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  • PLEASE help me decide what to get my dad for Christmas?

    Some things about my dad:

    -54 years old

    -Likes UK basketball

    -Does NOT hunt, fish, or golf

    -Likes beer

    -Loves family

    -Likes old Irish music and classic rock and that's it

    -Works at Kroger

    -Wears a t shirt and shorts every day of his life

    Some things about me:

    -In FFA

    -17 y/o


    -Senior in high school

    -Love my dad with all my heart and know that he is the hardest to shop for!


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  • Are these eggs okay to bake with?

    Hi, I m making brownies today and have everything needed, including expired eggs. The sell by date on the carton is May 20th, and today is June 2nd. The packing date on the carton is day 112, which I believe would be April 21st. I did the water test and the eggs didn t float but the skinny end was the only part touching the bottom. They were standing perfectly straight on the bottom of the water-filled container. I also shook them and only one sounded like the contents were moving, so I won t be using that one. I cracked them on a flat plate and they seems normal, except there seemed to be more water substance than I recall in other eggs. The smell was fine, I mean I guess it was fine. I don t know what eggs are supposed to smell like. Do you think it s okay to cook with them? What are the risks?

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  • What sort of punctuation does this sentence call for?

    "...and I am a member of the FFA, an agriculture club."

    FFA is a club about agriculture. I'm writing a letter and I need to describe my qualifications. Is the comma correct, or do I need a semicolon? Maybe a dash?

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    My dad is 53.

    We live in Kentucky.

    He is oh, so simple. He loves sitting down in the recliner watching the Wildcats play basketball with a glass of nice beer in his hand. He isn t much for hunting, fishing, or golf. He doesn t really have any hobbies either. My mother passed away 3 years ago, so he is mostly at home caring for me (I am 16, so I cannot buy him beer), but has a part time job. He loves nice food. He is obsessed with making his own everything. Peppermint mochas, hot as hell wings, you name it. I m getting him some beer glasses, some hot sauce, and coffee. There s not really much else I can think of to get him. I really need ideas.

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  • How to get rid of body acne/scars?

    For about 5 months now I've started getting bumps all over my side and upper thighs. Luckily that's the only place, it's always covered with clothes. But they hurt like hell...some are big and get hot and swollen and have a head and hurt so so bad all the time, others are small and only a couple centimeters wide but hurt when I shave over them. I'm a 16 year old girl and I've been to the doctor. He said they weren't anything serious, just body acne. I can't afford to get anything prescribed because I don't have insurance, but I've been using a body acne bar and it doesn't seem to be helping. Once they go away they leave a big scar there and it's her unappealing. Plus I just don't want my body to hurt like that all the time! Any suggestions for over the counter stuff to stop this all together? And would taking hair, skin, and nail vitamins help anything?

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  • Songs about liking your friend/friends friend/friend's boyfriend?

    I've got a group of about 8 friends that I'm always with. Out of these 8 there are two couples, and I am half of one of them. I'm starting to get very very strong feelings for the boy in the other couple. I would love some songs that relate to this, preferably very old or country songs

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  • Songs that relate to this particular kind of love square?

    I was best friends with this girl, then we went to a party and she got me liking one of my friend's friend's..... and I liked him for about 2 weeks then she started dating him. For only 3 months because shes not the greatest. Anyway they broke up and we immediately started talking in secret for about 5 months, now its been 7 months and everyone knows we're "together" but not officially dating. It's a long story why we can't make it official but we've gone to second base and go on dates and most people think we're dating anyway. Now my very very good friend at the moment (not the old best friend) is dating another one of my great friends from our little group. There's about 8 of us that hang out. There have been complications in my relationship and my guy friends relationship, so we talk a lot. And im really starting to like him. After i put so much work and time into this first guy. But some of the complications i was talking about was me and this other guy not really ever clicking of having real conversations or anything....Just want a song

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  • how do you spell Graves When talking about a family?

