbor deserved it, but if someone from PETA steps on his lawn, he might want them arrested for trespassing.

    I'll bet there are YAers who will argue with this study!

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  • Is this the first president to be called a socialist, communist and traitor of the American people?

    No, it isn't. This isn't the first time that Republicans have used hot-button words to scare America.

    So, do you think this is just more of the same? And do we need to bow to the Republicans? Were they right about FDR?

    In modern history, no president has been so excoriated as a socialist, communist and traitor to the American system than Roosevelt. His New Deal introduced half a dozen new types of government regulation and income redistribution.

    In the 1930s, "the idea that the federal government would become involved not only in the economy but in social affairs was just unthinkable to many," Conley said. "It didn't represent what the U.S. was like until that point."

    Today, some of those programs are among the nation's most widely accepted and popular - Social Security, mandatory bank-deposit insurance and regulation of securities sales.

    But at the time, "the critics went berserk," said John Belohlavek, a political historian at the University of South Florida and a Democrat.

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  • What's the reason people post on YA?

    but blocks people with different opinions from theirs? Wouldn't a blog be more appropriate if all you're doing is promoting your opinions and not allowing othersto comment?

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  • What percentage of Blacks voted for Kerry in 2004?

    Please give your source.

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  • Is this what Republicans want for health care reform?

    Republicans clearly do not want a public option, however, they want the government to control (regulate) private insurance companies? Without heavy regulation there wouldn't be any changes to the "prior existing condition" and cheap enough health insurance for those who do work but can't afford insurance, or "cherry picking" as it has been called. Do Republicans really think the insurance companies will police themselves and in fact, they most likely will raise the costs of health care because they will now be regulated by the government to accept everyone, so their risks go up.

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  • Are there any of you who are able to give "thumbs down,"?

    but if you try to do a "thumbs up" you get the message that the rating can't be saved? This has happened all moring for me.

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