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  • Explain how long-term cultivation affects soil organic matter levels?

    Explain how long-term cultivation affects soil organic matter levels?

    for example, does it affect the bulk density, fertility, carbon, nutrient levels, etc

    3 AnswersAgriculture9 months ago
  • what is the firms yearly interest and earnings, and the firms cost of equity? What s the cost of capital?

    Scott Power is an electric utility that operates in a taxless world. It currently has $50 million in EBIT, $200 million in 5

    percent coupon rate bonds outstanding, and $400 million in stock outstanding.

    a. Determine the firm s yearly interest and earnings, and the firm s cost of equity ?What is the cost of capital?

    Investing12 months ago
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    Reimann Sums and limit question?

    what are the steps to how you should go about this question? Can you show me your steps?

    1 AnswerMathematics2 years ago
  • Present Value question with perpetuity paid every two years?

    what is the present value of an investment that pays $150 every two years indefinitely, if the first payment starts two years from now? The effective monthly rate is 1 percent

    A. $556.17



    D. $1675.14

    the answer is A but i am unsure how exactly to get to that solution. if you could explain and show me i would appreciate it

    2 AnswersMathematics2 years ago
  • application of simple harmonic oscillator for a woodpecker Confused please help!!?

    You observe a woodpecker in a tree, and decide to model the motion of its head as it taps for insects as a simple harmonic oscillator.

    You measure a frequency of 8.0 taps per second, an amplitude of the motion of the woodpecker's beak of 1.7 cm, and you estimate the mass of the woodpecker's head is 53 grams.

    (a) what is the maximum acceleration that the head and beak undergo as the woodpecker pecks?Express this in both MKS units, and in units of 'g' (9.8 m/s^2)

    (b) what is the maximum speed of the woodpeckers head during the motion?

    thank you very much... :)

    2 AnswersPhysics3 years ago
  • Excess supply question! Economics!?

    Assume the following equations represent market demand and supply of a commodity at the retail level.

    Demand: Q= 45-5p

    Supply: Q= 25+3p

    Where Q and P represent quantity and price per unit, respectively, for this product.

    (a) What is the algebraic expression that would represent the excess supply schedule for this market?

    (b) What is the range of prices for which there is a positive excess supply in this market?

    2 AnswersEconomics3 years ago
  • How does total expenditure change given percent increases in income? example please help!?

    Assume that the income elasticities for soft drinks and beer are .5 and .8 respectively.

    (a) How much would total expenditures on soft drinks change as a result of a 10 percent increase in income assuming no change in the prices of soft drinks or beer?

    (b) How would a 10 percent increase in income be expected to affect total expenditures on beer, assuming no change in the prices of soft drinks or beer?

    (c) Given your answer to part (b), would you expect the typical household with $40,000 annual income to have a larger or smaller share of their total expenditures allocated to beer compared to the typical household with $60,000 annual income?

    Explain the logic underlying you answer

    1 AnswerEconomics3 years ago
  • Future contracts and premiums of call options questions!!?

    1) How would a decrease in the price of a given futures contract be expected to affect the premiums of call options on the same futures contract? Briefly explain the rationale behind your answer.

    2) how would an unexpected increase in exports of pork to Japan in December be expected to affect the premiums of call options on April hog futures? Briefly explain the rationale behind your answer.

    Thank you very much! Hope theres a commodities trader on here!! or someone else with this knowledge! :)

    1 AnswerInvesting3 years ago
  • angular velocity on a system question?

    a boy is on the outer edge of a merry-go-round that is spinning frictionlessly. He walks to the inner edge. Does the angular velocity of the system increase or decrease, why?

    1 AnswerPhysics3 years ago
  • linear programming problem! help!?

    original objective function: max 10S+9D


    cutting and dyeing: 7/10S+1D <=630

    sewing: 1/2S+5/6D <=600

    finishing 1S+2/3D <=708

    inspection & packaging 1/10S+1/4D <=135

    S, D >= 0

    Suppose that Par, Inc., management encounters the following situations:

    a. The accounting department revises its estimate of the profit contribution for the deluxe bag to $18 per bag.

    b. A new low-cost material is available for the standard bag, and the profit contribution per standard bag can be increased to $20 per bag. (Assume that the profit contribution of the deluxe bag is the original $9 value.)

    c. New sewing equipment is available that would increase the sewing operation capacity to 750 hours. (Assume that 10A +9B is the appropriate objective function.)

    If each of these situations is encountered separately, what is the optimal solution and the total profit contribution?

    1 AnswerMathematics3 years ago
  • how long is the rod? physics question?

    A man strikes a long aluminum rod at one end. Another man, at the other end with his ear close to the rod, hears the sound of the blow twice (once through the air and once through the rod), with a 365.0 ms interval between them. How long is the rod? Take the speed of sound to be 343 m/s in air and 6420 m/s in aluminum.

    1 AnswerPhysics3 years ago
  • sound physics question?

    You are sitting in L132 trying to write a Chemistry mid-term. Being the boy-scout type (i.e. being prepared) you bring along a sound level meter in case you have to register a complaint about the noise level while you are writing. It is reading a tolerable 50.0 dB. However, someone starts to work on the roof, raising the sound level to a reading of 75.0 dB. By what factor has the sound intensity increased?

    2 AnswersPhysics3 years ago
  • frequency physics question?

    A stretched wire vibrates in its first normal mode at a frequency of 352Hz. What would be the fundamental frequency if the wire were half as long, its diameter were doubled, and its tension were increased five-fold?

    1 AnswerPhysics3 years ago
  • calculating wave speeds physics question?

    The distance between two successive crests on a water wave is 90.0 mm. It is also noted that 15.0 crests pass a given point along the direction of travel every 7.00 seconds. Calculate the wave's speed in m/s

    2 AnswersPhysics3 years ago
  • physics question on velocity and newtons law of gravitation?

    The residents of a small planet have bored a hole straight through its center as part of a communications system. The hole has been filled with a tube and the air has been pumped out of the tube to virtually eliminate friction. Messages are passed back and forth by dropping packets through the tube. The planet has a density of 3580kg/m3, and it has a radius of R=5.91×106m.

    What is the speed of the message packet as it passes a point a distance of 0.600R from the center of the planet?

    Remember, as we saw in class, this 'oscillator' will have a period equal to the period of a satellite in orbit at the surface of the planet.

    b) How long does it take for a message to pass from one side of the planet to the other?

    2 AnswersPhysics3 years ago
  • physics frequency and length question?

    If a mass m=7.0 kg is hung from a spring, it stretches the spring by an amount 4.5 m. What is the length of a simple pendulum that has the same oscillation frequency as the mass-spring system?

    if someone could explain to me how to get to the solution using numbers id appreciate it very much! a little confused

    1 AnswerPhysics3 years ago
  • physic question help for driving frequency?

    A 1.350 kg mass is suspended from a spring, with a spring constant of 181.0 N/m. Find the driving frequency which would cause resonance. Hint: The frequency of resonance is simply the natural frequency of the system.

    i have gotten 7.28Hz so far, but that is wrong and i am unsure as to what im doing wrong.

    if you could help me id appreciate it very much!

    1 AnswerPhysics3 years ago
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    calculating torque on a wheel physics question?

    Calculate the net torque on a wheel in the figure below about the axle through O if a= 11.4cm and b = 21.9cm.

    Assume that F1 = 10.7N, F2 = 8.52N,

    F3 = 12.4N and θ = 27.4°.

    if someone could show me how to go through the steps I'd appreciate it alot! ive gotten lost in them.

    if you could show with numericals thatd be awesome :P

    1 AnswerPhysics3 years ago