    I know some people with the last name Graves. If I were to say "I spent the whole summer with the Graves" how do I spell their last name? Graves, Graves , Graveses?

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  • My period comes at the worst times?

    I'm 15 years old and have had my period since 2012, but not even close to every month. My last period was only like almost two weeks ago and it lasted 12 days. That never happens. ITs always very heavy too. I like to use super plus tampons, but I also have a menstrual cup. I live alone with my dad and he's really weird about this stuff so I always buy tampons when I'm away from him, like at the store with a friend. Once I can drive this won't be an issue. I ran out of tampons the last time when it lasted for almost two weeks. I had to use the cup at school for two days and the first day I had to use it I stood up IN FIRST PERIOD after like an hour and the blood just purer out of me and seeped through my jeans horribly. I told literally everyone I threw up and I just wore my backpack (it covers my butt) and went home. That's why I like tampons better. They're much easier. I can leave one in for a few hours too and I can work with it. Now here's where my problem comes in: the work. I'm at my grandmas house right now and I just woke up and surprise! Got my period. I have ONE tampon to my name but luckily it's in my backpack with me up here. The car ride is an hour and a half back to where I live and we're going to the farm to work for about an hour. I don't have anything except one tampon. I'm also going to a party tonight. I don't know what to do, and asking my dad is totally out of the question

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  • World Wars and crap?

    1.One effect of the Great depression in Germany was:

    A.Hitler Tried to overthrow the German government in 1923

    B.Germans were desperate for a strong leader to improve their lives

    C. Germany became more democratic

    2.what was the goal of the Nuremberg laws? build the German army and empire

    B.remove Jews from mainstream german society

    C.officially appoint hitler as chancellor of Germany

    3.The new deal was based on the belief that:

    A.Government should play a limited role in business

    B.Depressions are a normal part of economic cycles

    C.Government spending could start an economic recovery

    D.Limiting imports will increase a need for American products

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  • What kind of face and hair stuff do I need?


    My hair is thick. When it dries naturally it's soft but kind of frizzy. Straight but also kind of wavy. Weird to the point of having to straighten it every day. I twist my hair a lot and end up breaking it off by pulling it (don't tell me to stop, it's a nervous habit I can't help). So I have a lot of split ends. It usually gets unstraightened easily but I'm not complaining, I kinda like my hair. It's shiny and soft. I just need ways to get it looking better. I've tried everything Pantene just about, lots of Garnier including the damage repair, regular Aussie, herbal essence, and then now I'm using loreal stuff that's supposed to keep your hair straight but it doesn't really work. I wash my hair every day (also don't tell me to stop doing this, I have super oily hair and skin, which leads me to my next question).


    I have HORRIBLE skin. I hate ever aspect of it. I'm 15 years old and it's been like this since the later part of my last year in middle school. I get acne all the time and a lot of times it will fade but then come back in a whole new pimple later on. I have lots of acne scars and red spots on my fave that are left over from acne or are gonna turn into acne. On average I wash my face twice a day. Once before I go to sleep then when I take my shower in the morning. I wear makeup every day. I have tried the stuff made for acne by neutrogena. It didn't work well. Now I use this matte stuff because I also have very very oily skin. VERY OILY.

    What do I need?

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  • What should I get my dad?

    I'm fifteen, he's about 50. His birthday is coming up as well as Father's Day. My mother died a couple years back so I cant rely on her gifts with my name anymore lol. I need some great ideas!! My dad is the average Kentucky dad. He doesn't hunt or fish, he LOVES Kentucky basketball, he's kinda antisocial. He has one friend and they're great friends of the whole family. I have this picture I know he loves of us, and I'm gonna frame it for one of the presents. Money really isn't an issue because I have an okay source of income, but not great. I'm asking kind of early so I can buy something online if I need to. I realize it's hard for a stranger to say something to buy but please try your best. I need outside of the box ideas.

