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  • mass effect 2 suicide mission help?

    i cant seem to keep everyone alive on the finale mission. i start by sending garrus as second squad leader. i send legion in the vent system. and tali back to the ship as escort. i pick jack to use here powers to lead me through the collector swarms. and they all live. after that whoever i pick to be the distraction team leader dies. and the i pick legion and grunt to help me with the reaper final boss. they live as well. but in the finale cutseen its either maranda or jack who dies so any help is apriciated. ive attempted this several times without sucess

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  • the french in vietnam?

    i was reading an interesting historical web page and it stated that the french hired ex waffen ss from world war 2 to help fight in vietnam. is this true or somebodys random bull crap

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  • my ps3 is broke and i want to sell?

    i let my friend borrow my ps3 since i dont play it and he managed to break it. when i got it back the disc reader wouldnt read the games but i could search the web and stuff but not play games.

    about how much would u think this ps3 is worth to a store like game stop or somthing

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  • i need information on how to obtain Military GI Bill?

    I am planing on going to college in a couple of months and i am in need of money. my father served in the Marines were he reseaved the Militar GI Bill. my dad told me that i could use the bill for my schooling but i dont know if the money still exists or i even qualify for it. my father got out of the marines in 1994. any help is welcome

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  • yahoo mail help with spam?

    how do i block emails from sertant people or websites. ever since i turned 18 ive been getting spam mail from xxx sites. and its really anoying when i open my mail and there is 80 spam adds.

    and no i didnt sign up for anything

    1 AnswerAbuse and Spam1 decade ago
  • i need help with changing my nat settings for xbox live?

    i have a century link ethernet box that has a ethernet cable that runs to the computer. i can unplug the internet from the computer and plug it into my xbox and get online. but. since my nat settings are on strict (and i dont know how to change them) so my online experience is horrible. i am unable to join games and join partys. (expecially in local areas) any info will be appritiated

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  • how much is my 360 worth?

    i am trying to sell my xbox 360 because i have not played it in a long time and no longer have any use for it. if u could help me figure out its value. i would be most grateful

    xbox360 arcade- all cables, booklets, and Even the original box, white cordless remote, cheapy cord remote, with a 2 year warranty left on the xbox itself through walmart. (which is transferable)

    fallout 3- all add-on packs

    cod waw- map pack 2 and 3

    halo 3- all map packs

    halo3 odst- with extra multiply disc

    oblivion game of the year addition- with knight of the nine and shivering isles add on packs

    halo wars

    lotr conquest

    lotr bfmeII

    gta IV

    red alert 3

    head phones

    battery pack with recharge cable.

    10 months of xbox live

    i have no idea how much this is worth. so any help is welcome

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  • what are the points used for on yahoo answers?

    just a question im new to the system

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