    He doesn't play any sports because he's got leg problems. He's super smart and knows everything. He's kind of ignorant and stubborn though. I don't like his political views, he's weird. Weird as in he loves people but only people he knows already. He works out a lot but can only do a few things like an elliptical. I'm thinking about springing for a total gym...very pricey though. Plus we have a small house and I don't know where he'd use it. No extra bedrooms. Any help is appreciated, even if you didn't read the whole post haha!

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  • Country songs that relate to...?

    I need a country song (or any, really really need country) that describes this situation:

    A best friend knowing you like someone, but dating them anyway. Anything like that.

    2 AnswersCountry6 years ago

    I need as many statistics or quotes or history Lessons or interesting facts or jokes or ANYTHING at all that has to do with greenhouses.

    THE MAJOR ONE I ACTUALLY NEED is how much food came from greenhouses. I know it's vague, but any form of that will do. Like the percent of food produced in America ghat came from greenhouses. It's super important. Please cite your source or it won't be helping me at all!

    1 AnswerAgriculture6 years ago
  • Preposition homework help?

    Prepositional phrases and the crap that goes along with them are not my thing at all. These are the directions: Write A prepositional phrase to expand each of the following sentences. Draw a ^ to show where the phrase should be inserted in the sentence.

    Example- They run two miles ^ each day. (By the river, adverb phrase)

    1. Did she blow out all of the candles?

    2. Be sure to sign your name.

    3. I enjoy cooking fish.

    4. The moviegoers' hearts pounded.

    5. I counted at least twenty guests.

    The carets cannot go at the end of the sentence. Also, please explain this concept to me. I want the answers but I also would like to know how to get them. Thank you!

    2 AnswersHomework Help6 years ago
  • Period problems on Christmas?

    Today is Christmas eve and I got my period yesterday. I am 15 and had my period since December 2012, but not during Christmas. I have never had my period during any holiday or occasion where I have a problem like this. First off, my period is VERY heavy. I have a menstrual cup because it holds more and I can leave it in longer. My third day is usually better than my second, as in lighter. Today I can only leave it in for about 2 hours or so and it sucks. Tomorrow it will probably be around 4 hours. The thing is, I always have to wear a pad. Not a panty liner. When I feel the first drop indicating I need to empty my cup, it's too much for a panty liner. I feel sort of of confident about not leaking through but the thing is My Christmas outfit includes leggings...which includes a thong. I've checked all local drug stores for thong designed liners/pads and there are none. I can't cut one because homework kind I use will fall apart. Should I wear a thong leggings and a panty liner, regular panties and a pad and leggings, or make my outfit look horrible and wear jeans and a pad? Ugh this sucks. My outfit doesn't match with jeans. I don't have another Christmas outfit either. What do I do??

    5 AnswersWomen's Health6 years ago
  • Fun "heat of the moment" things to do with friends?

    Christmas is coming up and a lot of my friends just got their license (I'm the youngest of the bunch, I'll be last😂) and we want some fun stuff to do. I'm a girl and so are all my friends, although sometimes we take a couple dates along. I need stuff to do with a set of 3, 2, 6, or 8 friends. Most stuff for the 2 of us. (In all these numbers I am included.) besides bowling and movies. Just some fun out of the box stuff.

    2 AnswersFriends6 years ago
  • Unfair events in history that relate?

    there is a situation going on right now where a school in Salt Lake City digitally edited sleeved onto students clothes and removed tattoos in school pictures. I need an event in history that relates to this, a piece of literature that relates to this, and something in the society and community that relates to this. PLEASE HELP I WILL PICK A BEST ANSWER EVEN IF ITS BULL CRAP I JUST JEED SOMETHING SEMI GOOD TO TURN IN

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  • What shoes should I wear with a Ralph Lauren shirt?

    and maybe what pants? I just bought one and it's still summer, and I'll wear capris and flip flops, but what do I wear in the winter? Jeans and what shoes?

    2 AnswersFashion & Accessories6 years ago